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  1. hahahaha, sounds funny. I wanna have it on my cell phone too ^^
  2. hehehe, I think it too I hope someone can "rip" that sound.. It will sounds cool like msn "ping" sound
  3. Here were comes another song with 'lyrics' and here I come again to say you: POST THIS LYRICS, please !!
  4. Whoa !! Finally Another DDR mix Don't forget visit our Spanish Official Website. www.ddrspain.com (it will be opened very soon) And of course, our amazing database: www.ddrbd.tk
  5. Very Nice. And beatiful!! Can someone post the lyrics, please??
  6. Oh, this is good. Good Tunes! I will download that NSF file
  7. Whoa!!! Amazing OC ReMix!! I Wanna Hear the lyrics!
  8. I LOVE U, DJ Crono!! All your ReMixes are awesome! This is in the top ten of my OC ReMixes But maybe... the lyrics start a bit late.. but just a LITTLE!! I love J-Pop too, and VGM with lyrics. I've never play da game, but it matters? of course NOT. I really enjoy with this ReMix, and........hey, that's sound like a DDR (Dance Dance Revoltion or Dancing Stage) song, isn't it??
  9. I know it, but I mean that I hear better ''slow and relaxing'' ReMixes, and even not in this game. For example, my favourite ''slow and relaxing'' OC ReMix is Christmas Nights - Merry Little Christmas. I hope you understand that I just saying my modest opinion.
  10. Whoa, my first Review of an OC ReMix!! Ok, In the biginning this can be interesting by the sound effects, but this is a VERY LONG ReMix and it turned boring if you're searching for a good ReMix of this game. Anyway, I DON'T enjoy hearing this. Sorry, but I rate it 3/10
  11. Ok, this game has got a weird story, so, where I can read a good guide of the story of this city??
  12. I agree with all of you, this ReMix is awesome. I feel relaxed when I hear this song, and It's reminds me the day that I heard it for the 1st time: The day that my girlfriend apologized herself (She was angry with me)
  13. ''But David beating Goliath'' and ''What's my Star Compared to Dynamite?/A quite pathetic fight'' Those are my favorite lyrics of the song.
  14. Before 1:30 I don't like this song. After that, this is better. Anyway, I really don't like too much this kind of music, so don't kill me, guys
  15. I simply LOVE-LOVE this ReMix, 'cause I love (too ) the original Track. This ReMix make me feel relaxed, and the piano+spanish guitar is the perfect way to do this ReMix. Hurray for AmIEviL!!
  16. Wath?? Another ''You're not alone'' OC ReMix?? Anyway, this is different. djpretzel, creator of OC ReMix, He's a great Remixer. This song hear COOL, and the ''Ararbic'' rythm it's fantastic.
  17. I only have a word to describe this reMix: AMAZING. Between more than 1000 remixes, this is my favorite (But hey, I don't know the original track!!) Anyway, if you like the VGM or not, you MUST to download this ReMix
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