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  1. Okay how about the blood thirsty, fascist Canadians on the Japanese version of Homefront. Damn you Canadians, you monsters! holy shit I nearly died laughing trying to type that out
  2. Even if they were able to optimize the game to use the internet to the best of their abilities, you still have to ride your ISP hard for any shitty service you get.
  3. So hey at the very least if you're gonna share the movelist, make sure it's at a high enough resolution that old fogeys could actually read it. Not to mention you can simply post a thumbnail that would lead to a high res'd image of it.
  4. Phoenix comfirmed to be made of paper, makes Akuma's health look beefy
  5. Arthur sparked my interest but man, pretty much sold me MvC3 when I saw her on the roster.Not only that, she as well as Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (sort of an expy of Jon Talbain) from BlazBlue just make me want to rekindle the hope for a new Darkstalkers to one day appear...
  6. well minutes after you left and scythe came on, it started to lag horrible till suddenly I can't get in again. Did it have to do with the IRCBot plugin?
  7. I'd help if the server wouldn't time out on me often.
  8. Oh that pic, I would have remembered if I ever seen a flick involving her doing something like that. I believe its origins were either a tv series I haven't seen, or manga series I've not read just yet. Most likely wasted or simply flushed from either embarrassment or desperation.

    If you want something graphic but without the 80's gore though, look for Taimanasagi (Anti-Demon Ninjas - especially episode 3), Dark Love 1+2, or Dark Knight Ingrid(?). Can't really go wrong with them. :lol:

    I will say though the youtube links all come from my youtube channel in my faved section. I've been meaning to organize it one day but never got around to it. In any rate the following are probably my absolute favs right now.




    While there are plenty of GOOD remixes of "Faith is for the Transient People", there are so few for "Invisible Full Moon".

  9. You should give examples on those bands because the only appleseeds that I know is Johnny Appleseed and the 2004 Appleseed remake. They better not be some nu-metal shit...
  10. Which youtube link you're talkin about that has porn Derrit? I'm pretty sure all the links I gave were perfectly safe. :lol:

  11. The no backwards compatability for the UMD sort of bug me, but even then I don't see myself getting this right away anyways. I DO however see myself picking it up down the road more likely than the 3DS though...
  12. Rather than me post a picture of this kid crying on the carpet that he sold his large game collection/a couple of games for $4.95 total as, "decent trade" and "Gamestop" never or rarely are ever in the same sentence seriously... What was the last system or game you've traded/sold in to Gamestop that made it worth while..?
  13. along with a good dose of this I can't wait for him to go beyond XSTmusic's postings.
  14. If you're very knowledgable with PC hardware repairs then you may be able to fix it your self. Here's a PS3 YLOD Repair Guide though it helps to do all the research that you can on the subject. It should be reiterated that Gollgagh ~ If you don't know how to fix it by yourself, I must implore you not to try it. DIY fixes have often disastrous results.
  15. Geez I don't even see that much bullshit spewed by the likes of Jackkeiser even on the /v/ boards and that's pathetically amazing Do keep it up Jack as it actually makes me laugh; I'm loving that self-righteous indignation you have going there.
  16. I've changed my mind so nevermind what I said earlier
  17. So is the server gonna get rerolled? I'd be for it.
  18. I'll be looking forward to the continuation. Can't say I've ever played FFX & FFX-2 that some seem to like to bring up as a comparison point but hey I enjoyed FFXIII for what it had.
  19. I can't even get on the server for more than a couple of minutes before the window goes entirely black and locks up :/
  20. Eh for some reason I keep getting the dreaded BSOD after a minute or two on the multi server.
  21. Now all we need are some Gohmas, very fast meleeing stalfos knights to compliment the regular archer skeletons, and perhaps something nastier for the creeper; although the creeper does just fine on its own...
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