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  1. I think the problem is not that the melody itself is not varied enough from the original, it's that the instrumentation of the melody is so similar. The intro is relatively unique, but then once it gets to the melody it sounds like a midi redux with a new drum beat. The semi-industrial/elctronic sound in the intro is nice, but it doesn't follow into the melody, which leaves the main portion of the song sounding a bit generic.
  2. This is yet another excellently executed mix of the zeal theme, but I feel like all the zeal remixes are starting to sound like the exact same thing but with a slightly different string instrument used for the lead melody. Hopefully the next Zeal remix takes a completely different aproach from what we've heard so far. I think it would be possible to retain the "etheriality" of the song without resorting to the same "smooth jazz" style that 8/10 zeal mixes use. Someone please surprise us next time.
  3. This peice deserves notice as I think it's the only true, complete orchestral Castlevania remix on Overclocked so far. All the other orchestral CV remixes so far have had to rely on elements from other styles to seal the deal and make it listenable. While a good blend of styles is always nice, the orchestral Castlevania mix is a vastly untapped well. Ephemeral Evergreen is the first mix to make a commitment to orchestral instead of just dabbling in it. It's also the only Castlevania 3 mix. What's up with that? While I don't really need to hear another remix of Begining (with a remix of it in every new CV game and top notch rock remixes on the Minibosses and Dracula Battle albums) there were many good songs in CV3 (Clockwork comes to mind) that deserve coverage and haven't been overdone. As for the length issue, I don't really mind, it would have become repetative otherwise, but doing a medley of mutliple good CV songs would help next time.
  4. As a blend of electronic and orchestral styles, I don't think it works as well as mp's Midnight Slayer or Digimatic's Simon's Town, but it's quite good in it's own right. It seems to have a stronger orchestral feel than other Castlevania mixes, and the style really makes it sound fresh compaired to, say, Chikusho Sound Team's version of the song.
  5. I love the classical intro, it really brings out the medeival, vampiric feel of the castlevania series out. Then, when it blows out into techno synths, you'd think it would be quit offensive in contrast to the classical stuff, but somehow it works. It gives it a sort of full, echoing, airy quality that's harder to get with classical instruments. Then, the classical stuff comes back in before the techno stuff gets too diluted and boring. Unique in that it's more classical than orchestral, and that it mixes 2 opposite genres together successfully (classical and techno) without feeling too much like a compromise. It's a nice fresh take on the song that's enjoyable even though the Minibosses allready did it.
  6. I don't really recognize the original tune (but then I never played very much CV2, hated that "wander around the towns aimlessly" 8bit RPG format) but this mix rocks anyway. The mood has a lot of range, going from solemn to desperate with the guitars, then the hauntin organs, then the agressive rage of the distorted electric guitars, and back again. Unique, interesting, and rockin.
  7. Awesome, a rock/metal castlevania mix that's not vampire killer or bloody tears. It's a great mix, very solid, and it covers fresh material. I like how straightforward it is. Just guitar and drums, no flimsy synths, no techno/electronica stuff mixed in, not even any unwelcomed variations on the original tune, just a straight conversion from crappy GBA synths to rockin guitars. I wish there were more of these around.
  8. As much as I tire of the over-mixed Vampire Killer theme, this is a damn good remix. Good blend of that sort of late 90's darkwave sound (as seen in the song Clubbed to Death from the Matrix) and classic orchestral. The unique mood of this peice really makes it stand about all the other Vampire Killer remixes. I love rock/metal remixes as much as the next guy, but the Dracula Battle albums and the Minibosses got that covered, and they're tough to top. Therefore, if you're going to do a remix of one of the Castlevania hit songs like Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, etc. you gotta have a unique take on it, you can't just do another metal mix. That's why I think this particular remix is great, it stands out.
  9. The begining is great. If I were to judge it just based on the acoustic guitar and some of the early organ stuff I would give it a 9/10. When the organ first comes in, it seems to have a little trouble blending with (and not drowning out) the guitar, but it still makes a good addition to the arrangement as the acoustic guitar would have become repetative if used by itself for the whole 3 minutes. The off-key-ness of the organ after 1:38 really drags it down though, and it needs and ending. It sounds like when djpretzel was downloading it the download got cut off toward the end and he forgot to go back to it. Because of the sour ending by the time its over you almost don't remember what it was that made it so great. Fix the organ and give it a proper ending (hopefully doing one final run of the guitar by itself in the process) and I would rate it truly excellent.
  10. This is really frustrating... CV4 has some of the best music in the series (some argue the best) and yet there only 3 remixes for it on OCR... 1 of which is good...this one...but of all the songs it could be it's from one which has apeared in every game in the series since Castlevania one. So while djpretzel decided to tag it a SCV4 mix, it could easily be CV1, 2, 3, Dracula X, XX, or SOTN. Anyway, despite djpretzel's disclaimer this mix actually is pretty good. A couple of those grinding sounds here and there are slightly anoying, but overally it's very catchy and has jazzy feel to it that gives it a sort of unique pizzaz. Great job, just I was expecting an actual Super Castlevania 4 remix. If he has so little faith in this one, I'm eager to hear pretzel's next Castlevania mix, the one he puts "more than 2 hours of effort into".
