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  1. ShowFPS does that for me. I think if it's a water block that is two tiles deep. it'll also be a source. I don't remember fully though. Just teleporting back to spawn and having to find your way back again.
  2. Final Fantasy IX - Dark Messenger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmYSy9U78Sc Like some sort of apocalyptic "We Will Rock You", this one starts off foreboding and then the drums build up leading into a nice growling guitar/organ mix. Once it gets going it really emphasizes just how dangerous the guy you're fighting is. Final Fantasy V - Clash on the Big Bridge So you get about halfway through the game, when suddenly another seemingly major villain pops up. Then this tune starts playing and thats it with the expository banter! It's time to fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! Fast-paced, well constructed, and catchy as hell.
  3. I think there's a mod for it. MCAdmin is able to do that sort of thing I think. Speaking of mods. Two I found entertaining. Skylands - replaces the map with floating islands/dungeons/hidden treasure, and turns it into more of an adventure mode. Runecraft - Lets you use magic by creating runes on the ground by arranging your materials in certain patterns. Teleport is quite handy.
  4. Yeah it doesn't save with the exe extension for some reason. Just rename it Minecraft.exe and it'll work.
  5. I tried MP as germans right away with one other person as Egypt. Me and him were on the same team. First thing he does is trespass on every single city state he comes across until they all get so pissed that each city state declares permanent war on our team. This of course gets the other actual civs to declare war on us too because they all give the destroy Egypt quest. He starts laughing and comments on how if this was Civ IV I'd have a deathstack of units heading for my city right now. He's sitting on a defensible peninsula, and I'm pretty much in the middle of the continent. The AI focuses on him though, and I muster up a couple units and attack England. Unfortunately I start running really low on money.(Not used to the economy yet) I propose a trade with Egypt and he gives me a city instead saying better to have a gold mine than gold...and my debt gets worse and I lose a unit to debt. He starts laughing again, and I go to diplomacy, make peace with one of the teams, and trade the city to Japan for money...who promptly razes the city much to his dismay. Before I could continue attacking England though, the game stuck at waiting for other players.(And neither of us had a turn) Was a hilarious first game. Though pretty confusing at first. I have a single core 2.4 GHz processor and 2.5 GB of RAM and it's not bad. Turns take a bit long sometimes(About 20 seconds at most)
  6. Could I get an invite? Was playing with you guys last night, mainly medic following phill and atmuh around. Profile here
  7. Do the moon landing next! Or chemtrails. I always love a good chemtrail

  8. That game is awesome, played it way more than Hang On! and I still play it now and then. I think the first one I played was Scorched Earth or Duke Nukem 1. Either that or Munchman for TI-99/4a. I can't really remember.
  9. Cecilff2


    I'm on there as Cecilfftwo. Typically on EN2.
  10. So long as you skip the first episode, Gungrave is pretty good in that regard.
  11. Joe and Teioh will of course be making their appearance every other race just to screw with you.
  12. Cecilff2

    E3 2010

    Instead they've chosen to continue Barney Calhoun and Adrian Shephard's stories in the upcoming Blue Shift 2 and Opposing Forces 2, respectively.
  13. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=29387
  14. That doesn't make sense. The original user isn't using it anymore. Selling a used game does not mean there are now 2 users instead of 1(if it was, then that WOULD be piracy).
  15. Haha I felt the same way. It took three tries for me to do it without killing it. There's another capture mission afterwards that I've been ignoring. Tried fighting a Barroth last night(unsuccesfully). Pretty much any sharpness other than green bounces off of him. I'll probably have to switch to lance or something...
  16. Pretty awesome. Definitely give it a try if you haven't.
  17. I tried uploading one of my new remixinator mixes to youtube, but with this new textp definition I'm only getting a black screen with text that alternates between the words boom and tiss over and over and I can't hear the mix. Is this a problem I need to bring up with you guys or is this something youtube needs to fix?
  18. Everyone on Youtube is going to think I am the best remixer EVER. Thank you OCR for allowing me to feed my ego! This is the best thing to ever happen to this site.
  19. 2 solid hours of "BARE KNUCKLE! BARE KNUCKLE! BARE KNUCKLE! BARE KNUCKLE!" I'm down with it.
  20. I'm playing through on bitter. Boy was he ever. The only one to kill me so far on this playthrough.(Alice came close too, though) I'm not looking forward to Batt. I've died more at Ryuji's bike battle than all other parts of the game combined.
  21. Beat him my first try. The second form didn't give me too much trouble. The teleportation is a pain, though. The worst part was figuring out how to defeat the first form.(I was trying to knock it out of the window each time when it was stunned and happened to get the blade clash by accidentally moving my remote fast enough for a slash). After watching a recorded video of him using the crappy teleport moves constantly though, I'd say I was probably lucky. When it comes to final battles, Jeane and Henry blow this guy out of the water.
  22. Cecilff2

    Nintendo Wii

    Not sure if its the best way, but he doesn't seem to have any glaring weakness besides swinging a slow and unwieldy axe. Clear the room of furniture though so you can dodge his flame attacks, and just let him use that axe and counter each time(Don't continue it too long or he'll start up another swing before you can dodge it). Careful with the blade clashes too, as I have no idea how it determines who wins that type. Normal ones I pretty much always win, but I have no idea what it was asking for in that one(I just kinda swung the remote around like a lasso, which sometimes worked)
  23. TI-99/4a Tunnels of Doom - An RPG that played off of Audio Tapes. Thats right. Find the Rainbow Orb and save the King before the monsters of the tunnels kill them, then escape. Super Demon Attack! - A shmup that takes place on the moon and you shoot at THE DEMONS. Munchman(Alright, yes it is a shameless clone of Pacman, but I liked it better.) Parsec - Sidescrolling Shmup Burger Time - Action. This was also in arcades a long time back but it's still pretty good.
  24. Ever heard of the anime? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP5TzOahu2I If you do check it out, I recommend you start with episode 2. 1 kind of starts things off on the wrong foot and is pretty much repeated as a later episode when it makes more sense to have it. The series is mainly a big back story of the games(From before he becomes Grave, though it ends differently). Same guy that did Trigun too. But since this is hidden game gems and not hidden anime gems, The Lone Ranger for the NES was surprisingly good for being a series adaptation.
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