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    Pumped as Hell

    I tried the page in Firefox and it dosesn't seem to work, but it works fine in IE7. I also found the midi in page source but I don't know how to actually download it.
  2. For the Wii, you just go into system settings, then select the tv resolution option, and choose 480p. It's pretty straight forward.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just got a Wii, and my console code is: 3663 5184 3269 3917
  4. Here you go! If I remember correctly, there is also a modified version for GIMP called GIMPshop, that is supposed to look like photoshop somewhere one the net too.
  5. This is pretty cool! I haven't played the original in years but this is awesome!
  6. Groove? I thought it was House? Anyhow this is a GREAT remix! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
  7. Este es muy excelente!(I think I spelled that right? )
  8. Thank You! I was trying to put a get firefox button in my sig but OCR kept say my sig was to long. So I just copied the button and attached a link to it.
  9. How do you put a link in a sig or website?
  10. Could someone make me a Katamari Damacy Sig, Please?! I'll give you a cookie!
  11. This is pretty simple, but I think it works. I just woke up about an hour ago, so forgive me. Changes or anything? PERFECT!
  12. If someone could make me a sig that has like an explosion or something just funny and odd that would be great!
  13. Hello! I've been coming to OCR for about a year now but I have never felt like registering until today!
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