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  1. Is something up with 1001-1700 Ive been trying to get it all day and its still at 0% I've picked up every other torrent no problem.... This one just refuses to go. More then happy to seed for a few days while i am out of town.... but I wants it.
  2. I am so excited with this game.... I can't wait! anyone who gets me into beta... I'll love you forever, or if your in utah/OC I'll hook ya up with a fat meal at roy's or somewhere good. haha.
  3. No, people only say that because wow is so incredibly easy that any grinding is suddenly hard. After all, while there are plenty of rep factions to grind to exalted with, only a couple take more then a week or two of hour a day play. Leveling is fast (Ive leveled 3 characters to 80 in the same played time as it took me to get into the 40s on ffxi)
  4. Sorry if this is a repost, just bought it last week, searched and couldn't find a thread about it. Its a release of disney's nightmare before christmas soundtrack, but done by different bands/singers/dj's. Marilyn manson, flyleaf,korn,shiny toy guns, yamada bro's and what not. Its pretty bad ass, i highly suggest the purchase.
  5. Not really, not all new things are good, not all change is good, remember New Coke?
  6. kupernikus


    My god you've got some cool stuff there screamin.
  7. Seeing this post made me think of something.. "hey that songs pretty cool, where's it from?" "Oh its a remix from x game, I got it from ocremix.org" "Oh, lame, I listen to real music, not this shit"
  8. awesome thank you tons! but isnt that from donkey kong country 2?
  9. kupernikus


    by the way, securom isn't that hard to deal with. Also, This game kicks ass, got to civilization mode last night and made the terrible discoverey that a single military city and the rest economic doesnt work at all.....
  10. Its possible, they'd just have to make some changes to the graphics..... and gameplay. lol.
  11. Uhmmm, most ports work on the wii and ds as well, it doesnt mean they've all got the same capabilities m i rite? Also, Kojima said this is the end of snakes story, not the Metal Gear franchise. He retracted his no more metal gear statement a long time ago.
  12. oh no. my enjoyment of tripe goes too deep for a simple emp. why, itd take a bad case of botulsm to rewire me... as for the nanomachines im sure you could protect them from an emp thriugh some new future wierd technology. maybe lining them with cow tripe?
  13. Thank you, the only reason I havent dug through that thread is because Im looking for headphones for the gym/snowboarding/outdoor activities, so water resistant is a must ( I sweat.... alot.)
  14. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=879849 I know I took the easy way.
  15. Hey all I'm looking for some new headphones to use at the gym. Ive gotten tired of the crappy ten dollar ear buds that wrap around my ears they fall out easily, and the sound sucks....
  16. Personally, I find that tripe can be quite delicious when prepared correctly, and sometimes when eating a hot pot in the floating star restraunt of aberdine in hong kong its my favorite thing ever, although the chinese say it makes girls pretty and guys ugly. However, I find the idea of controllable nanomachines absolutely terrifying because of the implications it could have for our society.
  17. Aoc was incomplete. And the sad thing is this is going to launch incomplete already promising to patch it in when they finish developing it... doesn`t that sound a little familiar? Im not saying i wont give it a chance. but i will wait and watch first.
  18. th epoint that you cant kill anything ever on hard without using your core. And that the good endings are hard as hell tog et...
  19. Triggerheart is easy.... to a point.
  20. That could be kinda fun when your friends done with it!
  21. This is why the only fighting games I own are Tekken 5 (I suck and can barely beat the computer) And Tobal no. 1 (Im an unstoppable force of death and destruction.) No other game is as exploitable as fighting games, with FPS's outside of spawn camping there is nothing like this, and since I only FPS on consoles, there's no spawn camping. Racing games, nope! Sports games, not so much! Could be worse though, halo has the worst gaming community on the planet....
  22. Eh this game isn't balanced, and it rewards spammers, but its stillhella fun.
  23. Personally, I would have preffered the addition of others. I personally don't like star wars, never really enjoyed its universe all that much. It just never spoke to me. I appreciate the movies but thats about it. Im really diggin the character creator, infact, ive been playin with it as mucha s the game... lol.
  24. Eh, He's just so hard for me to beat. Playin arcade mode on normal I made it to round 7, all perfects. And then. BOOOM! Protien EVERYWHERE while the apprentice raped me mercilessly... I think I should hit up practice mode since I am so heavily dependant on 3 or 4 combos....
  25. the apprentice is a dirty little bastard... i do not lile fighting him..
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