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  1. KungFu -and- Super Mario Bros 3
  2. I can't see the video! :c also is peach allowed in tourneys even though she can pick up Random items?
  3. Hey, to all those who know all the songs in brawl. (I sorta stopped paying attention to this thread when all that talk about torrents started happening) so the question is, is the song the "Humoresque of a little Dog" from Mother 2 in Brawl? EDITED: :c but is it Brawl?
  4. Well, when I decided to go on the world wide web it was very difficult to think of a username that summed me up in 15 characters. I would use Furious in the games that allowed 7 characters. (pokemon, cruisin' whatever, ect.) and would use Fure (tis my last name) [sounds like fyoor-ee or Fury] in those allowing 4 characters. Viola! I became FuriousFure. which is awesome cause I never have to use Numbers. It's also my Xbox live, AIM, and any other online place. also.. very rarely I've take on the identity of FuriousNinja.
  5. why so angry? I just enjoyed the HUGE irony of Atma telling someone else that they didn't matter to this thread. Like anyone does! no singular individual makes or breaks this thread. as for "flaming" Atma, Its just when someone uses the word "faggot" out of context, I find that person to be ignorant and I'd have a hard time of taking him or her serious.
  6. Ignorant and poor sentence structure? We've got ourselves a WINNER! oh and yeah, I was talking about the/a pikmin stage earlier. It wasn't terribly clear but I'm glad there is a couple other idiots out there that understood.
  7. I hope everyone is tiny and we're fighting in a huge garden and things will come at attack us. I also hope that its not another one of those floating battlefield's that land from time to time.
  8. yeah, i heard about this movie when i was hating them for what they did to the matrix movies, personally, i think its going to be good. to paraphrase what others said, not a masterpiece but it could have gone way worse. i'm looking forward to it
  9. they got something like that already, thay call it call it "goldeen".
  10. it sure is, stomping... ha! waluigi is pretty funny, I just hope to God that they make Wart into an AT. and peach would be the only one who could hurt him!
  11. dumbest idea ever... why would you want to race in smashbros? especially in a topsy turvy place like gusty gardens?
  12. hey that IC music was way cool. I liked it alot and it seemed to be a little more "finished" sounding the the rest of the other songs. I hope they have the Super Mario 3 song that was in Mario Galaxy in Brawl
  13. I may be mistaken here, which is alright with me, but when I read the description, I thought that the Iceburg would come up from the bottom, not the top! Which explains why the characters on on top of it, slipping and sliding on the steep slopes.
  14. The Music is AMAZING! i Loved Super Mario bros 3 and i love it that they have brought back so many wonderful songs from older games. and not just the regulars! can anyone help me out and tell me what the main "overworld" song is a remix of? i don't care if it's painfully obvious to everyone, just let me have some peace of mind! it just sounds so familar, i don't know if its just that catchy or its a piece i have heard before!
  15. you ain't kidding. this will be awesome!
  16. Those ign videos show abunch of stuff, alt. costumes, unique intros, and some sweet moves. I hate Mario and his stupid greed hat, did a double-take, took me back to when luigi was rumored to be in Mario 64. but yeah! so boxes have no friction, a ton of moves return from melee, so that gale boomerang can set up some nasty juggling combos.
  17. I totally agree, I missed them so much in melee! When I saw the gameplay demo, i exclaimed "YES" and did one of those arm-pumps. my roomie didn't know what the big deal was. Joke's on him.
  18. wario changed from his "proper" costume (the Yellow shirt/ purple overalls) in th first Wario Ware (GBA) and that the one they chose. it's the one with the most character. the other one they could have chose is the wario from the WarioLand Games. which would being cool but need to use those power ups from the game.
  19. Pokémon Trainer: Final Smash <Pokemon Orgy> triple team? triple penetration!
  20. Hey Guys! one year and 700 pages later. go down memory lane, it's fun!
  21. yeah. also fireball and his throws (back drop) cutters changed alittle but after replaying Kirby's adventure I have re-relized how badass some of the other powers he has at his disposal. so if they keep his move set the same from melee. like I said before is that the enemies could be assist trophies and sucking them in could change his B moves like sucking in any other charcter does. so he wouldn't change. they would just put in the assist trophies like Knuckle Joe. and if he get them as his assist trophy then he could suck them up. also maybe, he has multiple final smashes. like Cook will do ALOT of damage to one person while a different final smash would affect everyone and not do as much damage.
  22. Kirby's Final Smash = Crash power from Kirby's Adventure (NES) also they totally need to get rid of someone Kirby's Moveset and add some classic abilities found in his game. Spike Laser Wheel High-Jump UFO! Beam you could have it so the enemies would be assist trophies and if kirby who swallow them up that'll become his Special moves but if not, they would just be like pokemon.
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