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  1. Man I remember Alleyway's ball physics on the original Gameboy actually behaved similarly but perhaps better. That said I've made my choice~!
  2. Any body try out Nyko's 3DS Battery? Looks like it could assuage many 3DS owners of short battery life gaming. Here's the meaty part Makes me want to reconsider getting one, or at least when and if my old DSLite bites the dust...
  3. You should try out the with the english patch
  4. Gonna have to say that the dread you felt in LoZ:LA was lost upon me, especially when Super Metroid a year later when you got inside the old crashed ship did it better The only time I could ever considered anything Zelda related actually frightening were the redeads along with "The Well" and "Shadow Palace/Dungeon". Sure the atmosphere helped along withit but considering no matter how much you'd at least killed the floating specters, they keep coming back and randomly appear around you; less dramatic that those damned "Victims" that seep through the walls in SH:4 but not as lethal.
  5. Unless you can meet up with some one outside of the campus, what you can do is go outside of campus, to a starbucks or something and we could do the trade. All you'd need at most would be the ds and some way to chat on irc while outside.
  6. "Dreams, they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." —Dom Cobb, Inception I don't even remember ever finding it more scary than those red assholes in Zelda II in Death Mountain; Now if you were aiming for the "Freddy Krueger" aspect then maybe. Not to mention it was too easy to glitch through that game ridiculously. I also didn't realize this one guy I knew had "Ommatophobia", fear of the eyes, and when he finally reach in LoZ:Minish Cap he took the whole ending ; sort of a grand personal achievement. Didn't know what it meant to him till he told me about his phobia. But hey going back on topic regarding Deadspace being scary. It's not so much scary as something that could incapacitate you from doing anything as it's more of light body horror as well as imagining such creatures overtaking humanity ala "grey goo" effect; or rather "organic goo" effect in this case. Seriously the idea of this monstrosity overtaking the entire world rapidly is more frightening than actually fighting them. Probably the on thing that makes the Necromorphs less frightening as they can't hide amongst humans as easily as that thing can. Not to mention seemingly much more resilent.
  7. In regards to the PS2... Despite being the second weakest, SH:HC annoyed me more than horrified me, give a try. It's no Silent Hill 2 but do give it a shot. Silent Hill 3 pretty much continues where the first game left off so to speak; unfinished business.
  8. If that guy actually ran towards south of the border... To those that actually sent cash to the guy, this pretty much sums up my thoughts.
  10. Because it's not a sequel to anything..? Here's a true sequel compliments of LJN. LJN's Terminator 2: Judgement Day on the SNES. I remember buying it from a discount bin in a Sears for five dollars. I was all "OH shit I've seen the movie, it's got to be better than the first one on the SNES!" While the links do show someone actually beating the game, I don't think I got farther than the mall section upon which I just got lost all the time. Again, this is coming from someone who after having played the SNES version of the original "Terminator" game with Kyle Reese for just a half hour. My uncle got it for me as a "surprise" gift and nearly shut me out of getting something I actually wanted; Darius Twin (SHMUP) which had already been out for a year or so.
  11. Oh shit it was released today?! I thought it was gonna be on the 30th!
  12. Yes, game developers have and will continue to do so in years to come. You just need to look for it or ask for suggestions.
  13. Don't these AIR VIBRATIONSI do love these vibrations so... Give them a try don't be shy as you'll never know what music may flow...
  14. In regards to artillary weaponry such ranging from the old catapults and cannons to mortars and well, grenades really you'd have to gauge a variety of issues before firing/lobbing. Guns usually you'd center as well but you're better off often aiming slight bit ahead of a moving target before firing. Tracing really. Hell in deadspace aiming dead center is the LAST thing you want to do. but I digress Clive Barker's Undying is not THAT obscure. If anything I'd have to say anything regarding Clive Barker often get shit advertisement. I don't even remember seeing a commercial for it even in the pc gaming sections back in the day. It's actually not as different as most fps back then as it provided alternate weaponry as well as a "scrying" ability among other things that acted much like the "Lens of Truth" in OoT. That's as far as I remembered but to me that's no different than using Night Vision goggles in "Half-Life:Opposing Forces"; which was a very good expansion pack to the old half life series. CBU is actually not as different as most fps, it just catered to your interests at the time just like any other fps catered to others. I've already posted some of my favorites. Hell I could name another that doesn't even use guns or combat at all; may as well really call it FPSu (First Person Survival)
  15. Already shared some examples and your welcome to share more.
  16. Pretty much, I rather not need a silly law just to ban a certain series that only ends up hurting more than that. We don't need to be another Australia, sorry aussie friends no offense. :L Seriously FPS can actually be fun you know... Hell I even managed to find to be fun despite having some slight shades of CoD to it.
  17. Ah then the closest you'll get in finding stuff like that would be radio drams or "Drama CDs". Here's an example of a "Drama CD" More often than not, aside from the classic radio shows, Japan does them. As for game related "radio dramas" aside from the one's you've shared, I can't say I've heard any one else do it. Except for that guy that did the entirety of Okami PS2 version as a playthrough, voicing all the dialogue text. Unfortunately I found him, including the ones you've shared, rather cringe-worthy as they sound very amateurish to me. Regardless I'm sure some one with good orating skills could do something like that.
  18. Ah you want something like radio dramas or just the music itself..? One that comes to my mind would be the telling of Peter and the Wolf , , Here's also another one that's sort of a parody of the media, including using stock soundtracks I remembered being used by both old radio, Ren & Stimpy as well as some other cartoons. Here's the non-orated version, just the music sans sound effects.
  19. I was browsing over at /v/ and I've noticed this posted on one of the threads. Hmm... any one able to confirm this about Ver.White in regards to the forest allowing easy finding/capturing rare types from previous generations? Side note, brought over all my psychics and ghosts over; ready to breed them as I loved them so...
  20. Or you know, breed her and have a stronger Lapras..? Serious question though, is there something such as a VS. Seeker In B&W? Curiously through out what I've traveled through I've not seen anything regarding such an item. Would make raising and grindan less tedious than simply diving into the water/grassy/sand areas. Not to mention the cash earnings won along side using the amulet Coin... EDIT* Never mind, did a longer google search; turns out there is no such item.
  21. I like to think of it as some sentient nanotechnology gone wrong and it adopted the ant form out of efficiency/ whatever reasoning works for you. Cmon it's not THAT bad. Also I did not realize on the Trainer Card you can change what look you take when you trade. My girl asked me if there was a reason I had the "hiker" avatar. Soon after I was given the explanation of how to change it. The Ranger's as close as I'll EVER get to the "Raidou Kuzunoha" look
  22. Looks like you did yourself a favor Neblix. It's one of your best friends
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