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  1. I lent a copy of Chrono Cross to a friend. Original release- not greatest hits, mind you... Please tell me if you find it. FML Edit: My all-time favorite game. liek EVAR
  2. I wanted it to be good. I really really did. But it's not. I'm gonna go play through the original and sequel now.
  3. Hell yeah! Fantastic news. I can playz moar viddygames?
  4. I recently started up Condemned 2: Bloodshot for round 2 and thought I'd check out his review for it. Honestly, he couldn't have been more spot-on. The start of the game is freakin outstanding until about halfway through, when everything starts getting pretty damn weaksauce. Condemned 2: Bloodshot Also... awaiting his review of SH: Shattered Memories.
  5. I Dream of Zeal. Thanks, bLiNd
  6. Great review. Whoever says he's losing his edge can eat a banana-shaped turd.
  7. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=63328 Epic trilogy? Yowza
  8. Reviews haven't been too stellar... picking it up tomorrow. More to follow
  9. Yikes... I think I'll hold off on the demo. I already pre-ordered it a while back in the hope that it would be at least half as fun as the first two. Playing as the marine in the original was pure dread and panic. The whole atmosphere of it would creep me the fuck out- the lack of light, xenos scurrying all around you, and the sound of the motion tracker. Hard to believe that was over a decade ago.
  10. As usual, I'm ridiculously confused and intrigued. The next episode can never come soon enough.
  11. Petara


    So, basically, Sega kind of shit on the PS3 version, eh? That's weak. If they did the same to AvP I'm gonna be pissed off. Really really pissed off. Still buying it though.
  12. Petara

    Games for 2010

    As far as upcoming games, AvP and FFXIII are a must. I'm actually really really really looking forward to AvP- campaign and especially online play. From the previous year, I'm gonna have to save up for Demons Souls and Fallout 3: GotY Edition Edit: Almost forgot about SH: Shattered Memories PS2 style.
  13. Petara


    Effects of that magnitude taken to the next level in gaming *ESPECIALLY* for Elder Scrolls V would be outstanding. And ya know, maybe bettering the whole dialogue headlock/creepy eye thing Yahtzee always brings up in his reviews... Either way, imo, Cameron has set a new standard in that respect.
  14. Petara


    I found myself having to push those glasses back up my nose more often than I would have liked. Either I have a goody shaped nose or it's the fact that I hate wearing glasses. Whatever. Going to see it again tonight.
  15. Petara


    FUCKING OUTSTANDING Mr. Cameron has come through again. The rather generic storyline worked perfectly... I mean, shit, you're having a visual orgasm for 2.5 hrs. Pile as much confusion and irony that Memento had and someone is bound to have an aneurysm. Will go again.
  16. It's those instances when I wish I had a blunt object at my side. just walk away, Pete... just walk away.....
  17. Goody! Most of the reviews say as much. Hopefully it can get rid of some of the bitter taste that Homecoming left. Not to say it was terrible- just not up to par. Given the fact that I don't have a Wii, I'll just have to wait for the PS2 release next month.
  18. Happy freakin' anniversary! This site will always have a place in my heart (and a secure spot in my favorites bar.) --and 10 new remixes??? Shit yeah! I would have a nostalgicasm if bLiNd had one of em, as DreamofZeal was the first ReMix that ever graced my ears.
  19. Agreed. Sounds a bit deeper to me. Yahtzee puberty?
  20. I need them all! The battle music against Scarlet was one that really stuck with me.
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