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  1. **sus, pisano, you really got the whole soundtrack in there (except for one missing video, but that aside). How did you get your hands on the entire thing? There aren't that many MIDI files of the soundtrack out and around that I know of and I can't believe you would've transcribed so many tracks by ear for such a project as this.
  2. I hadn't seen EW products on sale this low until I posted here. Like I say, I don't know if other stores are now meeting these prices as well, I just know JRR is.
  3. I signed up for JRRshop's newsletter and frequently get a lot of sales intel from them. THIS one I post on today does look like they are the lowest prices on East West stuff I've seen yet. I don't know if other stores are doing the same thing, but East West's stuff still measures up (if you can make peace with PLAY's sampler software) and I find them tempting even after I've already invested in orchestral samples elsewhere. https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=desc&manufacturer=129&order=position&sale=1&type=2 Specifically relevant: EWQLSO Platinum Plus
  4. Why am I only now seeing notifications from Thursday and being quoted in Russian?
  5. Context: I long maintained a stance that I never wanted to master my own audio - learning composition, arrangement and mixing was enough and I wanted to trust others with a non-biased ear to handle it. Today is different as my music career has ventured into different directions than I had expected. I want to release a slatter of material and paying $100-$150 for mastering each release when I may never see $100-$150 come back for each release just isn't economically viable in the continued Pandemic age. At that same time, I learned that newer versions of Ozone had "smart" or AI-directed
  6. This trainwreck, Jojo's-Bizarre-Adventure-meets-a-Cannibal-Corpse-album-cover-pandemic-existence I'm in has not slowed down even a little bit. It's been a new, high level gut punch every day. Highlights from the last five weeks include: * I discovered my best friend of 18 years, and one of the very few I have left at all, as well as someone who got me into Ocremix to start with, had waged a full-scale smear campaign against me to my ex-wife behind my back while he knew we had plans to get remarried. He sold me out as someone who's on the verge of going on a shooting rampage, telling
  7. It already had a spiritual successor with Herc's Adventures as well as a direct sequel with Ghoul Patrol. The former was much less of a hit than ZAMN and people hate the latter for the same reason people think Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ. It looks kinda cool, but its banking on being the modern ZAMN dooms it and it looks underwhelming for what it is in general.
  8. Now entering the somewhat worn field of Ocremixers turning into sound design conglomerates is professional aspie Meteo Xavier with a set of 60 Omnisphere multi-instruments ("multis") for $5.00. Taken from my website: Fusion Dance is my first attempt to make a sound set the way I always go to look for sound sets. This is 60 multi-instruments for only $5.00. This is not a “bread and butter” sound set – you already have hundreds if not thousands of “bread and butter” sounds. No, this is for musicians like me who have lots of sounds that are supposed to generally work anywhere and
  9. Are there new allegations against Soule? If not, I'm not sure how it's only now come to your attention. The news about Nathalie Lawhead* was back in 2019. * - As far as I know, I'm not related to Nathalie Lawhead. I did email her to ask if she knew any family relationship between us and never got a response.
  10. My AKG K240s cans are soon to wear out after more than a decade of being probably the most important tool to my music development short of FL Studio 11 itself. It will be time between now and 2021 to replace them and I'm wondering what modern cans you folks are using for mixing at the proper (or "flat") signal frequencies and high quality audio playback in this era. Budget could be as high as $300.00. Doesn't HAVE to be a 2020 model of anything, I just want to get something a lot more modern than my previous model was at 12 years old at least. What recs do you folks have?
  11. I agree, it sounds like some kind of fizzy saw or maybe even a wavetable thing that's really high up, doing a simple 1, -5, -12 arp and having some filter modulated on it so that only the first note sounds really "fizzy". I feel like I've heard this sound in z3ta+2 and Synth 1 (though obviously that's not what he used here).
  12. I have to tender my resignation on this project, to no small amount of personal disappointment and chagrin. I wrote it on over to Rexy first and now I'm writing it publicly. The conflict is all on my end - when I first joined up to try to help push this sucker out and today is the difference between World of Balance and World of Ruin, to put it in Final Fantasy VI terms. I wasn't exactly Spring Chicken at that time in terms of vitality and work availability, but I could do it. Then I had a medium-sized relapse into (depression-related) depersonalization in August, then me and my family's
  13. By now, I'm sort of curious to see if my orchestral production skill could pull off my own proper rendering of the original MIDI. I wouldn't submit it here, I'd just do it to see if I could. I don't have any more notes here other than I would hope listeners could hear the Addams Family and Dracula: Dead And Loving It waltzes in this here arrangement. That would be exquisite. Also, related but not totally relevant, I only just yesterday learned that Jimmy Workman, who played Pugsley in the Raul Julia Addams Family movies is Ariel Winter's (ABC's Modern Family) brother. I pride myself
  14. I've got too much work as it is, but I'm addicted to inquiring further anyway. Any chance you or your composer have any .mid files of these compositions or could rig up the main meat of the non-rhythmic content in the tracks? It would make remixing (for myself and for others) a hell of a lot easier and cut down on time.
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