  11. This 4 minute mix contains about 45 seconds of tunage from the original song (divided into two 22 second segments and dispersed widely and thinly through the length of the remix). The rest is just techno/trance that has nothing to do with the original. It's really more of a Castlevania remix of Mcvaffe's techno/trance song than a techno/trance remix of Konami's Castlevania song. I don't think the McVaffe's beat can really stand alone as it's own song either though. The drums in the intro are kinda nice, as are the background "melodies" accompanying the techno beat through the majority of the mix, but they don't really seem substandtial enough by themselves to make the mix solely. If you're a hardcore trance fan I suppose the beat and other background stuff is enough to satisfy, but it's not enough for my personal tastes. It is fairly listenable and might make good filler on your Castlevania remix cd in between songs, but IMO, nothing more.
  12. I agree, we need more FF5 mixes up here. This one is nice, but I feel it needs a little more punch. The drums and flute are nice, but perhaps some better guitars, and maybe some stronger drums here and there would spice it up a bit.
  13. Excellent. Beautifull. Before I downloaded this mix I was really opposed to hearing anymore remixes of the Chrono Trigger main theme. I love it, but there had allready been so many remixes of it done, I didn't think any new remixes of it, no matter how good, could really do enough new with the exhausted scource material to warrant yet another mix of the same song. Well, this song sure proved me wrong. This song proves, no matter how many different remixes of the same song you allready have, if someone makes another really good one, it will still be a worth the download. By the way, it's nice to see Disco Dan departing from his style a bit, and covering non-megaman stuff. I'm eager to hear more.
  14. I'm not really into COTMM's other stuff, but this thing is excellent. While on one hand it's a great remix of the song musically, it also works excellently as a ambient just sound effects. It doesn't just tell you the emotion of the scene, but give you a vivid picture and feeling of what is physically going on as well. Also, while it's very creative and interpretive, it also works just as well at staying true to the original and just enhancing it.
  15. I'm not really into this one. All it really seems to be is a slightly distorted rythm backing a medley of weakly synthed melodies. The only spot where the distortion is really that impressive is at about 3:12. Other than that it's not very gripping. I liked COTMM's Ruined World a lot, it was very moody, rich, and textural. I can also atleast see the enjoyment in his Magus remixes which are very dark and distorted, and have a lot of beat. But this, I don't really feel anything from it, much like Vampire Killer Deadcorpse, it doesn't sound so much like a long, dark, crazy exercise in distortion as much as just a over-long track of weak, GM-ish synth that drags on.
  16. I think it needs louder drums, especially given the scource material. Once the guitar kicks in you can't even hear them, and the drums were very prominent in the original. Don't get me wrong, the guitars are great, but we all allready knew Amievil could do great guitars. I think he could go further with this peice. It could also be cool to get a second guitar in there to build up the rythym even more and maybe replace/augment the synths on some of the back up.
  17. One of the things that really makes this remix, aside from the awesome guitar work and arrangement, is the fact that someone actually chose a song outside of the typical songs like vampire killer, bloody tears, and wicked child that we're used to hearing all the time. Not only are they popular at OCR, but they are done and redone by remixers in the Castlevania community, on the Dracula Battle and Dracula New Classic arrange albums, in the Minibosses' repertoire, as well as all the remixes that apear in each successive Castlevania game. It's nice to see someone choose a song outside the vampirekiller/bloodytears monopoly that's just as good and just as valid, and do it justic with a remix instead of giving us another remix of the same stuff.
  18. Yeah, the guitars really do make this song. The trumpet used in the begining is nice also, as well as some of the "waw" sounds that fade in and out of the background. But, other than those three elements elements, everything sounds very synthy and GM-ish especially the short notes you hear in the MM2 bit at the end. Luckily, the few good elements, especially the guitar, drown out that stuff, so you don't notice it as much, but it still sours the overall experience a bit. Were you to redo those elements that didn't sound so great, I would give it easily a 9 out of 10, it would truly be a complete and excellent mix.
  19. The thing I find interesting about this mix is its use of the original gameboy synths for the main melody- to it's advantage rather than it's detriment. I've heard a lot of songs that used either original 4-8 bit synths for the lead (or sometimes just synths so bad they sound like NES or MIDI music) and usually it's just brings the whole mix down. In this mix, it provides a simple, but pure and catchy instrument for the main line that really makes the peice. Of course, this is made possible by the high-quality instrumentation of all the other components of the song, creating a layered atmosphere where almost any instrument can join in and it will still work. To tell you the truth though, somtimes I wonder if had he put in an electric guitar in for the main line instead of the GB synth, would it have sounded even better?
  20. Brian Duque did it better. I know it sounds cold, but there's no way around those GM-ish synths. I like how it plays around with the score toward the end, and tries to the harpsichord thing, but ultimately the instumentation keeps it from ever getting off the ground.
