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  1. Man, the Wii version is rather weak compared to this PS3 port.. they added 3/4 more story and lots of neat bonuses.
  2. It's finally happened! It's been announced that the game is being localized! I can't wait to get my hands on it. http://ataleoftworichards.com/ Now let's cross our fingers for a Tales of Xillia release as well.
  3. We posted the tune here awhile ago, but made a video and thought it would be cool to just put it up here. Enjoy das Mortal Kombating. -Dan
  4. The Heavy Rain OST isn't exactly overclocked yet XD I'd imagine this being remixed 10 years from now or so. But that's just my opinion...
  5. I've played: FF Tactics FF Mystic Quest (HMMM lol) FF I-X FF XII FF XIII Remakes: FF III DS FF IV DS -I think IV is amazing. I absolutely love the characters and progress. -VI is great in maaany ways and I would love to see a remake of this one. -VII has some of the most memorable moments in the series and the characters are classic. (3 playthroughs). -VIII has a lot of heart and the game gave me TONS of emotions I really embrace. (4 playthroughs). -IX may be my favorite of them all, I think the world they created was amazing, I love all characters except the ugly and inconsistent Quina man-whore. (4 playthroughs). I guess we're all fuckin' FF geeks in here lol. We gather here, spewing FF info while new gamers haven't even touched them and they're saying JRPG's SUCK and you only push one button the WHOLE game! (OH OOOH.. I may have opened a can of worms!)
  6. lol.. if you want to be a better guitarist, follow these steps:
  7. (i want it for console)? Isn't it already for console? Last time I played it it was on.. a yes! Console bwhahaha. I would never want a remake, I hate Advent Children to the CORE. And I still have nothing against the blocky characters on PSX. And also, they would probably mess up the whole emotional impact of about everything with Cloud's new sappy look and voice. I prefer the Anime look over the CG baby face look any day.
  8. Yeah man, I was kinda shocked to see that myself hahaha.. Well, ratings don't mean much anyway, but still.. I've heard a lot of great music at newgrounds, and many of those tracks have been 1'd down. Which kind of kills the exposure of their tracks. It's like an underground mafia at newgrounds lol.
  9. Hey thanks! Glad you like it pal! We should indeed catch up sometime.
  10. This is a really nice track man. I've seen a lot of Chinese and Japanese TV shows on TV and this one would fit in many of those shows. Very nice flow and aura, and I love Shamisen and Koto. Kudos
  11. Indeed, that's the master right there. It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!
  12. Hi, this is an original tune I just finished. Power metal mixed with J-Rock inspiration in there, hope you dig it! A bit comic book super hero inspired. Thus the title. I posted it up on newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/388923 Vote on it if you like! ROCK ON!
  13. Hey thanks pal! Appreciate your support. Already one guy who got 100% lol Guess It wasn't hard enough lol
  14. Thanks for all the awesome feedback guys! I uploaded the track to Newgrounds so those who can't get it for Rock Band can download it . http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/383892 So did anyone get a 100% yet of those of you who tried it?
  15. Thanks bro! Appreciate that.. I don't have Xbox 360 Rock Band as well haven't been able to try it me-self. Hope your pals enjoy it though. F'ing ROCK ON MAN!
  16. Thanks for taking interest Sephfire. The track has been received very well so far! ROCK AND ROLL!!!!
  17. There are still a few CD's available at CDbaby, not a lot though. So if anyone want a copy don't hesitate to grab it . If you think the price is a bit too high for your wallet let me know and I'll consider a price drop.
  18. Hi there guys, Rock Band network just released an original tune for download that I did for them. It's a spirited Metal track, it's very hard to play and can only be downloaded for the Xbox 360 version of the game. http://www.rockband.com/songs/UGC_5004691 Hope some of you enjoy it! EDIT: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/383892 Download the tune here. -Dan
  19. Nice, I've been looking forward to this movie. I may take the time to go check it out on the giganto-screen.
  20. EXCELLENT .. thanks for this post, I had no idea.. spend spend spend.
  21. lol That's funny. I use the tunnels all the time and nothing's ever happened. Oh well.. This reminds me of the save data deletion of Castlevania Lords of Shadow.
  22. What Tunnel Glitch? Never heard of it. I haven't experience many problems with the game myself. Just minor glitches that never bother me.
  23. Hi guys. Got the PS3 game a week ago and I'm hooked on the multiplayer modes. Especially the Manhunt mode, I can't get enough. Has anyone else gotten the game yet? What do you think about it? I mainly bought it for the story continuation and saw the online part of it as a small bonus, but it's absolutely brilliant! If anyone wanna team up, let me know. I'm already at lvl 34.
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