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  1. Sup mang, yo he cool don't make me destroy you phalanx by starting a fire >:U
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    Which is funny because Persona 4 was rated, on the CERO system, a B which is to my understanding is 12+, yet over here it was rated M (17+)... A C rating is 15+... AO for us here?!
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    Mara hiI'm sure "Catherine" will make its way in the NA/Ca regions mostly, if not entirely, complete some how. Besides... That is what rule /34/ is for
  4. No he meant MvsC2 not X-Men versus Street Fighter, HUGE DIFFERENCE.
  5. Wait so the place that was originally Brushfire's at spawn that I took over had been deleted..? I was actually hoping for a reroll but this is fine too...
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    So finally there's some actual gameplay video of it... indeed , still I'm compelled to try it; crazed platforming? WHY NOT?!
  7. I don't see there being a limit to how many one posts so long as they are not duplicates in the same post so... Another note* I never realized how many won't play horror titles because they either dislike it, got overly imaginative minds, or are merely bothered by such a genre in the first place. from " on the PS2. Despite the dangers of tight corridors, I'd take them over the outside with shit cover and sight. The game uses the soundtrack with great effect to the atmosphere and tone of said game. It has this brooding, seemingly 80's tension, the horror of the unknown that is often lost on regular slasher or homicidal genius movies. from on the Playstation 2. It's not so much the track it self but wondering how children could have at one point slept, play, grew up in a room that had seen plenty of death and decay with little signs of "children" still lingering around despite it.I'll Kill You from on the Playstation One. When the volume is set loudly, to have it build gradually as you're running away from monstrosities while having little to no ammo due to high difficulty, it can break one's own courage; especially for a young gamer. Didn't help said gamer may have already developed theories such as simply existing in some surreal, nightmarish world that is forever Harry's home after his "death" the first time around. Even worse when you reach the sewers and can't see your hidden assailants on the ceiling reaching for your flesh. from on the Gamecube. There's always something about facing a menacing boss that is incapable of dying by normal means of killing what had been human. Wasting precious ammo only serve to heighten the terror of having to deal with it; especially when all you can do is run and hope it can't or won't follow you to the next room as most creatures can... from on the Gamecube. The track made it seem the whole place was breathing or alive. The god damn leech men that you can run into through out the game if you're not careful; even worse when you're not ready to fight or run away from them. I'd say they're worse than the leech men you'd find in Resident Evil 3 as you see them more often in 0 than 3. from F.E.A.R. on the PC. It plays on the main menu as well as certain parts of the game. It just puts me off edge no matter where I go whenever it plays. from on the PC. Similar in building up the terror to Silent Hill's "I'll Kill You", it plays a few times during regular game play and special moments where sheer terror is enabled through the player's actions. With no way to fight back and nothing but your own wits as well as a lantern, it can be an intense experience. Such an easy reference I'll probably post more later if they are not mentioned here.
  8. Don't forget the following please... Metroid Hell, can't it be said that essentially brought about the concept of cut-scenes with dialog..?
  9. Thanks! Speaking of strange, a friend of mine told me to check out some show called "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" I have no clue what it is and currently downloading what is supposedly the entire thing as I post this. In the spirit of strange/fun/horrific images... Also been making some custom PS3 themes inbetween, though incredibly slowly due to making custom icons/images for all the icons the PS3 uses. Which I'm actually surprised OCR has not considered making a PS3 theme for the hell of it.
  10. Could be worse such as SE becoming the "LJN" of this gaming era.
  11. Woah what the hell has happened since my vacation trip to Touhouvania and ?
  12. I'm just about three years your senior and I'm already lumped in with the old farts. That said... and Only ever hated Halo for its fan base which sadly overlapped onto XBOX LIVE.
  13. Oh really now... Suddenly a playlist is forming
  14. Aside from a in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, it also plays when you fight the Holy Spear Knights. Just requesting a remix.
  15. Who's to say more often than not they will let the their OP status :lmassoff:
  16. In all seriousness, how many of our places are suitable for protection against monsters..? Vast dark hallways and insanely deep basement levels with poor lighting..? That place I took over at spawn had shit lighting in regards to the lower levels. It's so bad I decided to block it off with a steel (It really looks like steel than iron) door in the event that monsters finally work properly. I fully intend to venture through those tunnels and bring forth the light of justice upon the nameless things of the night and shadow. Nothing but my dia-steel armor and weapons soon as Notch sets things up.
  17. With all the new folks coming in, it probably wouldn't hurt as they can make their mark from spawn as everyone else had at one point.
  18. Bought the and enjoyed it.Just find some that works for you, just make sure at least. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene on the PSN/360? is similar in this regard as it has a "music affecting the game play" option as well. As for the treasure hats, eh I'm content with the bounty hat as it is, no regrets getting Killing Floor and Amnesia when they went on sale. Just need a couple of more objectives to complete.
  19. Was on last night, was hilarious seeing the whole team get mauled. Go by Gentz there, same name I use on TF2.
  20. Gamed since 1985, had a slight taste for the old 2600 before jumping into the NES era. From there waited in line around 1995 to try out the SNES and my first five minutes with SMW. Between the SNES and N64 I got my first Gameboy except it was the Clear Case variety where I would not only see the intricate circuits but the grime and dust build up as I plow away at Warioland, Tetris, Castlevania: Legends, LoZ:LA ect. N64 finally came around and remembered that summer where I actually played nearly all of "Quest 64" with no save-pak before the power went out ahd essentially killed my session... Went back to it and finished it over time with a save pack but that's saying something. The PS2 surprised me and jumped into my life as well as the GC. Both brought great times. Finally the Wii and the PS3 of today as well as the PC with its flexibility and one that I could finally call my own instead of having to sneak into the comp lab at school with copies of games I had no home pc to actually play at the time... I don't think I could truly look down at new games as they just can't be compared to games from the past. Story, graphics, game play, they all have roles and regardless if one area is stronger than in others, if I can still derive entertainment then it's succeeded at being a fun game for me. The new iterations of Pac-Man and Tetris are fantastic to see not because of nostalgia, but how new life were breathed into them and being able to expand the wonderful experience I had so long ago. The new Deux Ex 3 game surprised me as I'm reminded of elements from Metal Gear Solid on the PSone. Castlevania's 3d games are often frowned upon but I had a hell of a lot of fun playing C:LoD because it was trying something different with some light story thrown in. Same with C:LoI and C:CoD, both flawed but enjoyable when your mind is thrown in it. From Chiller on the NES, to today's Splatterhouse, Gore is always welcomed because it's so fantastical. Everyone's got a little bit of bloodlust within them, why not try out a gorefest of a game? TL:DR I don't ever ; When I have kids, I'll definitely have it in mind that I'd rather share the same experience and feelings I had when I played them rather than for the sake of waxing nostalgia for myself; let their imaginations expand and play up in my library from there. From there who's to say they wouldn't find inspiration from past games and make some new IP that amazes all gamers?
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