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  1. hey jill your rally starting to get popular off the site a local radio station played one of your songs.

  2. here is some of my work i've done. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8797668@N08/
  3. i know what you mean i'm also 21. i was a guest at my mom's work one day. she works with kids. and they didn't even know what a SNES is.
  4. well that fricken sucks. i dictate one of my fave songs to you mr. kee. and thanks for all my fave remixes. the song.
  5. while listening to this. i pictured me fighting in a wintery forest. anyways this is a great song.
  6. what helps me when i'm losing my voice. i try to stretch my throught. and massaging it. that should help a little.
  7. i think that's kinda neat, and charlie brown sorta looks like a monk.
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