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    MAGFest 8

    Awesome photos man! And I was just getting over my post MAG depression
  2. Most basic audio programs default to recording from inputs 1/2 on a multichannel device. Even if your audio source is going into 1/2, maybe you've routed that input in some odd way that's not showing up to other programs as coming from 1/2? Just a thought.
  3. Harmony

    MAGFest 8

    You've totally got that backwards. MAG first, then PhD. Trust me...
  4. Harmony

    MAGFest 8

    GREAT times were had this year. Way too many to list for me, but one highlight was meeting so many of the people I've interacted with online in one way or another over the years. I'm not going to piss someone off by forgetting to mention them in an attempt at a comprehensive list, but I will say meeting Mustin and Prot was pretty cool -- nice guys. Best moments though were definitely the hotel room jam sessions that unfortunately only a few people got to see: BGC and I rocking out to some 90's alt rock classics, and the Xenotones rehearsal which had a surprise visit from Elaine from Select Start YES, my Nukem shot is here!
  5. Harmony

    MAGFest 8

    bLiNd, Jade, zircon, Pixie, Shnabubula, and LuIzA all couldn't make it this time, which sucks. And now that I know if it weren't for cursed fate, I could have also met McVaffe...::Shakes Fist:: DAMN YOU FATE!!
  6. I agree with Moseph. Those instruments have lots of important higher frequency content so a condenser sounds like it would be much better for your needs. An SM-57 will sound good, but even most cheap condensers will sound clearer in a side-by-side comparison. That 48V phantom power is needed to power condensers, which is why it is important. If you go with the 57, you won't need it. My recommendation would be either a Studio Projects B1 ($100) or even better a Rode NT1-A ($230). Both condensers sound great and are in your price range!
  7. I actually successfully used 2 and 3 to install the folders, however I installed them before installer part 1. Just another suggestion.
  8. Sorry, I can't offer any advice here (I use the FastTrack Pro with bus power), but I was wondering if you found out what the problem is or someway to fix it?
  9. Moved to the Feedback forums so this can hopefully get the feedback it deserves
  10. Thanks for the years of service zircon!
  11. Wow, part electrical engineering lab, part studio, part office, all business. I likes.
  12. wow dude, I like a free plugin as much as the next guy, but when are you gonna find time to play with all of those!?
  13. Harmony


    Just got back and I'm still in gush mode so I'll spare this thread any unnecessary exclamation points and "OMG's", but omg, I loved that movie! If it hasn't already been said, it reminded me very much of the Pocahontas story adaptation "The New World" with Colin Farrell. Not because Avatar's storyline so closely parallel's the classic Pocahontas myth, but primarily because the cinematography was equally as surreal and visually stunning. I couldn't bring myself to pony up the $15 to see it in 3D for the first round, but I'll definitely make another trip to see it again for the full experience.
  14. I don't remember having to make that choice, but RTAS is a Pro Tools format so that may be your issue.m You should definitely be installing the EW library, even if you install the RTAS with it. Also, the library and the actual plugin may be installed in different folders. While I have the library on a different drive, the actual plugin filename is "play_VST_x64.dll". Search your computer for that file (or something similar if it's the 32 bit version) to see if it's been installed correctly.
  15. Oh yeah, that was a pretty cool template. I remember trying to recreate it in Sonar with some success. Earlier in this thread Luke was asking about getting a good sounding orchestra out of soundfonts/free samples. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't your template all free stuff, and wasn't a lot of it soundfonts, and didn't it sound awesome?
  16. Wow, finally. I was beginning to wonder why they stuck a "Volume 1" in the title of the first compilation if there wasn't going to be a second one!
  17. 1.7 free GB of good stuff! I’ve been playing with it for a half hour and I’m having fun. Content: Violin sect (forte-piano) Violin sect (legato vib) Trumpet duo (legato) Trumpet duo (staccato 4x round robin) French horn sect (staccato) Solo Bassoon (sust vib) Solo Cello (staccato up/down samples) Crotales English horn (portato) Marimba Orch chimes Solo French horn (legato) Solo Flute (legato) Sleigh bells (ring, are you listening?) Trombone duo (legato vib) Solo Trombone (legato) Tambourine Triangle Violin sect (pizz) Strings sect (legato) Mostly positive reviews so far. I don’t like the default release settings. Everything sound flooded with reverb. That can be changed though. Some of the samples have audible hiss when played alone, but in context I’m sure they’re fine. Also, the first time I ran it, it froze Sonar. However it’s been fine ever since.
  18. I got a 1721 error (whatever that is) and to fix it I had to run the installer in compatibility mode (right click > properties > compatibility tab) and completely disable User Account Control from the control panel. I'm running Win 7 64bit and using the 64bit installer.
  19. SWEET. Thanks for the heads up! LOL, even if this starter kit does convince me that I want the full version, I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY! Soooo...yoink. Later, suckers! Oh. Ok then. That's very nice of you, thanks
  20. Ohhh that Brittany Murphy. I loved her voice acting in King of the Hill; it always made me laugh.
  21. I don't mind you asking whatever question you want, and I don't mind helping answer it, no matter how Googleable it is, but just know that "the pros" use Google more often than you might think. So since you're just typing a question onto a forum and not actually directly asking anyone, there are times when you may as well type a similar question into the Google search bar and get an immediate answer. Why waste time waiting for a simple answer when you could be making music!
  22. Gigasampler/GigaStudio. If you only have Kontakt you should have downloaded the appropriate version! Contact Will and Andy directly (support@impactsoundworks.com) for Impact Soundworks related support. You'd probably get a better answer faster. EDIT: surprise surprise, Andy types faster than me
  23. I'm inclined to agree. Definitely is a shame.