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  1. I'm making a second post because this album is so freaking awesome. One of the ways to measure if a remix is good is (if you have played the game of course) if you're listening to the music and you find yourself thinking, "Damn, I really want to play this again!" This album does that for me. It's funny, last spring I randomly downloaded Sonic 3 and S&K and played through it a couple times. While playing I noticed two things, how great the music is - especially considering sega genesis' not so great capabilities (as compared to SNES) - and then also found myself asking how anyone preferred Mario over Sonic. Then I was like, "Fuck, they need to do a remix project of these two games." And now we have Project Chaos. You guys are awesome, thank you.
  2. This album has really outdone itself. Great work by everyone. I have a few favorites, but I really don't think it's fair to single out people because this album is just so awesome overall. There are so many different styles here that even the most picky listener could find at least one track they enjoy. Quality isn't outdone by quantity here; these are all great tracks. special thanks to the people doing this project, as I have been listening to this all night while I've been writing an essay that's due now in...6... hours. It's kept me sane and relaxed during the one all nighter writing session
  3. Now the real question is where did the OCR crew find this female who does the wonderful vocals and how much did they pay her. Maybe they conned her into it by deception and telling her that it was for American Idol. We'll never know.
  4. I normally don't post reviews, but I have to say I'm becoming addicted to Bladiator and also his joint effort remixes with TO. I simply can't get enough. This is very similair to Clairvoyan Elegy (as stated before), but that's not a bad thing at all. Very well done and enjoyable track.
  5. Not much of a rap fan, but this song is put together extremely well and the lyrics are hilarious. A Fucking +.
  6. Very well done and enjoyable remix. There aren't too many on the site similair to this style. By the way, try listening to Protricity's Final Fantasy 5 remix right before this one; they transition very well and almost sound like one whole piece.
  7. I lack the capacity to describe the exquisite quality of this remix in words. Download it, now.
  8. I just find it repetitive as some others have. It seems to be missing something, I don't quite know what it is. But I'm really just not feeling this song too well. Seems like it could've been much shorter, and might've been much better then.
  9. Wow thanks, never happened to download his stuff before, they are really good.
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but "ACCEPTED MIXERS: DarkeSword Rellik Emperor Unknown sephfire blizihizake ellywu2 PLBenjaminZ (Ben, for short) SirRus mv Reu Russell Cox " mv = McVaffe or someone else? I am lost~
  11. Lyrics below, as requested. I've had this song for a very long time (Xenogears being one of the first games I started downloading music for) and still love it to this day. Just a beautiful song overall, a must download. Small Two of Pieces Run through the cold of the night As passion burns in your heart Ready to fight, a knife held close by your side Like a proud wolf alone in the dark With eyes that watch the world And my name like a shadow on the face of the moon Broken mirror, a million shades of light The old echo fades away But just you and I Can find the answer. And then, We can run to the end of the world We can run to the end of the world Cold fire clenched to my heart In the blue of night Torn by this pain, I paint your name in sound And the girl of the dawn With eyes of blue, and angel wings The songs of the season are her only crown Broken mirror, a million shades of light The old echo fades away But just you and I Can find the answer. And then, We can run to the end of the world We can run to the end of the world We met in the mist of morning And parted deep in the night Broken sword and shield, and tears that never fall But run through the heart Washed away by the darkest water The world is peaceful and still Broken mirror, a million shades of light The old echo fades away But just you and I Can find the answer. And then, We can run to the end of the world We can run to the end of the world Run to the end of the world...
  12. I really like this, it seperates the author's originality and the song itself very well. There is certainly enough variation to keep it original and interesting over a long period of listening. He uses the main Chrono Trigger theme at crucial points. It kicks in after just enough variation so it's not overdone, but more a welcome site and establishes a strong "OH YEAH" feeling inside of me. The ending does seem a bit awkward. From listening over, a more natural ending seems to occur from 2:40 to 3:16, or even 3:17 to 3:45ish. The bells just leave me waiting for an encore that doesn't come. edit: Forgot to mention, love the title and how it fits with Chrono Trigger.
  13. Another one of my favorites. The begining of the song correlates well with the beginin of Starfox, when the craft begins to launch. Using the voices was an excellent idea. I also love how at 1:15 or so the music just jumps out and becomes very fast paced and loud, just like when you launch out on the first part. I really envisioned myself flying the ship around and doing barrel rolls. I didn't praticularly enjoy the slowdown at about 2:25 but the piano afterwards was very nice. Great remix. one of my favorites as I said, but I do believe I would've enjoyed it more if it had stayed with it's first vision from 1:15-2:26 maintaining the speed and instruments.
  14. This is one of the most original remixes I've heard. The begining "hacking" noise with the dial-up modem is great. The little alarm sounds bring back great memories of Goldeneye 64. The sound quality is amazing; I've never heard remixes that sounded so clean. He begins it and wraps it up very nicely though, some remixes seem to just fade while I'm expecting more. Peeples closes it without leaving me feel like there should be more. One of my favorites, no doubt.
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