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  1. Wow, looks like someone beat me to the punch! Anyways, here's what I was gonna post: Just doing my normal chiming in here: Thus far, I've heard a lot of people's reactions to the album. Some people, like myself, love every track on the project. Also some people, like myself, did work on the project so may have a little bit of a bias there but regardless, many people who weren't a part of it said they love it all, many people have said they like a lot of song, quite a few have said they like at least one or two songs, and I may recall a small few saying they didn't like anything. Regardless, the vast majority have found that they like at least ONE song, and honestly, for that, the project should be considered a success. This truly is a "there's something for everyone" project, and from both a video game arrangement standpoint and even listening to it without knowing the source (there aren't many, but I'm sure someone has!), I think it all was worth it. Even if it was all garbage, we still had a blast making it and after all the work we did it was released for free. I guess the only complaint then would be that we took 3+ hours of your life away if you listened to every track, but just like Hans Moleman said: "I would have just wasted them anyway." I'll slip back into the shadows now. And with that *slip*
  2. The Saturn doesn't have a chiptunes player as far as I know, and music actually changed with your playing, the moods of friendlies and enemies, and other things. I guess you could choose your styling variants if you wanted from that "complete" OST if you really wanted, but it has to be songs that were included in the game (none of the bonus tracks). I shouldn't directly link to a site that has the OST in MP3 format. But if you're having trouble finding the music, shoot me a PM and I'll point you in the right direction.
  3. You're already on the tracklist, we talked about this buddy. It's still your turn for phone-tag PMed You forgot to bring a brown-bag lunch! PMed
  4. Yeah yeah, this is all your fault anyway. If you didn't do such a good job with the last one I wouldn't feel inspired to try it myself. Oh, and you PERSONALLY can't claim a track until I hear a report from Ms. OA that you've gotten some sleep, taken a vacation, and cleared your plate a bit of other stuff.
  5. Listening party details: Time: Sunday, July 10th. 6 PM EST. Place: OCR listening party IRC, irc.esper.net (room #OCRListeningParty) OverClocked ReMix presents, in association with NiGHTSIntoDreams.com: Project Director: Level 99 Project Assistants: Bahamut, Prophetik Project Associate Producers: DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY Website: Vilecat Artwork: JoF, TRiPPY, Ryuko DragonHalf, Keiiii, Ellavega, OA NiGHTs into dreams was released on July 5th, 1996. It is a game that means a lot to me, and has a fantastic soundtrack that I feel is in need of proper tribute. The 15th anniversary of the game’s release will be July 5th, 2011, and I can think of no better way to celebrate this than to organize and create a NiGHTs Arrangement project. There will be a lot of art, and a lot of music. 2 Discs of music, in fact. The album doesn't have an overall musical theme, besides the inclusion of the NiGHTS motif in nearly every track, but rather a consistent level of quality in the ability to evoke various thoughts and images of dreams in the listener. The tracklist is below: Level 99, Avaris, and The Prophet of Mephisto - NiGHTs and Reala (The Nemesis Schema) Level 99 - Growing Wings (Twin Seeds Flyby) LuIzA - Deep It Lies (Lies within Dreams) Geshen of Balamb - Suburban Museum (Urban Museum) Tryezz feat. DiGi Valentine - The Mantle (New Jack Mantle) Level 99 and the Dreamers - Dreams Dreams (The World is Dreaming) Dj Mokram - The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream (The Desert had a Strange Dream) Sixto - Gate of Your Dreams (Beyond the Dream) Cyril the Wolf, Level 99, Brandon Snell - E-LE-KI Sparkle (Clawz Jam) ProtoDome - Under Construction (The NiGHT has just begun...) AkumajoBelmont - Paternal Horn (I'll Fly You (nel cielo notturno)) MattInc - Message from Nightopia (Panzer Nightopia) José the Bronx Rican - Gloom of The N.H.C. (Overnight Cloverleaf) Josh Whelchel feat. Danielle Messina and Ryan C. Connelly - D’Force Master (Dies, Nox et Omnia) AkumajoBelmont, Level 99 - Dreams Dreams (Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix)) Avaris, Level 99 - Deep It Lies (Restless Depths) Rozovian - The Amazing Water (Flow of Dreams) Audio Fidelity, Josh Dunlap, Eric Griffin, Ben Charles - Dreams Dreams ~In Silent Memory~ (Slumber on a City Corner) Benjamin Briggs - She had Long Ears (She Had Angry Pixels) pu_freak - Fragmented Nights (From Dusk till Dawn) Sundog - Take the Snow Train (Trans-Siberian Tuning Fork) OA, DragonAvenger - After the Dream (Tomorrow Should Have Been Last Night) Fishy - She had Long Ears (She can has long ears) Emunator - Gate of your Dreams (Sleepless Nights) Bonus: AkumajoBelmont, Level 99 - Dreams Dreams (Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix)[10" Karaoke Mix]) ProtoDome - Under Construction (The NiGHT has just begun...[10" Karaoke Mix])
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    Mame cabinet

