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  1. Oh ya, this little known action RPG is one of my all time faves, and I dig the music for all its overly cheerful over the top happy jazziness. I'd love to see someone elses take on any of these tunes. Song of Freedom Fighters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaTU8_QPQaI&feature=related Hopping Sun Devote For Nature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iLDEBdzhQk&feature=related honky tonk boy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdEnpUbmSUU&feature=related Or really anything from the sound track. I digs it.
  2. Final Fantasy X-2's perfect ending. Just seems to undo what made X's ending good.
  3. That's awesome... They remind me a great deal of 12 girl band from when I lived in hong kong. hahaha.
  4. This morning as I was cruising to work I was listening to the Playboy morning radio show and they had a few little sound bytes that where from various bits of FFVII remixes. and the victory tune.... One of the bits they played was from terra in black.
  5. This morning as I was cruising to work I was listening to the Playboy morning radio show and they had a few little sound bytes that where from various bits of FFVII remixes. and the victory tune.... One of the bits they played was from terra in black. I wasn't sure how to feel... lol. Edit:Sorry just saw the VGmusic irl thread. my bad.
  6. Ya, The eidolon is easily the toughest fight I've seen yet I've gotten about 90% of the way there however I've done no grinding at all through out the game and I've skipped a few encounters so i think Im pretty low level.. I'll give it another shot at getting past the phalanx before I back track 3 or 4 hours....
  7. Actually i rarely use sol's. I just didn't pick any up in forever. so I've got no good way to either advance the story or go backwards... I could barely beat the phalanx box with a summon and now I have none. lol. we'll see if not Im saved in Chapter 9 and I'll just cp grind forever once I get to 11 again.
  8. Hmmm Im thinking I need to grind out a little and finish the game... Ive got no aerisol things, and Im underleveled for the fang/vanille Eidelon battle... Hell I've got no TP left and I couldn't beat the damn phalanx bot with 3 hoplites without a summon... Im doomed.... oh, and I violated my number one rule of RPG's... keep an extra save about an hour behind me...
  9. anyone else get lunar: silver star harmony? I picked it up, kind of enjoying it for the nostalgia of playing one of my favorite games from the ps1 era.
  10. until he returns I shall now assume he's in the looney bin as he used up all of his sanity dealing with this site.
  11. Sad, I was hoping there was some sort of resolution to this since I noticed this thread is two years old... I remember gray from my first account that I had on these boards in 2002ish. Always a good guy to talk to. Well, I checked a couple thousand obit's and didn't find anyone with his name/age/location roundabouts... so..... he's either alive, or a persona for the internets.
  12. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    So that explains why there aren't ps3/psp titles on psn that you can buy in stores.... oh... wait...
  13. who cares about mac users? /nofanboywarplziwasjustplayinaroundyo! I can honestly say I've never played diablo2, although I've been tempted to pick it up every time I see it.
  14. I agree, and I support all UN Squadron remixes, definitely one of my all time favorite snes games.
  15. FFX-2 had a fun battle/job system going for it. Although Im not going to argue the story as all the story did was add a happy ending to X if you didn't like the ending. And I actually really enjoyed the music, especially on the piano collection cd. FFXI it sounds like you didn't play it. as it was actually fairly story intensive as far as MMO story lines go. Especially in WOG. XII I actually really liked the fact that for once the story WASN'T only about a few mopy people who end up saving the world. it was a nice change, and I liked the gambit system, even if once you get the right stuff you can make yourself near invincible. If anything I'd say the series has gone downhill since VI, but that's all nostalgia playing there.
  16. A friend of mine emailed me a song he says he made. I listened to it once and immediately recognised it as an old McVaffe mix. He denied it came from a game at all.... I pointed him over to this thread and explained he would be caught, and it wouldn't be friendly. He has since apologised.... I think i was the only person He emailed.
  17. And yet, here we are 12 years later, still posting about it, still discussing it. And not just some small subgroup of gamers, a fairly large chunk. Im trying really hard to think of another game thats 12 years old that gets that kind of attention.....
  18. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    I got a copy of the vanadieal collection 2009 from GS.... someone had borrowed it and used the registration code.... i was pissed. took it back, took like an hour of arguing before they gave me my cash and I walked across the parking lot to Best Buy.
  19. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    Exactly. After all, I buy a ton of games, but so far the ps3 has been incredibly disappointing. I've got Little Big planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3(which I ended up purchasing again on the 360 for dlc) Armored Core 4 Answer, Infamous (awesome) and thats it.... As opposed to the 360 which I can't name the games I've got because I've got 60 or so. I play more ps1 and ps2 games on my ps3 then anything....
  20. Once you experience journalism first hand, you understand that very very little of it is remotely true. I've experienced the amazing "fair/honest/balanced" reporting that is CNN and I can tell you they got very very very little correct. Including information I gave them, and information they gathered. From my business' address our name, what we do, to why there where legal issues surrounding us. CNN had their desire to vilify me, and they did. What's better is the fact its very very hard to sue a news agency because all they'll do is post a correction in a size 2 font somewhere on their website and they'll have fulfilled their legal obligation to fix it.
  21. as long as the mechs are customizable Im happy.
  22. Since no one updated, its a reboot of the mechwarrior franchise. http://pc.ign.com/articles/100/1002275p1.html Not bad at all I say.
  23. If you read up on it they talk about GM's to take charge of the testing, so you'd assume that its the beginning of beta. FFXI Didn't have outside GM's for alpha...
  24. Ive beaten Too Human a couple times now, still loving it. I've torn through FFTactics a dozen times or so. Same with FFX
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