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  1. As a fellow Bat-Mite, I'm always up to gushing about batman. How are you liking Grant Morrison's Batman epic he's been doing for the last few years? I liked it up until Final Crisis, which is when things started to get balls wild, and i started to love it. (also call them comics cause when you call something a graphic novel you sound like you're ashamed to read comics and you should never do that)
  2. Seems like sixto has been focusing on the DC side of comics, which is all well and good. But there are other companies and imprints out there, such as Marvel, and Vertigo. Vertigo, by the way, is usually described as "DC Comics, but for adults." Many of the well known, highly acclaimed comics, such as Transmetropolitan (future Hunter S. Thompson fighting against corruption and evil and being a huge douchebag the whole time), Preacher (a preacher's quest for god. So he can kill Him.) and Sandman (The epic story of the King of Dreams, Morpheus. Deals with a lot of mythology, the nature of stories and the like.) as well as a host of other just-as-good-but-not-as-well-known comics such as Hellblazer. Again, Sixto seems to be focusing on the DC Comics side, so i'll cover some of the great Marvel comics, regular marvel continuity as well as the Ultimate Universe. For the regular marvel universe, hereafter called 616 marvel, there's Captain America Volume 5 by Ed Brubaker, which is the current one. It covers Cap's discovery that his old WW2 sidekick, Bucky is alive and being used as a brainwashed assassin for old soviet remnants, and goes on from there. It's a spy thriller in comic form, definitely one you wouldn't want to miss. If you're more interested into good pulpy fun, there's Matt Fraction's Immortal Iron Fist, which is like a kung-fu action movie in comic form. Has fighting tournaments, has old 1930 style pulp stories, and it even has KUNG-FU TREACHERY! Over in the Ultimate Universe, there's Brian Bendis' Ultimate Spiderman, which is a retelling of Spiderman stories for a more current generation. Its got great dialogue, great villains, and less teenage angst than you can shake a stick at. Before I go, I'll leave you newbies, and those who are old hat at the whole comic thing, one last piece of advice, that should be followed. Avoid Jeph Loeb comics other than his Colors series (Hulk: grey, Daredevil: Yellow, Spiderman: blue, etc) and his old Batman stuff (The Long Halloween, etc). AVOID HIM, LEST YOU READ A COMIC WHERE THE RED HULK BEATS UP A CHARACTER OF COSMIC POWER THAT STANDS BESIDE GALACTUS THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS IN POWER LEVELS!
  3. Honestly, I'd move to pretty much anywhere as long as it has a nickserv.
  4. And to Ubernym. The true birthday boy. Cheers.
  5. Oh he robbed from poor maru and he gave to himself he stood up to the man and he got his butt beat our disgust for the man ain't hard to understand the punk of ocr the man they call arek
  6. Dude have you seen the size of atmuh's head? IT IS HUGE! also chobits is that anime where the aliens come, but they're all like female love slaves right. because that was a hot anime
  7. Nor does she care for The Author Formerly Known As Radical Dreamer!
  8. Happy Birthday mono, you precious little 10 year old girl you! And a very special message from the most rnd fgt i know, Prot: Happy Birthday Katie Kinkel and thank you so much for making me see the wrong in everything I've done. I wish you the best!
  9. So, Azrael did a tolerable job for its first issue. I knew it was going to be the third Batman. Wonder if the Suit of Sorrows will turn him into the Batman we see in issue 666?
  10. They kind of messed up on Damien in my opinion. Yeah they got the whiney entitled little brat part right, but they forgot the arrogance that makes Damien tolerable.
  11. Look, I'm just saying that Tim x Squire is a one true pairing. Also, according to Grant Morrison himself, we're gonna have a grim and gritty robin, and a more lighthearted Batman. This is going to end well methinks...
  12. http://www.zooomr.com/photos/ocrfanart/sets/6483/ atmuh does not approve
  13. Perhaps this shouldn't be asked here, and if it shouldn't then feel free to move it to where it needs to go. Now then, on to business. It has come to my attention that there is a script being used by GeofferyTaucer in #ocremix that will kick you if you use unicode in the channel. The second time, you will be temporarily kickbanned, and if you use it a third time, you will be banned, permanently as far as I know. My question is, why do we need that? I understand atmuh was supposedly causing trouble by using the face he has become so famous for quite often in #ocremix. But, now that he is gone, why do we still need that script. Perhaps I should have asked this in IRC itself, but this way mods and ops who are not on IRC at the moment can respond.
  14. Ugh you fuckers. You're having a meetup when you knew I wouldn't be in Louisville. Hate you all.
  15. Hey hey hey, Maru here with a message from Atma. (9:21:17 PM) ff3atmaweapon: HOLY CRAP, THE PHALANX POSTED IN MY FAN ART THREAD? (9:22:20 PM) ff3atmaweapon: im held up at work POST THAT HE HAD BETTER COME BACK
  16. So I'm guessing none of you followed the ARG? If you have, well, I wouldn't drink any slushies anytime soon after seeing this movie. Jesus Christ it was intense though. I loved the rats part. And the creature was a crab thing right?
  17. Ok guys I made this video a long time ago but forgot about it until now I would like to show you who i think will be in SSBB http://youtube.com/watch?v=roD86whtaeY
  18. This movie was made of LADIESMAN217 and Giant Robot Fights. It is a great movie. WATCH IT.
  19. See, this is pretty much the opposite of what I've heard. Weird, huh?
  20. By RIAA, I meant SoundExchange. Sorry. Ok, let me get this straight. SoundExchange, which is owned by the RIAA, is collecting royalties from internet radio, right? Even from free music right? Play an OCRemix on internet radio, and you have to pay a royalty. Play any free song, you have to pay royalties. I suppose it was an oversimplification, and I guess I didn't really make my point clear. Sorry.
  21. Doesn't sound like a good solution to me. The RIAA is still getting royalties that does not belong to them. Nothing is fixed, just delayed and or lessened. That's what it looks like to me.
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