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  1. Too busy exploring every where I can possibly go. Also I don't know why I didn't see this the moment I got Bisharp
  2. Got to admit, they really out did themselves on the music department this time around; So much variety from the rival battle music to fighting N.
  3. Oh hey not bad at all! I was thinking more on when you fight with others online but hey they'd make for some good substitutes for the ingame tracks.
  4. Hmm... Versus you say... Bah makes me wish I could use on the DS.
  5. Pretty much sums me up with the added exception of Sony some how ruining my gaming & movie/show viewing experience at any time in the future; which I doubt they will for a long while. In fact a lot of electronics I've had way back and now had been Sony brand (or RCA, been a while) on account of experienced reliability; even manage to avoid the infamous rootkit incident as I haven't seriously bought a CD in what feels like over a decade looking back. Also duly noted Gario as I was posting while laughing along with dear Sakuya; couldn't focus enough. On an semi-unrelated note - WATCHING THIS SHORT CLIP ON MY GLORIOUS PS3 WITH THE BIG SCREEN FEELS AWESOME.Gonna transfer some stuff I've been meaning to watch but never got around to them over it.
  6. He's right people should give a try to feel that unique experience that seems so rare these days, except for perhaps Quake Live and Skulltag.Seriously you can't go wrong
  7. It did well enough to fuck with my mind seeing as at the time I bought it I was still living in an apartment. Half the time I had the place all to myself (midnight) and playing SH4 did nothing but make me imagine strange sightings at night. That fucking doll...
  8. man growing up during the 80s with a sister who was all into that, probably explains my tolerance to cutesy stuff... Nice to see their updated version has some personality, reminds me of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends except the animation looks more smooth. Back on topic... very tempting to test some ideas thanks to the new TM system...
  9. Loving the cannon, though some of the projectiles sure as hell bounce hard.
  10. Not at all though I'd tend to lean towards the ; could always go for punnier names though~!Also... as well as WORKS FOR ME!
  11. I was strangely disappointed with DAII, can't give a good enough reason why. Gonna pass on getting it till it's much cheaper down the road...
  12. You could have just gone to a brick and mortar store like walmart or best buy and picked up a copy on release day
  13. Had no real intention to get it any time soon. Sick in bed, never crossed my mind. Woke up late this morning to find a copy of Pokemon Black next to my head while finding out my girl bought both black and white in secret. I feel awesome inside, also...
  14. Image Boards I'd say, though it's a shot in the dark; especially if your content is not compelling enough.
  15. What you need to do is install firefox, then install a plugin called Ad-Block Plus. I've had it set that way for over what feels like five years and I've NEVER seen these minute long commercials on youtube videos that some people keep talking about. Seriously you'll see an incredible difference if you've been seeing these shit advertisements on youtube videos.
  16. Youtube's strange in that I've noticed my channel's recieved quite a humble number of views despite the fact I'VE NEVER UPLOADED A VIDEO. I've favorited and saved the video you've made, maybe some more will look. Also try alerting THIS GUY as he's most likely the biggest fan of Castlevania I've ever seen; bigger than I am even.
  17. WHY YOU DO THIS!? YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO KEEP PLAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLE NOT ON A DUMMY UNLESS YOU'RE TRYING TO BE FANCY ABOUT A PARTICULAR COMBO AND TRYING TO SEE IF YOU CAN COMPLETE IT IF YOU MANAGE TO KEEP THE OPPONENT STILL FOR A SECOND FOR SET UP! Seriously just keep playing different players rather than the same ones that stomp all over you. Its not as if every single person has you figured out and will beat you all the time.
  18. Gonna check the video, congrats nonetheless! makes me wonder if / are gonna be attempted.
  19. Schwaltzvald


    After seeing some I definetly will get it once it's released here; Somewhat sadden the difficulty will be a bit lighter but hey at least it will be more accessible for other gamers.
  20. Parasite Eve is supposedly coming out the same time or "just" before The 3rd Birthday comes out for the PSP on March 29. At most you'll likely pay $7.99? I think that's the same price for Vagrant Story as well. So Europe got shafted again in regards to the gaming industry this time through hardware rather than software, what else is new? Not to downplay the situation but no point in moaning about it when there are other ways to get one.
  21. So aside for the exciting news of Xenogears coming back as a "PS1 Classic" there's finally , as well as being re-released on the PSN just before 3rd Birthday gets out.Parasite Eve - March 29th(?) Vagrant Story - March 1st
  22. It's observed as just playing THE GAME on a regularly consistent basis versus just playing once every two or three days. If you're playing just so you can say you've invested a lot of effort into it there's something wrong.
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