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  1. Good feedback against my Street Fighter statement.. I guess all the re-released of the same games has me left a feeling that they seldom bring anything new to the table. I would like to see this kind of fresh take for Street Fighter 5 though.. because I think SF4 is way too similar to past entries. Mortal Kombat 9 was a huge disappointment to me because Ed Boon had hinted that he wanted to make a MK with all new characters.. then he came with the same old same old.. So I truly hope they do that for the next entry in the series.
  2. All new cast!?!? Brilliant if so.. I almost demand that fighting series come with all new casts.. because there isn't much point in getting a game that is exactly like the previous one.. just with another number in the title. So if it's mostly new characters.. I will be getting this for sure.. NOW.. It's time for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to do the same thing.
  3. Still available tracks!? this long into the project? Maybe we'll grab 2-3 more to get it done lol
  4. Me and my Wife watched the whole season 1 with attention lol Awesome show, can't wait to see more of it.. MINOR SPOILER: I didn't want the Khal to die shit he was awesome Anyways, when the last episode was aired, my wife ordered all the books, because she got no patience to wait for the next season.
  5. Can't wait to see this project getting released.. Will be awesome guys, rock on!
  6. A bit touchy regarding the subject are we?
  7. Dragon Age 2 is one of the worst IMO.. oh boy. I liked Origins a lot. But I hated almost everything about the sequel.
  8. This is one of the worst tracks I've ever heard. That sugar pop stinker label all over it. Let's eat some lollipop and go to school and gossip kind of music. uugh.. I'm getting sick..
  9. It's no prob then! All PS3 games are region free and all games from US are NTSC, so soon we'll be gaming Graces F.. HURRAH!! lol
  10. That's alright, I got all Tales games and I got them all in Norway via US ebay stores, so just import man! No prob!
  11. It should have been a PS3 exclusive, that's all I got to say.
  12. So yeah, Tales of Graces F has been announced!!! YEAH! Not gonna let this thread die that fast, oh no noes.. Love the Tales series, hopefully we'll get Tales of Xillia after Tales of Graces F sells 8 million copies, topping the sales of Red Dead Redemption.
  13. The dude in this pic actually looks quite a lot like Uwe Boll.
  14. Hi there guys, thought I'd share my latest track, which is all free since selling music is little point these days bwhaha. So I hope all of you who check it out enjoy this piece I've done called Seppuku. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/398028 I read a lot about the Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment which was mostly used by the Samurai, and I felt like expressing the emotions that I get while imagining it in my mind. It starts off with the preparations after the choice by the Samurai has been made. I wanted to express this as a confident choice, like there's no doubt in his mind. Like it will be a release into another world. The heavier parts coming up, was made to express the tension as the knife comes into the picture and when he prepares it for the actual action. It then gets more and more intense as he does the ritual in its fullest. Let your imagination picture the scene while listening. The piano transition and the orchestral parts means he has crossed to the spiritual world. He is free, no regret and there's no turning back. Enjoy...
  15. Sakaguchi saw his creation of Final Fantasy as his franchise to tell what story he wanted. When it's a movie, the gameplay mechanics etc are drawn out of it. Most fans of FF expect summons, magic etc to be in center focus of the visuals. Take Advent Children (now that movie sucked), if you take away the gameplay elements they included, how is the story progress there any different from Spirits Within? Except the fact that it's a sequel to a game that didn't need one at all.
  16. Ah geez.. lol gotta make another export today then, must have exported mono instead of Stereo yo FOO!!! It's all your fault

  17. Castle... what? Ah Mickey Mania!!! on Gameboy! Noooow I know lol. Hey Cherna, why is Heart of Fire still red?
  18. Well, I would be stupid if I said Tales don't have cliches lol So I can't fight you based on some support I have for the Tales team and I do feel you on the: "Oh, it's nothing"s and "..." parts.. I hate that as well. But generally Tales games give me a complete experience few games do and I've enjoyed most of them and I always get lost in their worlds, so as you stated it's very opinionated. And if you don't want to play the game, I fully understand, hell I feel many similar emotions towards US RPG's myself.
  19. Well, I'll have to disagree with you on it always being cliche. Luke Von Fabre from Abyss, his developement and the inclusion of Asch is ONE of many Tales examples of being very far from cliche in my opinion. Also Yuri from Vesperia, what is cliche about him? I think his persona is unique and the way he handles the situations that occur throughout the game is very unique and you never know where you got him. Just because they INTRODUCE something as cliche, I'd have to say that they are very good at taking it far from the first impression and develop it into something truly unique with depth. I mean come on, like Dragon Age 2.. lol.. I watched the trailer for it, they narrate about the one and only CHAMPION! The one who can save us all!! And Mass Effect 2 babble on about them needing a LEADER to save the universe basically, should I ignore playing these titles because the trailers have cliche elements? Hell no, I want to dive into it and see what's REALLY underneath it all. I never base something solely on some trailer, oh hell no.
  20. I can understand what you're saying. But I think 95% of everything nowadays seem cliche by only experiencing the first impression of something. Like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.. oh my F'n god what a boring robotic stiff army-cliche character. Drake from Uncharted, brown haired one-liner machine done a million times in movies. I would love to hear some un-cliche character examples. lol
  21. Ok, I admit, he did get me on the sentence that wasn't the main point.
  22. And how do you know if Graces is stuffed with Anime cliches? Also, I could bring out tons of similar topics about most types of games coming from any corner of the world. So why want someone to fail because you don't like that style? To me the Uncharted series has tons of US action movie cliche's that I cringe at, why would I wish them to fail? Makes no sense.. pretty childish if you ask me. Also ^This
  23. Finally some optimism, I think this announcement is insanely good. I am a huge fan of the Tales games.
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