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  1. SSSSHHHHHHH! No logic on a webforum.
  2. I would say FFXII FFX God of War 1 and 2 Metal gear solid 2 and 3 Gran Turismo 4 Tourist Trophy Whatever the newest Burnout is. lol And thats about all I have anymore.
  3. see, thats why its opinion, I won't touch the new megaman X games for the life of me, they just arent that great, they are Identical to the past games.
  4. and it works! thanks for the CCCP link.
  5. Been having a tough time with my drivers too..... sadness. and now wow plays at a quarter the speed.... my comp is dying me thinks.
  6. Its not the file, its all files, all dvds, all .mov all .avi all .mpg all .wmv every single video file plays really choppy and slow. wether Im using windows media player, power dvd, quicktime, realplayer, all of em.
  7. nothin special software wise, windows XP, and windows media viewer, and power dvd 9. but regardless of what codec I use, and what program I use the framerate is random. mostly its horrendously slow, but sometimes it runs smoothe as can be.
  8. What song is it that plays in a recent Geico commercial, the caveman is on a moving sidewalk in the airport, the song is pretty laidback, and once it gets into it all you here is everywhere I go,,, and then it fades out behind the Geico schpiel
  9. Eh, Hugh jackman would be fine, and personally, from the games, I never caught the slightest bit of Japanese/british in Snake. A movie would be fine if they toned down some of the crazy stuff, and let him be a badass.
  10. one last time, no ideas on what I can do?
  11. Iknow its not horribly related... but I need help. for some reason whenever I watch video on my comp it plays horrendously, Like a couple frames a second or slower. If I try and watch a dvd I only see every few seconds of video, and the sound is horribly choppy too. Whats odd is anything thats 3d, games and what not, runs incredibly smoothely. Like, WoW and Guildwars and a few others all play at 50 FPS or higher,so it leaves me confused. Doesn't matter what codec the video is, what player its on, it'll just be really, really choppy. any help?
  12. This is hands down my favorite mix on the site. I love the guitar, and the background sounds, the amount of reverb is perfect. This song is why I've downloaded the whole library.
  13. Thanks, ya, I wanted to try that, but I cant get the files on, and Im not sure just dragging them over will work.
  14. How can I get an old game, such as transport tycoon deluxe to install and run on a new system? I have the game and was thinking of getting that transport tycoon unlimited Ive seen posted on here. Anyone know what I need to do?
  15. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    I do have one, well, 3 for now, mine and two gifts for christmas. REsistance fall of man is a blast, but, thats all I have for now.
  16. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    Ya know, as much as I am enjoying my PS3 right now, part of me is wishing I had got a Wii. Sony is being so damn arrogant about the whole thing, its irritating.
  17. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    Got mine today! And its running fine, no problems at all. The games, with the exception of resistance where your normal Sony launch fare, a bunch of differant genres covered, with only a few really good or even decent games. its ok, it'll get better. Lets face it, the 360 didnt have much goin for it at its launch.
  18. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    Since when have I become the representative of Sony? I couldn't care less what the company does. Kill off small businesses? Do I give a shit? No. All I care about is the games. Everything else is just politics, and extremely stupid politics at that. If you are going to get up in arms about something, there are many more pressing matters in the world today. Video games are not that important. Damn right. QFE. I'd have some sort of awesome reply but I have no idea what the economic situation is in Hong Kong, nor how many people Lik-Sang employed. It just occurred to me that shutting down a small company has the negative effect of discouraging other small companies. Also, that whole thing with the losing jobs and stuff. Hong Kong's economy is in a mild slump, but not horrible, lik-sang wasnt huge, nor it have a ton of employees, justsad that sony would do that. then again they probly figure the press would just be bad in Hong Kong, where their products are very unpopular due to the fact they are so expensive.
  19. Wow, this sounds great, and will end up on a cd in my car, today. To be honest, I still haven't played chrono, so strictly on the basis of how the song felt, and no the feelings associated to it by familiarity, I really like this. The song has a smooth, comfortable flow to it, and makes me wish I practiced my piano more often. Thank you Klutz
  20. Hmmm, that was kinda lame, not that I had a problem with the sounds, but one, pron music isn't piano, if you had had a bass, with a bit of poppin and slappin, and through a little wanger distortion and a whammy bar effect in the mix, maybe. Or, maybe Im just mean.
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