    I started building a MAME "box" a little while ago. I say box because the last thing I'm building is the actual cabinet itself. I've never had any experience in woodshop or that stuff, hell, I can't even really solder anything, but eventually I'll muster the energy, time, and purchase materials. For now, I have a 24" Dell Trinitron on top of a cooler on a table hooked up to my TankStick and my laptop, and I gotta say, besides seeing the cabinet, I'm loving the arcade feel. I honestly have no bad things to say about the tankstick whatsoever. I guess that may be the case because I don't pay too much attention to arcade sticks and builds and that stuff (I couldn't tell the difference between different model buttons, but I can say that the TankStick beats the crap out of my Hori Tekken 5 PS2 stick). It was easy to service for someone who knows nothing about this stuff, and their online FAQs/sheets are great. I'd say if you're a real die-hard arcade purist, get someone to custom build using actual arcade parts. If you're just looking for a fun two-player stick setup for a casual MAME cabinet, the TankStick will probably suit you perfectly. Note: Their lifetime warranty and the fact that they cover shipping in case you have a problem was the deal-winner in my case. I hate spending money to ship stuff back to be fixed.
  7. Yelling "SLUT" on IRC and having someone respond is just extremely satisfying after a long day at work, just thought you should know.

  8. Hey, welcome and get nice and cozy here in the forums. If you're looking for us to "motivate" you by giving you how we got started, you're going to be here for a LOOOONG time. Learn the ropes a little, ask questions, get help in the WIP forums (which, despite me being around almost five years I've only just started to use ) and get to work! First tip: If you respond to multiple posts, use that nice little multiple quote button on the bottom-right before you hit post-reply. It makes it easier to keep threads organized if you know you're responding to multiple posts Okay, so, my first remix? I was just talking about it earlier today, actually. I didn't start here, I started at another site called VGMix. The first remix I ever did was of the Final Fantasy Tactics - Pub track, and I did it pretty....unconventionally. I had three acoustic guitars the whole song while having a bunch of my friends loop over environmental/foley sounds and conversations to make it sound like a mariachi band playing in a pub. I'll try to PM you later with a link if you want to have a listen. Note: people can progress very far quickly, so a lot of older work for a lot of people here may sound very different. But I guess if you're looking for stuff to aspire to, and seeing how everyone got their start, here's a good place to start.
  9. Oh, FFT...one of my three favorite soundtracks of all time. The first remix I EVER really did (this was back when I was getting started, and on VGmix, around 2004) was the FFT pub theme. Bringing back memories. I second this request, but also will do my best to fulfil any should good ideas pop in my head for them. Otherwise, ull encouragement for people to pick them up.
  10. Quick note: how come so many of us have quotes from OA in our sigs? I think he's invaded all of our minds by now. Edit: and by so many, I mean three of us.
  11. Just so you know, it's stuff like this that has kept my heart melted in a puddle on the floor this entire week thus far in absolute glee.
  12. heppi burfdey, marzipaaaa- I, I mean Luke...yes, that's who's birthday it is. Luuuuuuke. Did you know that The Damned is really your father? You've been lied to all these years. Make it a great day, man.
  13. Awesome, guys. Thank you everyone for the feedback, and so quickly too! I'll have some time to work on some improvements later this week, and am talking to a friend about borrowing/buying his acoustic bass. Looks like I'll be trying that first before adding other things, though the percussion is still definitely in the back of my mind. Thanks for listening and also for the compliments as well. Even if this doesn't end up being OCR material, it's still something I wanna do Hopefully updates in a few days. In terms of recording quality and eq-ing, how did that stuff sound? I'm trying to increase the "professionalism and production quality" of my mixes...
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    MAGFest 8

