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  1. Undeterred by Sony's swift moves to ban jailbroken PS3s from its network, Destructoid reports that the latest update to the PS3 jailbreak not only lets you unban yourself, but also ban other users, should you be so evil; although they'd need access to that console's ID, which would have to be obtained from a refurb warehouse/secondhand seller or willingly given up by an idiot. Hmm...
  2. Oldies but goodies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om84Zc4-KcQ (a look at Beta(?) version of SCIV)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHywTNgWUy8 oh wow ahahahaha
  3. Tried it again place , still pretty remembered it
  4. It's not nearly as hard as implementing my Creature/Boss Creation plugin/mod idea and Notch has taken functionality away from certain parts of the game before, why would changing the beds for multi-player be any more difficult from cutting out the time skip effect? If anything, we would just have to wait for the hmod/bukkit(if only) to create such a plug-in.
  5. If I couldn't do stuff outside there's the inside I could do such as carving out particular cellars and mining. I'll say it again, Notch can just leave out the time-skip effect and keep the "new-spawn" marker via bed in regards to Survival Multi-Player; problem solved
  6. I've said it before, he could just take away the time-skip effect and simply apply the new spawn location effect. Plus I like the night when I'm able to observe outside from within my place.
  7. Now I want to see something like a monster creator plugin for alleged "adventure/dungeon mode"...
  8. Notch could just take away the time function and simply make it a designated spawning point for the user on SMP.
  9. I don't know, Best Buy's around my place don't even list it as a new release or recognize its existence. However Wal-mart supposedly has it. Edit: Holy shit as of this post edit, I see it as "Out Of Stock" on Walmart's pages Edit2: Seems even NIS America as of this post says its no longer available.
  10. I was initially worried that it had a fatal game killing issue, such as that locked door bug in Metroid: Other M and Twilight Princess with that cannon room, but then I find this guy beating the entire game. I no longer became worried. Reminded me of the issue where you could only fight so much in Persona 3 (FES in my case) where each team member would become exhausted, as well as yourself, if you kept fighting and fighting. If you get to where your too weak to go back to Tartarus you're essentially screwing yourself over in the long run. While this was less of a problem, for me at least, in Persona 4 I doubt that would kill HN for me that easily.
  11. wish you would do more than simply slap on obsidian on that spiral end but hey it's your spiral.
  12. That would be a 180MB map versus a... what 40 - 80MB map without the arm?
  13. Okay yeah that actually grated me somewhat, though I pretty much found myself ignoring that and simply enjoying the battles.
  14. Oh yeah Donuts tree house, he's donated it so to speak but I'm guessing since he's now settled in a new place he'd want the wood from the tree for his said new place.
  15. creepers for now had been nerfed, though I'd imagine eventually they'll revert back to their terrorizing explosions somedays. Also who the hell would bother to make or have a pool of lava above their wooden cabin of all places?
  16. I see the same stupidity every day around work and elsewhere so I'm not surprised by it. People can and do act like it, just depends on where you are and time. As for the convention well...
  17. I find that absolutely ridiculous, not about giving up a port, hell I already do that with a variety of "Books", but needing a dongle for copy protection in the first place. If I find the exact same program, working 100% without the silly dongle elsewhere. Well you know what will happen... Doesn't sound like a bad deal at all but the dongle, just silly, even if it's less of a hassle compared to some other copy protection methods.
  18. By the same token I was bored with Mass Effect, the hype it had as well as my personal experience with a borrowed copy of the game did not match at all. on the other hand, imo, was poorly hyped and advertised, technically is a JRPG, yet provided me so much more entertainment than anything ME or ME2 could ever show for.All the more reason I wait eagerly for to come out.
  19. Cmon everyone puts up Giygas any ways - You really should play this Proph as it's quite good.
  20. Interestingly enough there's a remake of it for the PSP, though only in Japanese for now. Maybe there will be an english release for it on the PSN for those that missed it when it came out on the PS2. CORRECTION: My mistake as I just looked at the product description and the pics included. It's named Devil Summoner but it looks to be a remake of Soul Hackers for the PSP in Japanese for now. Man I hope to see it translated here. Same name wtf
  21. Hey now I LOVE the SMT franchise; played DDSI & II, Nocturne and its spin offs P:Revelations/P3FES/P4. Want to go further, try playing
  22. Despite the somber themes there's . You can however go with the minimum but
  23. I'd say it's rather split for a lot of people. Also I'm sure you've seen posts on right..?
  24. If I didn't read up about it or see my emails I wouldn't have believed some one decided to create as well as publish something like it. Exclusive for the PS3 Hyperdimension Neptunia Basically the entire premise of the game is the following... My girl's hounding me to get it and I do see the novelty and charm but... Okay this part This is saying to me that I could just upload these images into my PS3 and use them..? I don't know what to think of it all
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