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  1. The biggest issue I have is her credibility. I mean she is literally flat out wrong on some of the things she claims(saying Zelda never fights ganon for example). It's shown that she simply copies footage from someone, it calls into question if she's played the game and knows what she's talking about. Even if she hadn't played the game it'd still be fine if she would simply fact check, or show some semblance that she actually either sat through the LP, played the game herself or even just read the plotline somehow.
  2. Lack of creative writers. Producers that want a safe bet. And children who want that safe bet. So the same problem as the movie industry really.
  3. Roy and Marth were pretty recognizable weren't they? So was Lucas. A few seriously popular characters here in america.
  4. Now to await the news everyone's been waiting for. Did they finally remove tripping?
  5. So not sure if any of you have heard of it before. This is the third year(AFAIK) of the charity drive Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. Anyone is welcome to participate, pledge to the charity drive, or simply observe. All proceeds go towards Childs Play. Participants will receive job assignments from a twitter bot, and only be allowed to use those jobs for the entirety of the run.(They must also have one of each of the assigned jobs at a time. So while you may be allowed to use 4 knights if you get that as your wind job, once you get your water job, you'll have to have at least one of it too, like 3 knights and a berserker or whichever you get there) Participants are also given the option of adding extra challenge to their run. Random will assign a job from any of the available crystals not just the current one you picked up(No duplicates though) Team 750 will only give you jobs that you can break rods with(Mainly mages) Team no 750 will only give you jobs that you can't break rods with. Natural will force each character to use the job associated with their crystal. So Bartz would only be able to use Black Mage if thats what you get assigned for wind. No one else can, nor can bartz ever switch from black mage. And the ever favorite BERSERKERRISK mode. People with berserker risk on have increased chance to get one of their jobs overriden by the berserker class.(Maximum of 3 since they are unavailable until you get water) Every $10 donated to the charity adds another berserker to the pool. It doesn't start for another 16 days, but I'm posting bout it now cause if you want to take part in berserker risk, you have to register now. It can't be after the event has started. The participant will also get a special badge by their entry if they manage to show proof of an omega or shinryu victory. Last year I did a random run and ended up with a Black Mage, Red Mage, Geomancer, and Ranger, and managed to beat Exdeath.(But couldn't find a good way to tackle Shinryu or Omega) Doing random + BERSERKER this year. Contemplated naturalist, but berserker risk is painful enough even when you're able to switch jobs around.
  6. Ecco the Dolphin - Heart of Darkness had some pretty brutal too(Cliff worms, flying shadows, and the shadow captain come to mind)
  7. Fall-From-Grace and Annah (Planescape: Torment) Iji (Iji) Sheena and Raine (Tales Of Symphonia) Jade (Beyond Good and Evil) Faith (Mirror's Edge) Kreia, Mira ( Knights of the Old Republic II) Recette (Recettear) Lucca (Chrono Trigger) Rydia and Porom (Final Fantasy IV) Celes and Terra (Final Fantasy VI) Freya (Final Fantasy IX)
  8. I think he's referring to bowser's motivation for capturing peach is because he wants to rule the mushroom kingdom.
  9. Errr.... Everyone has their mouth, eyes and nose on their chin with a mustache sitting on their forhead with sunglasses on it?
  10. I haven't been noticing any more. If other people have Wii U's, I haven't seen them post their NinID.
  11. This updated music on the site right before time's end is pretty awesome. Eagerly anticipating this release.
  12. Got the wii u this weekend. NintendoLand is pretty fun. Really should have online multiplayer options though. The plaza thing is kinda neat, and some of those people are really good at drawing fan-art. And some of them draw poop. NinID: Cecilff2
  13. I'll update the original post.
  14. Ah blast, don't know how I missed this one. I would enter but holy late deadlines batman. I'll probably do it anyways and self congratulate/self ridicule when the answers come up.
  15. Just a heads up, it does damage, but it takes twice as long to destroy the building. Before the nerf from 1.6 seconds to 3.0 seconds, it was ridiculously overpowered though. It was extremely likely that even if you were vigilant, your building would have already leveled down by the time you got the sapper off.
  16. That just means it needs more remixes.
  17. Just lump in the throat is all I ever get, but these ones managed it. Lufia 2 ending Terranigma ending (Turns out your character was created as the puppet of dark gaia. Light gaia subverts this and turns you into its puppet instead. After both sides finish using you they toss you away. Light gaia has a bit of decency to give you one last day to live with the rest of the puppets of your village. The light version gets to return to the surface and live out life up there, but you as the dark version remain in the underworld as it fades away and you and everyone else down there disappear.) Link's Awakening ending Chrono Cross ending(Most of chrono cross actually)
  18. I immediately thought of Tuatara Swamp Jam. It's not very mechanical, but the other two criteria fit well.
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