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  1. No, he looks like a Nazi, okay? If I wanted to call him an Aryan I would have, but that carries no real negative connotations, so I chose Nazi, which means he's either blond and blue-eyed, suicidal, or Hitler. Possibly a combination. Jeez. So uhm. Godwin?
  2. What software are you using to burn the disks, and what kind of media are you burning? I know from personal experience that XP's built-in CD burning support is horrible, and it's recommended to use another program(Nero, Alcohol 120% or others) to burn disks. If those still give errors, it could be a dead drive.
  3. Smoke


    Could be anything with an issue that vague, although I'm betting on the 'overheat' card. Install a temperature monitoring program(Speedfan, MBM) and keep track of the temperature, as well as the point at which it cuts off. If it's heat, your first option would be checking the fans and CPU cooler for dust.
  4. Also AAC(M4A/P, with the P implying protected files purchased through iTunes) and Apple Lossless. If you have the space, and the originals in a non-compressed format, you could go for Apple Lossless for the best quality. AAC also compresses better than MP3 with higher audio quality.
  5. That's related to the huge amount of other stuff going on in the world at the same time. The overall world is a lot more detailed and has more effects going on at the same time, resulting in lower model detail in some parts, compared to the Mario games with their simpler environments, allowing more power to be used for character models.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the use of a standard USB > MiniUSB cable is what makes the program cost money. Nokia has their own format for datacables and sells them for a similar price, while the software is free(And limited as fuck in some ways) Of course, you can get a compatible knockoff for $5 or so.
  7. I assume your talking about standard support(css, html, xml, etc.) and not the number of html pages (don't limit yourself to internet webpages) that the browser will work with. If an HTML page doesn't work in Firefox, it's caused by a lazy developer who only checked to see if it worked in IE, or for some reason it's using ActiveX(Which can be bypassed with a Firefox extension) Quite a few of those same developers also force you to use IE to visit their page, because they know it works in that and don't wanna be responsible for making it work in other browsers as well. In fact, it generally takes more work to get something to display properly in IE than it does in FF.
  8. Normally, a phone won't come with the software required to connect it to your PC if it doesn't come with a data cable. Most phone manufacturers offer the software as a free download on their site though. Unfortunately, this doesn't include Motorola as they charge $30. However, there should be free alternatives. Might wanna check here for some more info, it's where Google pointed me to.
  9. Is it an onboard soundcard or a PCI card? If it's not onboard, you can check if it's still connected properly, and possibly move it to another PCI slot. I've had similar issues with an older motherboard where a slot just refused to work properly and always resulted in BSoDs. Another board showed similar issues to what you're mentioning(Even with a different soundcard inserted), and in the end I just swapped it out for another one. Also, check the volume settings. High volumes can sometimes result in distorted sound depending on the card. Finally: Remove the card from the Device Manager and reboot to reinstall it.
  10. yeah, browser flame wars are dumb... but you are dumb too ...not dumb enough to use FF. You HAVE to be trolling. PLEASE. It takes a very special kind of person to prefer IE over FF. These people tend to wear helmets so they don't injure themselves, and get on buses that are shorter than usual.
  11. I use a Logitech G5 myself, and before that I used a Logitech MX510. Both work better on the pad than on other surfaces as far as I've noticed, mainly because the glass surface and teflon underneath the G5(Pad came with teflon strips for other mice) result in a low-friction environment. The actual pad I use is this one: http://www.corepad.com/index.php?pagina=artikel&id=9 I have to clean it from time to time though, but once it's clean it's smooth. However, depending on what you use your mouse for, it might not be worth it for you.
  12. I use a glass mousepad that I purchased about 2 years ago. It did offer a noticeable improvement as far as motion and tracking goes compared to the fabric mousepad I was using before. Takes some getting used to though. Never used my desk as a mousepad, but that's mainly because I prefer using an actual pad, it just moves better.
  13. I guess that's why the first thing it tells me is that I must run IE4.0 or above on a Windows system. Hey it's free ain't it? Besides if you don't have IE4 by now E-Trust prob came about before firefox and some of the other browsers started to take over, hence it's only compatible with IE. That's a crummy excuse not to get with the times. I'm kinda tired of all the sites that force you to use IE for whatever the hell reason they can think of.
  14. Smoke

