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    Play Styles!

    Rambo FPSer here. I'll rush you and I'm fairly accurate with my fire. Only problem is if the other person is just as accurate they'll probably have a slight advantage there. I tend to go into firefights knowing I'll get hurt, and after everyone is dead, I make my way to the health/armor pickups. This has worked very well for me in Timesplitters and Quake. I've changed that somewhat in Halo(The tactic doesn't work so well when you're practically forced to walk slowly everywhere and your enemies can heal themselves at leisure) Oh if I know the other person has some super weapon(Rocket launchers, BFG, etc) and knows how to use it, I'll tend to approach more cautiously, though my tactic still tends to be get in close quickly and hit hard and accurate.
  2. I couldn't find a good pic of Zidane grinning so I posted this creepy fanart of Quina instead Do a good job or Quina will cook your soul. Good luck guys!
  3. As others have mentioned, why no Thardus Battle? (Or about half of the other bosses) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTdvfH3PA34
  4. Definitely Lufia 2. With everyone acting like the two are coming back. Then their spirits stop by to visit their kid before they leave the planet and the kid is being reassured that his parents are still alive. Terranigma Ending again. Seriously, you go around and recreate the world, find out that Dark Gaia created you and everyone you knew(And then turns them all against you when you return) to fulfill his plans on the overworld, you watch your girlfriend try to kill you and then subsequently kill herself to save you. And after all that when you defeat Dark Gaia, all Light Gaia can do for you is tell you that you will soon die too(After all you were Dark Gaia's creation) and you get one last day in Crysta before everything is gone. Your last dream is of the world you helped create growing on without you. I didn't really care too much for Aeris when she died, so that didn't have as much of an impact. I was surprised though, and a bit annoyed that I lost my healer. Recent one was Chrono Cross The Time Crash and the fight with Miguel(How the hell does a fisherman get so insanely strong?) This is associated heavily with the music that plays during the dialogue and the fight sequence against him. But seeing the characters from CT dead, and the kingdom of Guardia completely destroyed is pretty moving. But another big part is the very last fight against Time Devourer, when you free Schala. One of the best sequences I have ever seen in a VG. (Though that dialogue afterwards was really messed up. Fricken sperm attacking our planet)
  5. It'll be worth it if this becomes voice acted. But yeah this is awesome. I don't care which they do first, as long as we get both.
  6. General Chaos was pretty fun with 2 players either co-op or competitive.(And I'm surprised its not on your list, Coop)
  7. Also, doesn't Gilgamesh die in FFV against necrowhatever?
  8. That was the first thing I did in an actual challenge. The starite poofs if you touch it.
  9. Zidane's one of the better FF protags Square's come up with.
  10. I can barely remember anything from this game. Which must mean I didn't find it terrible or good. Wait, no, I remember that horrible laughing scene now. I'm not going to rate it though unless I play it again some time. I guess I should replay VIII at some point to figure out why I didn't like it at all. I'm guessing it was due to the characters though.
  11. Cecilff2

    Sony PS3

    I was considering buying the PS3 once its price dropped since I have an older PS2 that gets the "Disc Read Error" after a couple of plays. Since fixing that involves opening the PS2 up and tinkering with it every time, I was hoping to not having to do that anymore. I was looking forward to the slim since there were rumors of BC with it. I suppose I'll eventually eBay one of the BC consoles some time eventually.
  12. I think I've spotted the most desperate one that's unwilling to pay anything. I think you should hold on to this actually, Mr Azar, and give it to whoever starts and finishes an OCR FFIX project. Because it seriously needs more loving.
  13. I'll take the case!(And the music!) I've played FF1-10. As a couple others have said, I'd place FFIX in at least 1st or 2nd place in the FF series. It actually had a good fleshing out of all the characters(Best I've seen in the series). I love 4 to death but recently did a completion run of IX and remembered all the awesome music in it. In fact music-wise I'd say this one gets first place.(How can you beat Kuja's apocalyptic "We Will Rock You" boss theme?) Qu's Marsh(and the frog catching), Hunter Chance, The battle and boss theme, Loss of Me(Beatrix's theme), the Iifa tree(I had fogotten how awesome this one was too), You're Not Alone, I can't even think of a song that was even close to mediocre.
  14. I'd add Tales of Vesperia to that list too, but it looks like that one will be coming to the PS3 eventually.
  15. I get this with Dungeon Keeper I and II sometimes. Simcopter too. I think it's just because they're awesome games.
  16. Baba O'Riley is pretty bad though. Got nothing on Eminence Front.
  17. This whole story reminds me of an . Toonami and Cartoon Network. They did everything together, but one day, Cartoon Network started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Toonami would ask Cartoon Network, "Hey wanna watch some anime, or just be generally awesome?" but Cartoon Network would say "Nuh uh, I'm in with the wrong crowd."
  18. http://kotaku.com/5302060/id-software-bought-by-bethesda-parent-company-zenimax?skyline=true&s=x That could be very interesting if Bethesda and ID ever decide to co-develop something.
  19. Excellent, now if only there was a proper connection in this area so I could download it to my Wii.
  20. Cecilff2

    Star Trek

    How does that take anything away from the fact that it was an emotional outburst? They still attempt to control it(albeit unsuccesfully) with logic. Also, I take it he didn't show emotion at 2:45-2:50? After the Pon Farr was over.
  21. Cecilff2

    Star Trek

    It's not like Spock's been emotionally compromised before and tried to kill Kirk in front of a bunch of people or showed any emotion at all Oh wait...
  22. Cecilff2

    Nintendo Wii

    Bethesda releasing a Wii game. E3 announcement perhaps? http://kotaku.com/5258959/bethesda-announcing-wii-game-this-year
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