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  1. Looks awesome.. It really needs those twin-analog sticks. I hate playing on my PSP.. Going from PSP to PS3 is like going from the barn to a palace.
  2. Just wanted to say I've set up a Bandcamp account for the album as well. So if anyone would prefer to use this way, now it's available!
  3. Yeah, I didn't think too hard about the ''FF Gilgamesh'' side of it. So thanks for that, changed the thread name a little It is indeed about the mythical figure.
  4. Hi guys, it's been out for quite some time now. But I never advertised it here out in the open, so I thought I'd let people know about the album one more time here at OcReMiX! It's a prog metal instrumental album. Telling the story of all the tablets of Gilgamesh from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it. At CDbaby here: Gilgamesh to the left and Enkidu to the right At Bandcamp: Bandcamp Or at Amazon: Amazon You can stream some of the tracks from the album to see if you'd like to buy it or not at: My-Myspace For best experience, follow these images and read the story shortened down to fit each and every track. Art and Story Cheers!!
  5. Hey thanks man! Appreciate it :)

  6. Unfortunately, if you can't get games from China, It wont be much use to you. But here's the link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=8005774205 Normally the stores from this Chinese ebay-type site sells games at 50-60 bucks. Similar to US, because they import etc. So I was surprised to see Vanquish from one seller at this cheap price.
  7. Wrap your head around this one: Castlevania Lords of Shadow: When you go into the last chapter of the game to face the last boss, the game may delete your save file. The game's saving system relies completely on ONE auto-save file. You can't have multiple saves. Unless you backup your file to a USB drive. lol And this is a 2010 game.
  8. Holy crap, just found the game with a price drop already. lol 31$. I guess the major length complains are already pushing the price low on this game. *off to play wicked Vanquish*
  9. Oh oh... *raising hand* I'm currently in China, I could be a good fake Jackie Chan.. NI HAO! CAO NI MA!! *slaps everyone around with fast powder-layered kicks*.
  10. I played the demo as well, was pretty cool. Now that it's released I've been considering getting the game... then I heard all these rumors of how short it is.. around 4-5 hours and 2+ hours of cut-scene material with almost no unlockables. Question is: Is it worth full retail I price. I say nah lol.. 30$ sounds about right. Back to finishing Okami for the first time in my life, already 16 hours into that game lol.
  11. Alundra... aaah.... the memories, I absolutely love the village in Alundra, it's classic. The music in the game is top notch too.. I'd play this game over and over again over a new Hyrule Rehash lol. This game is immortal in my eyes and ears Just bought it again, even though I have the original Working Designs package sitting on my shelf. Getting Arc The Lad 1+2 when 2 is released as well. Games these days need to get their passion factor up because I still think PS1 and 2 beats the crap out of the PS3 era. EDIT: Oh... and the puzzles in Alundra smashed my balls to pieces.. had to go stare in guides to get past some of em.
  12. Excellent! Looking forward to this .. AND the DLC coming up for LOS. But hey Cox (producer), get rid of Oscar Araujo lol
  13. Great points. We're in a time where creators are afraid of utilizing music to its fullest potential. They are so afraid of people complaining about the music that they choose to go neutral so that anyone can listen to it without saying neither THIS SUCKS! nor THIS RULES! Or perhaps people are just uninspired because of the large amount of products being made nowadays, that they just look at it as a common job. - Who cares, just make it fit what's on screen BS. I especially think a Castlevania game should make the music AWESOME at the same time as making it fit like the previous games did. And if you guys know what I mean, what's up with the recent Hollywood lick going: du du di di du du di di du du di di du du di di ... This ritual literally makes me sick, I think Hans Zimmer came with that shit, and now everyone follows.
  14. *SPOILERS* Alright, finished the game. I had some mixed feelings throughout the game, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I can now say it's a great game truly worth getting. The story could have done a bit more out of itself but certain twists made me think wooooooooooooo that's sweet. The soundtrack is very bland and sucks donkey balls compared to previous soundtracks. It's Hollywoodish boring crap that doesn't stick with you even if you try your hardest lol. But it does the job well, like most other new-age movie soundtracks. Where did the sweet theme based soundtracks for epic games go?!?!? Oh well. Still... buy this game Again, it's a true shame they didn't keep up the Castlevania music tradition oh well....
  15. *minor spoilers* I got the game yesterday, I just finished Chapter 4, and I absolutely love it up to this point.. I dig the tons of features they've put into the battle system, and the fact that they haven't gone overboard with nr. of battles taking place. As for the music, it's got its effect and it carries the emotions of Gabriel and his situations well, BUT I'll have to say it's got the potential of being the worst Castlevania soundtrack to date.
  16. I haven't played any of the Sly games before. I've barely even seen screenshots from the games. Are they any good?!? Good stories? Childish? Mature? Do the three games connect? @CHIPP Damage FF X-2 really sucked, but FF VII on the other hand.. now that's a good game! LOL
  17. I guess SquEnix would never release combined titles. If they made stuff into HD they would release every game individually and take full retail price. I would love to see the DMC games in HD though.
  18. WHEEEE!!! MY GOD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! lol Well, check this badass photo, looks like they've added some awesome details to the colossi. And it looks cleeeean. No more dirty pixels
  19. Ah, feels good to be a PS3 owner. I recently bought ICO for the PS2 and it didn't work on my HD tv, I got pissed and spent a few minutes cursing new technology. lol Then I read this article about a HD release of these two games here: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2010/09/15/team-ico-hd-remakes-outed-early-by-famitsu/ And I'm pretty excited about this, as I loved Shadow of the Colossus and I've heard great things about ICO and I'd love to see how well they improve on the frame-rate issues etc. that I experienced while playing the game on PS2. Cheers to this good news! *holds up a glass of Nuka-Cola* EDIT: Video contributed by Drayzon -
  20. I love the Ninja Gaiden episode.. Big fan of montages. Also, I think the Theme Music is quite catchy and fits the dirty image of his series. The lack of sound quality and sloppy performance fits very well.
  21. Oh, you better! Or Dracula will hunt you down and eat you alive!!.. Or shove a cross up somewhere in worst case scenario. PS: Will also be released for Xbox 360.
  22. Oh boy am I getting this game a couple of weeks from now.. This may be the game of the year for me.. we shall see! Can't ficken wait!
  23. It took about.. let's see.. - 3 years of physical and mental training in the Chaolin temple of Xin Xua. - 4 years of running up and down a 100000 step long stairway. - 2 years of jump-kicking balloons. - 1 year of constantly smashing my head against a wall to find out... I've been doing the wrong things. So I just practiced a few hours a day for a month and that's all you need to do to play guitar. lol
  24. If I was William the HeavyW8.. I'd sit on my porch and cry after Rozovian handed it to me...... j/k http://www.tweakheadz.com/how_to_record_vocals.htm
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