    Nintendo DS

    How would you implement this so it can't be abused easily and it doesn't turn into a level grind, or is too focused on minigames?
  15. I have a code. 6212 2334 6280 4125 Use it wisely.
  16. I guess that's why the first thing it tells me is that I must run IE4.0 or above on a Windows system.
  17. Do you happen to have another virusscanner installed along with Norton? Norton tends to not play nice with anything else that's a virusscanner, and it's a known issue. Only way to resolve it is by disabling one of the two(Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)
  18. That's your IDE activity LED. Your computer cannot think, it can only calculate. And your system can be performing massive calculations without the IDE LED even blinking. It just indicates disk activity. But yeah, full spyware/adware scan with various scanning programs, and try a different virus scanner. Which one are you running at the moment? Also fun to try: Start > Run > msconfig Check the Startup tab for anything unusual, if required you can always expand the Command section to see the folder it's loading from. Google is your friend here as well.
  19. He does make a good point. There is a "leak" or "hole" at some point in the day where there is no mod on at all, and that is when a lot of the bots go and make threads. I am not saying to make me a mod or anything, but...ahh ya I am, I was just being humble about it * even though smoke and gray both knew how bad I wanted to be one for so long* and beating around the bush cause I know it won't happen. Personal ambition aside, seriously, something has to be done. Bots don't post more during the hours mods aren't around. They post just as much, it just takes longer for them to be spotted. And it doesn't help if people keep bumping their threads. We'll kill them on sight, just ignore them. They're not taking up valuable space or getting in the way of other threads. And even if they did, replying would have the exact opposite effect. Sidenote: Contacting a mod is easy. The profile links for all of us are listed in the Forum Rules thread thing up there, and you can also go to Community > Forums > Groups, select the Moderator group and view it there to get the same list.
  20. I doubt it. Why would they take a game for the Gamecube, which can't connect with the DS, and port it over to the Wii, which can connect with the DS? They would have to add DS functionality along with the new controls and updated graphics. Yeah, there was that year-long hiatus, but still... The only point of such a feature would be one of two things: 1. Being able to download an older games or a mini-game to your DS and play it portable (which is pointless, because there are three older Zelda games out for the GBA already). This could work, but the limited memory of the DS means only small games would be downloadable. 2. Interaction of some sort with the upcoming DS game Phantom Hourglass. Which I think is still slated for a mid to late 2007 release. Sort of pointless to include it when the games ship over six months or more apart, don't you think? Considering the fact that Wii games can be updated via WiiConnect24, it's not too far-fetched. Alternatively, the service could check if you have a TP savegame and download a file based on that to send to the DS, or even connect to Phantom Hourglass, quite possibly by just asking if you have PH after the game comes out. Hell, it'd be a way to generate more sales: Your console tells you there's awesome to be found if you have a specific game by purchasing the matching game for your DS.
  21. Outside of installing a wireless router or access point, yes. Also, the client PC the stick is hooked up to will have to be on and online when you wanna go online. For Wii, I'd actually recommend getting a good access point or wireless router if you don't have a DS, since you can be online 24/7 that way with much less power use and noise.
  22. Also, you don't have to type file extensions in DOS(Or DOSBox) unless there are multiple files with the same name in the directory and you need to specify the correct one. And you can write batch files to make starting games easier. Keep in mind that classic DOS is limited to an 8.3 filename format with no spaces or weird symbols, since I don't use DOSBox I can't say if it's the same for that, but it's easier to use 8.3 than long filenames.
  23. Smoke

    Sony PS3

    That made absolutely zero sense. DVD player + broadband adaptor are both packed into the system on top of the game system itself. This is not hard to figure out. Yet this was also the case before the slimline model came out, and back then the GC came with a recent game as well while the PS2 didn't. Make more sense now? It's the NES version, which was raped from the start. Not the original arcade version, which was also never promised or hinted at for a VC title. This is also stated in the review itself several times. It'll be more interesting when DK64 is revealed as a VC title, since that includes the original arcade version.
  24. Smoke

    Sony PS3

    Still doesn't takes away the fact that they're trying to fuck you up with overpriced stuff. If anything I'd say Nintendo's prices are not as bad as Sony's. The PS2 still costs more than the GC pretty much everywhere in the world, and it's weaker hardware. Then there's this fun thing called a class action lawsuit brought against Sony for their failing hardware and telling customers to either just buy a new one or pay for repairs. Then again, I'd expect some people here to bitch about VC games being overpriced even if they cost 99 cents each, had online functionality, heavily improved graphics and music and came with a free blowjob. If I have to believe the average gamer, making money on an entertainment product that's nowhere near essential to your survival should be forbidden by law.
  25. Smoke

    Sony PS3

    If we're going that way, I don't see why companies shouldn't be free to charge whatever they want for software. Hell, it might be better for them economically to charge more. The potential reduction of sales can be countered with higher profits per item. That part's fairly basic economical knowledge.
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