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  1. I have sent a cupcake inside of a manilla envelope to your residence.
  2. Sandvich nooooooo! Looks like I might finally switch to shotty. I wonder though, does it still heal other people?
  3. spoiler in link Does that seem dire to you?
  4. Oh man with this program I could make millions with pop songs. I'm definitely getting it.
  5. Don't think they aren't giving out coupons anymore. Got a bit.trip.runner 50% off yesterday for doing the L4D2 achieve.
  6. Well finally got my gifts to show up. They just suddenly popped up after a game of L4D2. 3 coal and 2 coupons. Anyone looking for 50% off a valve published game or 50% off spacechem?
  7. Yeah. I have the Payday one for today's challenge, and that hasn't shown up either. I've always had weird issues with Valve's item server though.
  8. I've completed the L4D2, TF2, and CS:S gift grabs. Still haven't gotten anything. At least I can actually see my inventory now, but yeah tried opening the TF2 inventory in game, and then opening my inventory. Still nothing.
  9. I don't even get errors. I go to my inventory and find a black screen that never loads.
  10. So the new spy knife is a silent killer, extinguishes and makes you immune to flames for 2 seconds after you get hit, at the cost of being unable to stab for 15 seconds after being flamed.
  11. This thing is probably going to be annoying to aim with. Heavy risk...but the priiiize. The courtyard of 2fort is going to become so much more annoying with a good engie. That wrench seems pretty nice for turtlers. I'm more of a gunslinger man myself save for a few maps.
  12. Man, I guess Link's Awakening was a failure too then.
  13. The cap is 85% for general magic resistance, but elemental resistance still applies after the magic resistance. I forget what the elemental resistance cap is, I'd guess around the same value. .85 off of .15 is about .02 of the damage left. So 98% magic resistance is possible.
  14. When you can effectively set magic resistance to 95%, your armor rating to the cap, and your attack power in the thousands, combat ability starts to not matter as much. Still the ability to become a godlike being is something that's been in most TES games.(Alchemy/enchanting in Morrowind, chameleon/spellcrafting in Oblivion)
  15. I'm not sure being terrified to tears is what he's looking for. As for my contributions Iji - (PC freeware) World invaded by aliens, nearly everyone is dead. Your only hope is to somehow barter peace with the invaders, or find a way to get rid of all of them. Your character's attitude changes based on how you play. Terranigma - (SNES) You live in the underworld, in a village called crysta. The surface was long ago devastated and no life remains. After opening Pandora's box, you're tasked with reviving life on the surface. The ending still gets me to this day. The goat scene is rather disturbing too. FFIV,VI,VII,IX are emotionally powerful without getting too...overblown or cheesy(I'm looking at you 8 and 10) Lufia 2's was good. Should give it a check As mentioned, Mother is a great series to check.
  16. Check the advanced settings, don't just hit ultra. Ultra doesn't actually turn some stuff on.
  17. Well that was quite the dragon kill
  18. I like this reserve shooter change. I may switch back from my flaregun.
  19. They're fun action games, but lack substance.
  20. Of modern WRPGs. FO:NV is the only recent one I can remember that I liked. Speech/Barter are actually important. Certain abilities would allow you different ways around a problem. You can go through the entire game without killing anyone(Though that in itself is fairly difficult) Wipe out a faction, help them, antagonize them, ignore them. Each of these had repercussions. FO3 I didn't really feel the need to replay after I beat it. Just about everything you do leads up to the same choice. Do I want to be evil or good?(I hated karma by the way. Never tell the player he's evil/good, let them make up their own reasons for what they're doing. Disliked it in NV too, though the rep system was a much better focus) Thing is, when you aren't allowed to make much of a difference, the game turns into an action game instead of RPG. If I wanted to play an action game, I'd play an action game. Lets compare Obliv and MW too. In Morrowind, you had to deal with corruption in the fighters guild. Either side with the Tong or work to root it out.(Your choices could also affect thieves guild eligibility) Great Houses would lock you out of others, and give you a nice disposition hit to the rival houses. Later on, in the main quest, you need to be declared hortator of all great houses. The game accounts for you being the head of a great house(If you made it that far), and as such can declare yourself hortator. If you take a long time on this section, the quest giver gets worried and tells you to ignore it if it's too dangerous. Or maybe you decided you had enough of Vivec's BS and killed him to take wraithguard for yourself, got it reactivated, and killed Ur without any of their meddling. Heck you could fully break the main quest if you so desired.(And it'd let you know) Oblivion didn't let you decide. You're a token . You could join the "lol im evil" club but it made no real lasting impact. The thieves guild will have you steal from yourself if you happen to be the archmage. Seriously, you'd think they'd have better informants, they don't remark about it at all. You're forced to protect the "savior of the world". He dies and you're forced to reload. No playing in the doomed world you have created.I saw two action games there, and two RPGs.
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