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  1. hey jill your rally starting to get popular off the site a local radio station played one of your songs.

  2. here is some of my work i've done. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8797668@N08/
  3. i know what you mean i'm also 21. i was a guest at my mom's work one day. she works with kids. and they didn't even know what a SNES is.
  4. well that fricken sucks. i dictate one of my fave songs to you mr. kee. and thanks for all my fave remixes. the song.
  5. while listening to this. i pictured me fighting in a wintery forest. anyways this is a great song.
  6. what helps me when i'm losing my voice. i try to stretch my throught. and massaging it. that should help a little.
  7. i think that's kinda neat, and charlie brown sorta looks like a monk.
  8. happy birthday you olde man you.
  9. happy birthday you silly drunken irish man.
  10. this actually sounds more like magus's theme from chrono trigger. but oh well it's still good.
  11. Jack Thompson is such an attention whore. He should just die now.
  12. sorry but i can't go this time. something personal came up on the 5th.
  13. Is the yorkdale mall in toronto? If it is we can meet up there.
  14. uh, I am not going to be touching anyone. If I ever see this nikki I'll tell her.
  15. I live near the mapleview mall, and I do feel comfortable with a stranger.
  16. one of the only reasons i come back here is. because i love to hear that angelic voice. that comes out of pixie. keep up the good work sweetie. and good luck with your life.
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