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  1. Does the network test complete successfully? I'm assuming not, so where does it fail?
  2. [edit] wtf, this posted in the thread below the jack thompson thread. Weird. Originally intended for another thread /bows and backs away
  3. The berserker one is fantastic. I hope they do something similar for MGS4.
  4. mecca

    Xbox 360

    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection now works on the 360! Add meccaUK for some hawt 2d action :3
  5. Manhunt 2 has been banned in the UK and Ireland. You go Jack!
  6. If Kojima can direct scenery on camera as well as he can in-game, we'll be on to a winner. Pretty excited about it
  7. Have a good one lads, I'll be back in March Cant wait! This time I'll be seeing the Manhattan/Brooklyn bridges, the ONE thing I missed last time. I'll also be bringing a charger for my iPod, something I forgot before - nothing like listening to Illmatic while wandering about central park
  8. mecca

    Nintendo Wii

    I lost my copy of Wii Play amongst the excitement of throwing the packaging everywhere. I'm not too pissed though, I have monkeyball, zelda and sports so I'm not missing out on minigames What's the point of a Wii Console Number? What can be done with it?
  9. Promise me you'll get as many pics & vids as possible of the world's greatest city. (Besides Belfast ofc)
  10. Enjoying this mix you say Ben? Enjoying it? Dude, I start most days listening to this genius. Many thanks for this fantastic tune.
  11. hey shut the f**k up u bastards this is a good movie the female is not a gnome ano its a dwarf u a*s this guy is cool and he is a lady killer that means ladys think he is atractive so shut up i wish i could be there im a night elf and i could be the ring bear cuz i can turn into a bear so have appriciacion for this guy k this guy made this movie and its really romantic by the way im a guy and later. [Actually taken from comments]
  12. Friend on my server made this movie: link Not your usual WoW movie, I assure you - fans of Weird Al should diggit
  13. Mecca: Lv60 Rogue Emerald Dream (EU PvE) Araj: Lv30 Hunter Sylvannus (EU PvP)
  14. I love it when youkai starts my day with a hearty chuckle
  15. So... Rogue talents! Anyone have an oppinion on them? TBH they seem pretty useless..1% chance to dodge a critical strike.. woo
  16. Zircon earns his living
  17. ...you've done it enough times yourself Zirc
  18. So I just rerolled hunter on a PvP server after sixty levels of hot roguery action, and I gotta say it's pretty refreshing..and damn true that it's 'easymodekthxbai'. Definitely getting this chick to 60
  19. Pick Pocket: This ability will no longer trigger effects on your target. ?
  20. http://www.wowcentral.com/download/onyxiawipe.swf Awud gruwps goto leff, even gruwps goto rhight.
  21. http://ijsr32.infj.ulst.ac.uk/~12734305/bonnet.htm ..summer boredom leads to creativity D:
  22. So, GRINDING. Where do you make your money? I'm 200g off an epic mount ..little bit tired of silithus & tyrs hand - although selling [Encrypted Twilight Text] for 1g a pop aint too shabby.
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