  21. This is a great concept and great arrangement. I've been waiting to hear some guitar mixes of SNES FF battle music for a long time. Unfortunately I feel like the execution was rushed. Often it seems like 1 guitarist is trying to handle 2 or 3 different layers of melody at once, so he skips or cuts off some notes early to get to others. Other times it just sounds off key, or some nots get drowned out by others, or by sheer distortion. Plus, the overall recording quality just is kinda low. It's allready good, but I think it could be 10x better if they went back and redid it in a studio, with the time to really work things out and do multiple takes for each part, and work it till it's perfect.
  22. Well, it strikes me as kinda goofy, but I still can't help but like it. As corny as the lyrics are, it does sound like it could really be Robo, it sounds like stuff Robo would say. I can almost imagine it really is him singing the song. So even though one can't take it completely seriously, I can't help but feel some love for the big ol metal dude. Besides, there's nothing wrong with something light hearted once in a while. Also, nice job on the instrumentation. The clangy industrial sounds rock, and makes a good counter-balance to the lighthearted parts of the song.
  23. LMAO! Mustin is a frickin psycho! This remix/skit was awesome. Back when I used to play Chrono Trigger, I always wondered how Gato's text was supposed to go with the song playing in the background when he told you to "beat me up earn 15 silver points). I think my sister and I even tried to sing it to ourselves a few times. Now my question is answered. Now, besides the creativity and skill required to write all of these seperate peices, and then perform them, as well as he sense of humor of coming up with the idea in the first place, the thing that really surprises me is the quality of the "skit" portions, with the crowd, the anouncer, etc. It was there in Mustin's Needles Mega Man 3 collaboration, and it's there in this remix. It's not only a good job with the music, but it's a good job with the acting and general production of the intro and outros used to set up the mix. I could easily see it as a skit on Saturday Night Live (if the general public would ever actually get video game in-jokes). Good job guys.
  24. Despite the fact that Qonus's words were unnessesarily simplistic, not to mention rude, I feel obligated to say a few words in his defense simply because I can relate to his frustration. There have been way too many times when I excitedly downloaded a song, only to be disapointed to find out it was another bad techno remix. Not to say that there are no good techno remixes on OCR, on the contrary, if you know where to look there are very many... However, I think everyone's been there and knows the disapointment I'm talking about. Every genre has its weaker ones, but the techno/electronica genre seems to be notorious for it. For every good one there's atleast 2 or 3 bad ones. My point in saying this is not to just bash a genre I don't like. I allready stated my high opinion of certain works in the genre. I just wish that: 1) More artists would branch out into different styles of music and try new things instead of sticking to the same old tried/true techno formula. 2) DJPretzel and other reviewers would not be so diplomatic and over-enthusiastic in there comments. Granted, there's no need to be criticize everything, and I think it's great that they love music so much they can find something good about almost any remix, but I think they could be more forthcoming when a peice not be horrible, but may not necessarily stick out above the rest. It would be stupid to say "people who make techno mixes should stop doing bad ones". However, if remixers were more aware of how easy it is to fall into a rut on a techno mix, it would probably help them to avoid it through either looking for ways to break the mold of the genre, or trying out a different style. I don't think the policy of "it doesn't have any gaping flaws, therefore it's great!" helps. Anyway, sorry to go off on a rant, it's just something that's been on my mind for a while. And also, I want to make it clear that I didn't go on the preceeding rant because this particular mix, Ground Up, was one of those "notorious bad techno remixes". I hadn't even heard it before I wrote the preceeding paragraps. I just wanted to comment on some of the preceeding posts. After listening to it, it's not bad at all, however, techno is not my favorite genre, and I've been a bit jaded by the professional performances of the song on the japanese arrange albums like FF4: Celtic Moon. Furthermore, the song is among my favorites of the game, and FF4 is my favorite game in the series, so I have particularly rough standards for the song. If I have to pick favorites, I like Silent's Totorian Love song much better, even though the lyrics put it in a completely different category. Still, I don't want to discourage anybody. I sure couldn't do it, I have my opinions, but I'm no musician. Oh yeah, and about "sterotyping"... Electronic music is a genre with very blurred lines, especially at Overclocked Remix. As far as I'm concerned, any song that you can immitate by rapidly going "oom-tss! oom-tss! oom-tss!" with your mouth fits under the "techno" blanket term for all practical purposes.
  25. I don't like the synth instrument carrying the main melody (the part that starts at 0:38). It sounds flat and low quality, like MIDI or original NES music. As a matter of fact, I listened to the NSF of the MM2 OST, and the synth of that same line in the original sounds BETTER than in this remix. I like the intro, the voice samples, MM2 sound effects, the distortion, the beat, really everything up untill 0:38, and IMO, that weak synth on the main line really brings it down. There are mixes where NES or MIDI sounding synth is used and it works. McVaffe's Quasikaotic from Castlevania Adventure is a good example. It uses (as far as I know) the synth from the original Gameboy version of the song for the main line, but it actually sounds quite good. Unfortunately in QuickDraw I don't think this happens. Perhaps if it did use the original NES synth for the main line it would sound better. Perhaps using a guitar synth or something would work even better. I don't know. All I know is it should be changed. To be fair, this mix has actually stayed on my hard drive for some time now just because all other aspects of the song are so good. Everything else about it is top notch. I just wish there wasn't that one thorn in the side bringing it down.
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