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  1. I don't have the bandwidth for a full mirror, but I'll happily help seed any BitTorrent that comes out.
  2. The lyrics are brilliantly written in terms of structure, except perhaps the "I'm falling back.. yeah falling back to you.." which I think is the most responsible for the above Linkin-Park-related comment. The actual vocal work is not so hot. I wouldn't call it bad, but it doesn't compare to your instrumental work, Darangen, which continues to be frikkin' excellent. I am barefoot, my socks having been once again rocked off by Darangen.
  3. Check out MC Frontalot. If you're into the leet rapz0rz, that is. Incidentally, the first rapper in this piece sounds a LOT like Frontalot. Like a lot a lot, such that my first reaction was "What's Frontalot doing on OCR?" My second reaction was "Wait, Frontalot has every business being on OCR. Nerdcore, baby." The idea of a radio cut with profanity replaced with VG sounds amuses the hell out of me and I badly want that copy. The link is not working, and this makes me sad. Now what's really known as a radio cut?
  4. As someone who only recently found this thread, I find the prospect of reading all 100 pages of its 14-month history extremely daunting. Where I'm from, pertinent information such as 'here's the new, actually-up link to the website' gets edited in to the first post so it can be found easily. That said, it *is* good etiquette to read at least the last couple of pages before posting, if not the entire thread.
  5. If this is a regular problem, it might be best to also acquire an address at DynDNS.
  6. This whole project is fantastic. There's nothing bad on the album, and there are quite a few tracks which are utterly fantastic. I've had a battle with myself for some time now as to whether or not I should play this whole album as a complete work on my radio show - and the album is looking like it's going to win. Great stuff, guys.
  7. This is really, incredibly, well done. I don't know if, in their place, I would have had the guts to submit after four previous rejections, but I know that, in my place, I'm very glad they did. Thanks, guys. This is good, good stuff.
  8. The opening lyrics on this piece sound remarkably similar to MC Frontalot's stuff. Is this intentional?
  9. This is... this is quality work. I'll be going to your website now, thanks. Edit: Ooo. Apparently, I have to be a member to get me some of that. Well, nevermind that then. I'll still play slip this piece into my rotation, though.
  10. So I wanted to come here and post how amazingly solid this piece was... but really, it's by Zircon and it's a Tal Tal piece, so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I have yet to play Link's Awakening, but if y'all keep coming up with fantastic mixes for it, I may be forced to.
  11. This is not terribly Earthboundy and that makes me sad. It is, however, professional quality eurotrance. I'll have to point the guys I know at etn.fm at it.
  12. Man. Just when I thought Baranowsky couldn't get any cooler. This thing is sweeter than ninjas. Seriously, dude... you've outdone yourself.
  13. If this song only took third, I've *gotta* hear what took first and second.
  14. I find this mix complements kLuTz' Another World remix very nicely. I've listened to the two of them back to back on loop for literally hours at a time, and it gets to be like some weird kind of drug and I feel kinda bad when I stop. Hats off to you, Saiko, this is excellent stuff.
  15. Oh, man... Darangen... I've been looking and waiting for a Magus mix I could really get into for *years*. Magus' theme was always my favorite piece of music from Chrono Trigger, and I've never really been that pleased with any of the mixes I've heard - there's a temptation to put heavy distortion along with the overall evil feel, and that dilutes the purity of the theme, to me. True, there is distortion guitar aplenty in this mix, but the tune itself is pure and very, very well done. Some day... some day someone will rip off a Magus mix with a full horn section. That will be a good day. But until then, I will be quite happy with Atonement.
  16. It never really occurred to me before, but I'm surprised this title didn't get caught in the great renaming of OCR1000. (I'd say something more relevant to the musical content of the track, but I can add nothing that the previous posters haven't already.)
  17. This is really easy on the ears. Good show, man.
  18. This is a really fantastically written/arranged piece - but I have a couple issues with some of the more powerfully-played notes, possibly due to my own personal tastes. Please take this as a compliment - I don't think I'd be nearly as jarred by it if not for the sublime near-perfection of the rest of the piece. Given the above post, are you okay with me getting some piano-playing friends to cover this?
  19. This is really good stuff - when you remix Gerudo, there's a lot to live up to, but well done. I find myself with an urge to put some rap/spoken word lyrics over parts of this. Maybe someone should give DJ Crono a call, heh.
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