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  1. Pretty cool. I ask because it wasn't shown on the video, but do the battery covers still fit?
  2. Did they seriously recreate motion blur and 3d spinning using NES sprites? This is the greatest thing this year.
  3. I think the gameplay trailers looked pretty cool. I also thought Sonic 4 looked alright but I'm not a crazy Sonic fan so what do I know about something that looks fun? However, I will say that I wish developers would stop making 2D sidescollers with all-3D graphics. As much as I liked NSMB Wii/DS, I think the aesthetics could have been much better by making it with 2D sprites instead of polygons. Same goes for Sonic. I think that HD Sonic remake fan project looks better than this or Sonic 4.
  4. Calpis

    Eurovision 2011

    I don't keep up with it, but I hope epic sax guy from Moldova made (makes?) a return.
  5. I'll have to wait until work is over to play it. Looks cool though.
  6. Yeah Cyril pretty much already said what I was going to say but my point is that there's a huge difference between the original gameboy graphics (4 shades of gray, 160x144) to AM2R than there is from the SNES to the GBA. That was my point about there not being much of a payoff without making it an HD remake. Also, I don't know if you saw my post before that, but I was actually offering to do programming if they were willing to switch to a Flash platform, as I already have a sidescrolling tile-based engine in the works. So your assumption about me being jealous is not only misguided, but shows a lack of reading comprehension.
  7. So you're making a game that's already been made, but with different "physics"? Honestly, that doesn't sound very alluring. AM2R is awesome because he's remaking an old Gameboy game into GBA-esque graphics, with upgraded sound. There's really not much incentive to play your remake save for the percentage of people who prefer the ZM gameplay over SM. It's a huge amount of work with (what seems like) a very small payoff. To each his own, but I say this project is better off dead.
  8. I don't know anything about Game Maker but I'm a Flash developer looking for a project to use on my current sidescrolling engine. It's still a month or so from being complete, but I'd be interested if you're willing to use a Flash engine (online or AIR or what-have-you).
  9. Surprisingly I really like how this turned out: http://earslap.com/projectslab/otomata/?q=4j4d4o5p6p5k6k6v604v4031213z2z2d2o
  10. True, it's not enough evidence. It's all just speculation anyway.
  11. I do remember seeing them do it for Other M screenshots too. Still could be evidence of backwards compatibility.
  12. That would explain why all the promo screenshots for the game are HD (or at the very least, higher resolution than the Wii is capable of.) I really hope that it's backwards compatible with Wii games though. I want to play my Wii games in HD without having to buy a new computer and run them on the Dolphin Emu.
  13. I have astigmatism as well (corrected to the best of their ability with contacts) and didn't have any problems, as long as I stayed in the sweet spot. I only played it at Best Buy for about 5 minutes, so I can't say anything about extended play.
  14. Your MMX3 Genesis covers are god-like! Is there a download for them anywhere?

  15. Her intonation of the word "Friday" really grates on my nerves. Catchy song though.
  16. It's been a scary weekend for me and my wife. She grew up in Japan and has many friends and family that live there, so we've been trying to track down everyone we know to make sure they're ok. So far everyone is okay (even the one friend who lives in Sendai) so that's a relief. I think it's weird how the American media is making everything look like a wasteland, and while some places are (up north, near Miyagi and Sendai), it's not all that way. But at the same time, our friends and family in Japan are downplaying how bad it is/how much it's affecting their daily lives. I think the reality is somewhere in the middle, but either way, life won't be able to go back to normal for a good 8-10 months. And that's assuming the best for the situations with the nuclear reactors.
  17. Offtopic but I just heard this version last week:
  18. So here's the new trailer if you haven't seen it already: I think it's looking better, but I'm still worried about the controls. It looks like TP on Wii controls, just more with more angles. I'm sure it'll still be a fun game, but waggle creeping into the game concerns me.
  19. I don't play many of the games he normally reviews, and I know that picking apart games is kinda his shtick but are these games nearly as bad as he makes them out to be?
  20. Arcade Versus 3D Versus Internet (Can't read the Kanji and don't have time to look it up) Challenge Training Player Data Figure Collection Options
  21. This is why I still prefer the original Link's Awakening to the Gameboy Color DX version. In the original you could press B and skip (most) repetitive text boxes, but they removed that in the DX version. So that means the lack of the ability to skip is intentional and I hate it. All the other stuff about Zelda that you hate though, I love.
  22. Really interesting rants. Thanks Seph. However, I really disagree with him on Metroidvanias.
  23. Like I said, I know that it's possible, but in many cases you probably need to build it from the ground up with cutscene pausing in mind. This may be out of the question when the game is being developed via a pre-built, repurposed or re-used game engine. And even then, building an engine with that functionality may not be part of the project template or existing workflow, so in that case it's not implemented because it's not part of the company's standard game features. Either way, I agree that it should be required but I'm only arguing that it's more complicated than adding in a boolean and pausing the event queue. Just because you have one example of a game that does it doesn't mean that it's easily implemented in every other game.
  24. I've only done a limited amount of game programming in my life, but I have developed applications similar to cutscenes with time-based events and the like and I'd venture a guess to say that it complicates the code a whole lot to add the functionality to pause in the middle of a queue of timer-based events and in the age of devkits and pre-built engines, in some cases it may be out of the question or at best, a huge time-sink. It's not to say that it's impossible or shouldn't be done, but just based on my experience, it's more complicated to do than most may think. On topic, I totally echo customizable controls. Also, add the ability to toggle HUD visibility to the list.
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