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  1. Ya.... I should work on that. lol. Im just really digging the taki style, even if I just lead with kicks because if I land my first hit I can make it into a massive combo of joy. I just need to finish fixing my internet so I can actually play online on my own console...
  2. Well i rented this for my 360 tpday and so far im pretty pleased with it. Im really enjoying playing as my own custom char with taki's moves, but is it odd i rarely use her weapon? Ive gotten pretty proficient at using her kick combos... Im a little dissapoonted in the games balance though. Button mashers and single swing spammers are a pain.
  3. well. Im currently paying for live. but my net is down because of an issue with my fiberoptics... I dont know how much id play online though. i suck at fighting games.
  4. Which platform should i pick this up on as o have both PS3 & 360. Id like to get another game for y ps3 as mgs4 is the only game i own on it. but what version is better? Sorry if i wordwd/punctuated this poorly. im postimg from my lg dare and im still getting used to it.
  5. Personally with the cut scenes, a new class to play, and a new dungeon, along with multiplayer I love the new version, I prefer the new localization. I love the original on PSX and I do wish the new one didnt have the lag, but it really wasn't as bad as everyone says. I just booted the two up and I swear its only a tad slower (except throw stone for god knows what reason)
  6. Thanks a lot! thats what I was lookin for. I'd also never thought of it but it does kinda sound like saturday night's Alright for fighting
  7. Cant you just tornado(or whatever that spell was) the dark elf's second form still? take it down to 1 health and then wack it?
  8. Nausicaa is entirely missable. Last night I saw the only remaining one I haven't seen, Porco Rosso, which was awesome. But still mononoke and spirited away remain my favorites.
  9. Thank you. I just figured might as well suggest it, its a couple of fun chip tunes, and I havent seen it remixed anywhere. Hell its not even listed under our game directory.
  10. I'll say this, music isn't a sport, its an art. Its an expression, its not about how good you are unless your making a living doing it. Go learn some instruments, see how you are, if you enjoy it, keep doing it. I have friends who's fathers are fabulous musicians who didnt start until their thirties. Its never to late (unless we're talking about the violin for god knows what reason)
  11. Ah. ok. Never submitted a request before.. I think. As it is the song Im requesting is in this video its when the gates open and the players start skating around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILy6T5tgnao&eurl=http://www.vc-reviews.com/games/nes/blades_of_steel
  12. I happen to love sylpheed... But I kinda just like seeing how many lockons I can get at once. lol.
  13. i love x still. Although plotting out your moves was hilarious once you had fast characters, I could swap in and out for a few free attacks, then back to a heavy hitter.
  14. But, Microsoft has been getting the other big games first, and How many people do you know where waiting for more games to come out before they bought a PS3? I still havent bought one, I've got my brothers ps3 and the only game I own is MGS4. Those other games? I own them on my 360. If sony starts losing their A list exclusives, even if their "only" 1 and 2 million sellers, thats still a lot of lost money.
  15. Good point, I hadn't thought of it that way before.
  16. I have yet to play a tales game (and I claim to love RPG's) Im excited for too human. and SF2T HD remix. lol.
  17. If you were a bad-ass, top-ranked soldier that wanted to become a god, would you forget the name of some half assed cocky little shit that just tossed you over a ledge when you ran your sword through him? Lets face it, Cloud pulled some grade A heroics right there with pulling himself back to the ledge by further impaling himself, and then tossing sephiroth.
  18. I wasn't sure if I'd pick this game up since A I suck at fighting games, and B, Since I suck at them I cant play them for too long. But hell if its supporting our remixers. I'll pick it up for sure.
  19. I searched and couldn't find one, and lets face it, its kind of a bad ass tune. Id love to hear a remix of it if possible... (it doesn't even show up under our games tab ) Edit: By opening, I meant the opening for a game, not the games opening... although its cool too...
  20. I liked FFXII, I liked the large world, it was about time we had a world that wasn't about the size of rhode island... I enjoyed the gambit system because I enjoyed tinkering around seeing if I could create an invincible party that didn't require any management (which ultimately failed, I had a few gambit sets for situations, but that was about it.) And it had a story that wasn't about a single characters redemption (although the theme was still there in a sense) That said, FFX-2 is still among my favorites for how the battle system worked. and my all time favorite will likely remain FFVI with IV a close 2nd. (Im a nut for nostalgia I guess)
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