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  1. ah sarcasm. well, you can see no fiery eyes. as my for my personal opinion, BOOOOO! I wanted a Mario & Luigi (M&L:PiT) replacement. My spirit is crushed. :C
  2. I had an idea of Mii as a Playable character. it would follow how skinny and tall you made him. heavier characters would be slower and more powerful and of course lighter Miis would be faster and weakers. or They Make a generic Body used my All Mii's like what they do for Wii sports and the only thing they would change would be the face which is the only important part. other than that, the Gender plays an important role, one could set the generic female mii to be fast and light and the male generic body be heavier and more powerful.
  3. I use this device to record my games. not yet for melee but if I can get it set up it will be used for melee, the Adaptec GameBridge. I got it for 12 dollars from woot.com here's a sameple. From Halo 3 beta and windows media player. its all in slow-mo. fyi. http://useruploads.mythica.org/cgi-bin/watch.cgi?f=Halo_Movie-2.wmv&sid=2813341 by next week, I should be recording some melees! woo!
  4. so who here uses the C-stick often in battles? just curious.
  5. I think you're math is a little off, 86 days does not equal 86 updates. damn those weekends!
  6. I like the singing in the main theme, why can't the rest of the music sound as awesome as the main theme? why?! p.s. what are they even saying?
  7. I heard about that awhile ago. seem like this Smash Bros might not "feel" like the others. hopefully the gameplay has kept intact. I have no worries though. if anything, it'll help get rid of some of the glitches or make a bunch of new ones. ethier or
  8. that's what i thought also but its actually called the SubCon. not subspace. although they could relate the two if they wanted.
  9. I want WART! wart wart wart!
  10. while I find the show to be very well made. his arguments and opinions are completely idiotic. saying super mario bros 2 was a bad game because of the difficulty is like saying Ninja Gaiden was bad for that same reason. I didn't learn anything new from watching that video. http://www.themushroomkingdom.net/ is where I learned that stuff YEARS ago. also Super Mario Bros 2 added a whole different dimenson to the mushroom kingdom that we know now. Bob-ombs would not have been added to SMB3. shy-guys wouldn't have been added to yoshi games Complaining about SMB2 for changes is like complaining about Mario 64 for not being 2D. This guy seems dumb for his explanations on why he thinks SMB2 sucks and is, in my opinion, very, very annoying
  11. Oh noes! a video that'll be impossible to load cause everyone is trying to view it all at once. R.O.B.s! kudos to Nintendo for being awesome.
  12. who the fuck let Nostradamus on the internet? I thought they banned him from it when he vaguely predicted its exsistence.
  13. well, i will agree with you to a point, but a small one at that, because i think there is a cost issue since to see an actual difference between 1080i vs 1080p (like previously stated) you have to get a significantly larger picture. the point being is to get the perks of 1080p you'll have to get a 50" which is approx $1000 more than a 25". but is it worth it? well, we'll be getting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Hi-Vision in 30 years so keep that in mind
  14. hey this pokemon trainer is a cool idea, back when school was still in swing, me and a friend were talking 'bout new characters and this is very similar to one of the ideas we had. pretty sweet, a non-conventional fighter. i'm excited
  15. oh noes! another really cool item! i'm sure i'll forget i have it on so when it kicks in i'll be all "what the hell?"
  16. using that logic I'd say that it should feel a bit more angelic with choral parts and strings than the bouncy and overly happy route they took. it should sound more like Enya's work than Raffi's.
  17. did you just "pwn" yourself by using the word pwn in a serious way? yes, yes you did. what worries me is that it seems like only the videos are 16x9 and the gameplay is 4x3. I hope brawl suppors widescreen in all aspects *heh heh* of the game.
  18. Wow... talk about over-reaction! this just shows what a complete douche you truly are. For your information, the resolution that am using for my screen is 1280 x 800. and I'm pretty sure that's "acceptable" in 21st century. So why don't you just go home and be quiet, you assclown.
  19. well to me, when i got the page up it seemed more like a spoiler warning banner. cause that's all i could see, and i had to scroll down to see it. maybe those who do not want to have the secrets revealed shouldn't look at the site. otherwise don't complain if it is unlockable people.
  20. Hey! wow, Pitfalls! what an update! well, time for bed for me. it was worth waiting up for. man. I'm excited! woo!
  21. well, I don't think he ever actually stated the offical time of updating. so he really can't be late or early.
  22. OMG! that'll be like Metal Gear Solid 4 having snake use a Ps3 Controller in game! yeah, it's been happening for awhile... nothing anybody can do about it. guess we'll just have to be good little consumers and enjoy the in-game advertising. for some reason i want to try Donkey Konga now. hmmm....
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