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  1. why don't you guys just change the color of the font of any spoilers? instead of being all dumb about it.
  2. they sure are. All incredible hulk stories have the same origin. main characters get exposed to science and get super powers. (just like every other marvel story line.) not a sequel just like batman begins but this hulk happened 5 years after the last one instead of 8 years for batman begins to come out after the craptastic Batman and Robin. also this Hulk just looks so much better than the brock lesnar looking fatty hulk. this one was also a little more emotional as the hulk and just way more believable
  3. I have Burnout: Paradise, but can you believe this shit? I just got the Rings of Death and had to order that fucking box to have it be put down and for me to get a new one. :C and to answer my question for you guys... Yes, I'm sure you can believe that shit.
  4. No Product Placement = Awesome the fact that Incredible had no real product placement makes it seem like a normal movie not a summer block buster. in fact, almost all the product placement was fictional. Stark Industries. makes Spider Man seem sorta like a sell out...
  5. yeah, I guess the difference was that Mac (or Mack) was the traitorous type. like he did it in the beginning of the movie. if he had not done the whole double agent crap and actually showed some bond between him and Indiana. it would have actually meant something. also in the past movies Marcus Brody, Sallah, and Short Round were protrayed better to be important to Dr. Jones. they just didn't take the time to actually make the audience get to know the small characters before they did anything with them.
  6. okay, yeah but here's what i want to say: if they took out the obvious CGI (alien dude, ground hogs, tarzan boy and the monkeys) the movie would have been AMAZING. if the aliens in skeleton form blew up the evil commie lady and the outside of UFO wasn't seen it was just the rocks floating. and the kid drove a motorcycle through the jungle and jumped onto the badguy's vehicle crushing a few of them. also, who the hell is mac and why should i care?
  7. yeah actually, its called "Dragon Ball" no Z. so it might just be based on the story a little. also, theres only one thing that can save this movie and thats the action. the way they do that will decide how I like it. Movies like this one make me so glad i work at a Movie Theatre. i see movies for free (and usually early) so a crappy movie is just a waste of time, nothing else
  8. There's plenty of Kung fu in Kung fu Panda, pretty sweet movie if you ask me. I like the "Big names" in this movie. mostly because as said before, they're voiced perfectly. much like Surf's Up.
  9. Burnout Paradise Halo 3 (emulator) Earthbound Super Smash bros Brawl Super Smash bros Melee
  10. yeah, I just saw it tonight. 11 pm central standard time. first things first! overall impression after re-watching the first three movies in a row and then watching the 4th a few hours later: Indy's Back! and He's not pulling any punches. secondly... the movie dares to veer off into uncharted territories instead of playing it safe with the same old stuff. (I'm being vague to hide any spoilers) so Props for doing that its hard to describe how I feel about this movie. I'll say that there are a few main feelings that I had during the movie. it was a mixture of entertainment, disappointment of unbelievability (even for a Indy movie!), awed at the awesomeness, and sometimes just getting lost in the action/story. The disappointment went away as fast as it came, and the rest of the sentiments were predominant for most of the film. I was impressed with Shila Labeouf's performance and Ford is still believable as the famous Archaeologist! Best Scene? Mine at this moment is the 50's diner scene (you'll know the one) Final thoughts: Go see this movie, you won't regret it. although it bases itself in reality ( only by a thread at some points) it sticks with its promise: Its an another Indiana Jones movie. Fast, Fun, and Full of action!
  11. exactly! and I know the majority of those posting in this thread may disagree, but I am glad that they threw in some non-kiddy elements into the movie. like the cursing "Get that weak shit of my track." = Hilarious dialog Also, no one under 15 would even begin to comprehend the plot with the business and stock stuff so I think it can't be considered as kiddy as the television show. ~sorta off topic~ Do you guys wonder what happened to parents pre-viewing movies before they allow their young kids to see it? I fear people might be putting to much faith in the vague and broad classifications of the ratings system!
  12. yeah, I did. I agree with everything you just wrote. When someone asked me how speed racer was, the only adjective I could think of was "colorful". Good God, that movie was so bright and colorful, its like the equivalent of a rainbow exploding or an acid trip on steroids. but the more I think about it and see bits and pieces of it, (I work as a projectionist at a movie theatre) the more I want to see it again. as for the critics, I think they were dead wrong (mostly) and I think people forget that box office success, or lack thereof) doesn't make a movie bad or good. so even if a movie doesn't shatter records, it might be a entertaining movie anyway. with crap like Epic Movie doing well in the box office, maybe its good they didn't make a movie only to be a success. but made something they were proud of.
  13. Damn, I love this game. I don't even have a ps3. in fact, I'm usually against all things ps3, but this games is awesome. Gotta love the sniping game! Dreben points is also refreshing for a Halo Fan!
  14. How about Listening to Simon and Garfunkel while playing Battlefield 2 or Halo 3? Maybe its just me but its awesome how eerily inappropriate it fits. Try that too while your at it!
  15. I saw it last night. Great Movie. (keep in mind i saw it for free, so I'm bound to be optimistic) They have to continue this new trend of getting good actors. I gotta say out of all of the comic book movies, this goes on my top 5 (rough list) 1.X-men 2.Batman Begins 3.The Mask 4.Men in Black 5.Iron Man 6.Sin City 7.Mystery Men 8.A History of Violence 9.V for Vendetta 10.TMNT (live action) personally, I think: X3 was a cheap hollow excuse of a movie The only fans of Elektra were middle-aged lonely men in trench coats. Fantastic Four (1 & 2) were corny as hell. and Hulk was a steaming pile of elephant dung
  16. yeah, i think one of the reasons why the humor just didn't connect like usual would be that he just wasn't into it. like if he has a drive to destroy a game because he hates it the jokes will be more effective. he didn't hate it nor did he love it, he just didn't care about that game...
  17. that's who he is... he's got everything you'd need for a smash character. download the rom or something.
  18. How about B.o.b? from the SNES? great character. and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make him work in the Smash formula. He would be a projectile based character, much like Samus but replace the missles with plasma.
  19. Yeah I agree with everyone here, that was pretty awesome! with alot of sub-par stop-motion movies using legos, I was expecting something of poor to mediocre quality when I saw the legos but was I proven wrong!!! Holy Crap! Great animation, great voice work, and awesome humor. I'll be looking for more great stuff from you in the future!
  20. Truth. It is my worst liked stage. BOOO!!! get it off the screen!
  21. Is that considered a bad thing? or am I a tad slow at picking up internet sarcasm?
  22. Hey, so I was wondering if you experts can help me, is there anyway possible for me to get two or three people (players) on My wii and then take those guests to With Anyone games and not just the With Friends options?
  23. I'd rather do Wiimote + NunChuck than plain Wiimote. and that's what my gamestop is doing. damn them and no chance for customization either. this tournament... is it normal? 1 minute fights. crappy control scheme. it just doesn't seem fun at all. but then again, tournaments are strictly fun free, arn't they?
  24. I'm going to make a prediction for tomorrows update... Jigglypuff!
  25. could you done samus' moveset or zero suit samus' cause that would be awesome. its so crazy too. how do people even do this? hacking and stuff? will i be seeing these freaks online at all?
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