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  1. This song just randomly shuffled into my playlist and after hearing it for so long, I -must- chime into this thread and say, seriously Hudson, this is one of the most finest pieces of music ever and it's a shame you don't remix Xenogears anymore.
  2. Wow... such a sudden shock. Reuben's music ranks among the best on OC Remix for me, and it is extremely sad to see him pass away in such a fashion. Also, this piece of news hasn't made any sites such as Digg etc. should we post it, in order to spread his music to those who might not have listened to it? It would be an excellent gesture in my opinion.
  3. Wow... this certainly reaks of high quality, and I absolutely love it. However, to be honest, I think I enjoy the first version better, perhaps it's the fact that the melody is more distinguishable in the first one that it is in the second one. However, I must say Reuben, the piano rendition of MGS3's main theme at the start and at the end is absolutely fantastic, great job.
  4. Hoho, wow. I just have to congratulate everybody involved in this project, if this is a sign of the quality of what's to come in future projects, consider everyone here very lucky. Whilst all the tracks in the album are fantastic, "New mexican thunderbird", "R U Overdrive", and "Made in USA" definetly stand out in my opinion. Great work everyone. And I'll see what I can fire up for the boxart.
  5. ... Wow. How could I have missed this one? I think this remix is really beautiful, it's a fresh change from all the rock and techno on this site, and I love it. I hope you do more remixes with the beautiful acoustic guitar.
  6. Wow... this is one of my favourite remixes on here! I love 3:30 and onwards with the guitar, it's so relaxing. Great remix.
  7. Never really played Zelda, and never got into it's music, but this totally changes. One of the best remixes on OCRemix.com, seriously. Never would I have though the collaberation of two completely opposite genre of music mix so well.. and so cool. Excellent work.
  8. Yeah, serious man. You've got to show us some more of your work, but your website is down, and has been for sometime. It's pretty neat to know you're from Australia too, since I am too. XD
  9. This has slowly become onf of my favourite remixes on the site. It's very mellow and cool. 9/10 from me. PS: I too want an orchestrated version of Frog's Theme
  10. I've been listenign to this song for some time, and I must say, it's an awesome remix. Mixing the style of rock, with jazz, with a Final Fantasy, and actually making it sound good is definetly an impressive feat. I love the bit at 2:55, how the Prelude starts playing again alongside the guitars. It's an awesome, yet highly underated remix.
  11. This is indeed one of my favourite remixes here. Combining all the memories I had of the badass Zero int one awesome techno song (Would've been better as Rock I still say). But regardless, awesome song.
  12. That link doesn't work, and it's a shame because I want to hear more of your stuff, since you only have _1_ song on OCRemix, and that version 2 wasn't that great compared to number 1. As for the remix, woah. This is one catchy song. At first, I was like "...What the hell?" now I'm looping it like crazy. It's one catchy song, I'll tell you that! Excellent job!
  13. Heh, had doubts about this when I downloaded this. French Rapping? Terra's theme? Puh-wease. But then I actually downloaded it, and was blown away. This is a very unique and catchy remix.
  14. I'm more of a fan of the slower remixes of Terra's theme. This, and Tina don't fall both have fast tunes. It's an okay remix though.
  15. Wow, this is a really great remix. The lovely tune of Terra kicks in at 1:23, and it's just awesome. But is it better than Ailsean's "Terra in Black"? In my opinion, not quite, but very close.
  16. Wow, just wow. The parts that I enjoyed the most was around the 4 minute mark, where the remix sounds a bit more like the original and faster. I am not criticizing the slow part, but I just think this type of song is meant to be fast, and it shows at around the 4 minute mark how good this song can sound when it is fast. Good job.
  17. The perfect definition of this song. Reminds me of old Megaman/X songs.
  18. This is an excellent remix. It heavily reminds me of that classical song; something to do with faeries.
  19. I just downloaded this song after reading all the reviews, thinking it can't be as good as some of the Final Fantasy Remixes, and on top of that, I'm not a fan of rock. But after hearing the song, I think my views on rock have changed drastically. This song is a perfect remix. Excellent singing and lyrics, even though, I do despise lyrics in music. Wow, I'm loving this. Easily in my top 5 OC Remix list. PS: Love the guitar solo @ 2'05".
  20. Strangely enough, me too. I wonder what triggers the body to shiver when listening to good music... Excellent Remix. Very eastern any symbolizes Red XIII and his offsprings very well.
  21. This song is eh. I do enjoy it's quite ambient, but the whole song is quite dull and boring. I know it's meant to be a kind of sad song, but still. It's alot like the original. I like Terra in Black better.
  22. Honestly, this is one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard, even surpassing the original Terra's theme. Someone should go the the soon to be held, LA D Concert, go up to Nobuo and let him listen to this shit, and see how he reacts The music creates such an atmosphere, like some people said, telling a story. Right from the start, I'm getting the impression of a Princess in a dark tower, trying to get out. Beautiful.
  23. Hello, I'm a first time poster, long time visiter. Looking at the previous posts and the main page of this Remix, I was thinking it would be exceptionally good. Reading that Mr. Soule honored Nobuo, I was estatic. However, I was a little disappointed. The actual song was orchestrated excellentaly. Sounding so real, epic and dramatic. But as a personal liking, It's not really one of my favourites. I enjoy the tunes like Terra in Black and Ascencion into Cosmo Canyon and the like. Still, excellent work John Soule.
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