    that was awesome.
  15. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    You sure you got the EXP, STR, and DEX to take on Mr. Level 99? I BUILT THIS CITY ON MAXING MY STATS!...moving on... While Brad may have confusions surrounding my sexual ambiguity, I most definitely have flipped over two amazing Sweds possibly coming to the states (again? I know AeroZ has been before, me and Brad introduced him to the American Hamburger, and he didn't tame it all before giving up on it, but is this your first visit, anso?). I'd have to check with my housemate/landlord about it, but I believe it should be okay. Don't book a flight til I confirm the okay-ability though! We'll have to make a list of all the things you need to try when you're here, including Five Guys. AeroZ may be good, but my appetite has grown larger, and isn't satiable as easily anymore... But for serious, as long as my housemates are cool with it, let's do this thing. The original ride plan to MAG may be ditched cause we wouldn't all fit in one car at that point, but I have no problem driving. Funny how that works out: I'm cute and I have a car and lots of kindness. And video games, lots and lots of video games. And muffins.
  16. Great intro, but the sour-note-through-transitions of the low-end buzzy-synth for some reason don't sit well with me. The brass pad on the left that's presence from the beginning might do well to be cut out after :43 simply because the higher-end synth doesn't mesh too well with the attack delay (pardon if I don't use the terms properly, basically the slowness of the brass pad notes reaching maximum volume). I love the blip synth and ambient stuff you put in there. You said it was just an intro, but you've got to finish more of it just so I can see where this ending crescendo goes to! This is my first time ever leaving feedback in WIPs, and I'm trying to contribute more as I begin to take advantage more of the WIP section, so forgive me if this isn't too helpful or if it seemed harsh at all. I'm still learning!
  17. To quote on of your posts about bLiNd: "PLUS I'm the one that makes him do the projects most of the time anyway."

    This is hillarious and revealing. I loled.

  18. Why do I have the inclination to fly out there and make visiting this a birthday present to myself? My bday is the 19th, and I still am not sure what I'm doing, but if I'm doing anything big, it'll be the 14th or 15th. I have to think, but honestly, a great birthday present would be to see all y'alls smiling faces and begin to conclude summer the right way. Edit: If I decide to, I'm going to kidnap Prophet and Avaris and take them in my luggage with me. And no, I will not poke airholes or put any bubble-wrap padding.
  19. Hey guys and gals. I started writing this in my head a few weeks ago, and last night I basically had to record it for fear of losing the ideas, or fear that it would make my brain explode if I didn't get it out of there. I posted it on #ocrwip last night, and got some great feedback from Hemophiliac and Dyne, but I'd love other people's ideas. It's an acoustic guitar rendition with three guitars, but I was thinking of adding some light percussion like a shaker and timbale, and someone mentioned adding a flute lead at some point. The suggestions given thus far to try out have been as follows: * fix the out of tune guitar/bad notes (I knew this before posting, the WIP was recorded in about 2 hours just so I could get feedback ) * try an acoustic bass/alternative bass to the one rhythm guitar doing the low-end * up the lead an octave during faster section so it sounds less muddled (acoustic bass might fix this as well) * do more bending and sliding * add a flute I'm sure there was more, but I don't have the IRC logs in front of me. Well, anyway, here's the WIP version one: ta-da!
  20. A) That grill is all sorts of epic. It's about half the 2/3 the size of "Shorty's" grill, if anyone from the Baltimore area knows who I'm talking about. Best BBQ we have to offer! Way to get a new forum name. I wonder how you pulled that one off
  21. Gah! You live near me, apparently!

  22. Or so the man says....nobody knows the truth but him! Oh, and you left one smirnoff ice at my place. Nobody here wanted it.
  23. Duly noted. I still think you stared less than the two males I can remember looking Well, if you and bLiNd are ever in the area again, let me know. You're both more than welcome to visit! Psh, Liontamer had a blast, and for some reason didn't seem to mind when the white naked man tripped into his bed...
  24. If you teach me to play cello I'll let you take me to level 100. I promise I wont struggle next MAGfest. I've noticed that many of AeroZ's tracks contain very emotive strings and synth selections, if not on a bit of the goofy side sometimes. This track, however, seems to have none of the goofiness like in his Overture ~ Tellah's Prophecy track. The live strings are nearly heart-wrenching and the mastering meshes the instrumental selections together throughout the entire song in a way that you can't help but feel immersed in the emotion conveyed. The first time I listened I was pretty speechless. KEEP IT UP!