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  1. I'm ashamed to admit but I was never THAT GOOD at many games, especially for the NES. (Bear with me here, I've had memory issues for anything happening before I was 16 so, while I believe this is quite accurate, may be revised after asking my Mom about it later ) Story-time again: Birthday, 1991. I got TMNT for the NES and, like most kids of that time, was just really excited to play with those shelled-heroes on my tv. Now, if you haven't played it, this game is not only quite different from the TV show, but INSANELY FRIGGIN' HARD FOR A 6 YEAR OLD. After breaking two, yes two, controllers for the system, Mommy thought it was time to get another game. While at Toys R' Us, I was distracted by this new shiny box that had a pixelated GAME GENIE logo on it. The "master your games" tagline was enough to sell me. Cue typical child pestering at toy store to get such-and-such toy. And thus began a life-long habbit of relying on the easy way out if games were too hard (exclude any two-player games, I wasn't that much of a douche). So yes, way back when games were meant to be harder. I guess you could say the harder the game meant the longer you played it, and the longer you played it the better value it seemed to have to your parents/the game creator/the retail that sold it to you. I'm probably way off there, but the point is it's what people were used to. Nowadays, many more games focus on multiplayer, and the difficulty factor is lower due to either a lower attention span in general or any other number of factors one could claim. I would just take it as gaming's progress. Example: Contra was a ridiculously hard game, despite a cheat code that made it much more beatable, was still a blast. Look at something like Vampire Rain now, with a large difficulty factor attributed to buggy design and terrible production decisions. I know there were a number of topics I brought up that are debatable, but that's just my opinion on things.
  2. Yeah, Malaki is dead-on with that. Like how one can associate smells with feelings and memories. The random-impulse happened to me really badly for weeks with three casual games: Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants Vs. Zombies. I dunno what kind of crack popcap puts in their stuff, but it made me want to play them constantly for weeks. And right now, I want to go and beat all 6 original NES Megaman games.
  3. So I guess the moral of the story is a) we're too imaginative we get too into our games or c) many of us have random bouts of hallucinations and insantiy....or d) all of the above. That Mirror's Edge thing sounds awesome, I may have to force myself to try imagining that sometime. Oh, and here we are: I've logged probably more than 800 hours into the Katamari games over the years. At one point, I was looking at random objects and calculating how big my katamari would have to be in order to pick it up, and planning my route to get to the biggest size the fastest. The worst time was going to Sam's Club...
  4. I would say the exact same thing. Though it had happened before as well when I got R4 for the PS1. I was just learning to drive then, and I had the OST in my car stereo. All I needed was a place tracker and a time limit somewhere in vision and I couldn't have told the difference. Glad you didn't wreck the car.
  5. Ok, that tetris effect article scared the crap outa me. Not lying. I'm already OCD about shit, now I'm terrified to play tetris ever again! But for serious, I had a friend who played F.E.A.R. constantly after I gave it to him. He wouldn't stop, he loved it, but the scary parts drove him nuts. He was staying up late doing engineering homework and playing the game so much that he lost track of time and didn't sleep. He went to class that day in a big lecture hall and started freaking out cause he kept seeing Alma crawling towards him over the seats out of the corner of his eye. He has not played any F.E.A.R. games since.
  6. I completely relate to the "i want it the moment I get rid of it" syndrome, which is why I hesitate on throwing stuff away or selling it a lot. But oh well, sometimes we all need money and/or more room to store shit. I was at the gym today and I had this crazy urge to come home and play some left 4 dead.
  7. List the game you really want to play when the mood randomly strikes and you're doing other things. Example: You're eating your lunch at work and really REALLY want to go home and play Typing of the Dead. Or you're sitting in the car stuck in traffic and you suddenly have a craving to play Legacy of the Wizard. Different games for different times. Ready? Go!
  8. Yeah, I remember the creator saying they wouldn't make another unless they improved the way the game was played (different method of controls was implied) as opposed to just doing a big redux of the original. Ironically, the PS2 remake came out (Japan only, *sigh*), and the sequel on Wii, which I can understand would qualify as changing the way it's played. It's a shame about the Wii version's difficulty, especially since it's the only NiGHTs a lot of people younger than us possibly know. I don't think he was implying he disliked the music, you sleep-deprived sexyman! And you are approved, my friend.
  9. I thought that I saw something incorrect. In your event post for the FF4 live radio show, you have the dates wrong: this friday is July 31st, and Saturday is August 1st. You should probably clear up whether you meant Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and sunday :)

  10. Okay, I'm already admitting that I haven't combed through this thread, so forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered (and if it has been answered, please add it to the Judges Pannel OCRWiki page, which is where I looked regarding this). The YES judgements do seem to take quite a bit longer than NO, NO (RESUB), and direct post. I can definitely understand this, but I was wondering if you could further elaborate on the last part of this line, found in the Judges Pannel OCRWiki page: "The speed of the judging process depends on a variety of factors including judge availability, familiarity with source material, and disputed votes requiring the attention of a greater number of judges." There are a lot of mixes that get three No's and their threads are made public, but for many YES mixes they seem to need more than three, unless I'm just not stalking every judges pannel sub thread enough to see that is untrue. SO the bottom line is how many judges are needed to YES a mix: minimum, maximum, and what exactly dictates how many more judges are needed to give in a vote if the song is disputed (eg 2 yes/2 no, 4 yes/1 no, etc.)? Thanks for your time.
  11. I friggin' hate the ShamWow guy. On another note, just wondering how many people have actually played the either NiGHTs into Dreams or the Wii's NiGHTs: Journey into dreams?
  12. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    Level 99 and Avaris are definites man. No way I'm missing this.
  13. Dude...stop...stealing my birthday. srsly. This means I'm seven years older than you, and that's kind of freaking me out. FREAK OUT!

  14. Bahaha sorry Meteo Xavier, but this is an iconic example of how funny the internet can be. Good luck in your quest to discover the true nature of the trifo-I mean, of Slut.

  15. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    Add audio fidelity and The Prophet of Mephisto. audio's a definite (as we just all booked the room), and Prophet is a positive maybe, but so help me he better be there or else I will post revealing pictures of him all over the place!
  16. For Sale: Xbox 360 Arcade (Jasper core, pristine condition w/original box, all cables, wireless controller) + 60 gb 360 hd + VGA AV cables = $300 (I have 10 or so games, but I can't remember them off the top of my head, will bundle all games for $350, and will edit this post later to include the list) Playstation PSP-2000 Softmodded (also pristine condition, with sleeve, power cable + usb cable, 2 gb mem stick, includes Lumines and Me & My Katamari) = $150 I'm sure I'll have some other stuff to sell, and anything else I find lying around that isn't really worth much for either of these systems I'll throw in for free. Buyer's gotta pay for shipping!
  17. I dunno who else to report this to, but you are showing as active right now, and can probably handle it.

    Looks like user 710712767186116 is a spam bot or something, posting these long strings and gibberish.

  18. Okay, basically my sound card broke last week. It's been fighting a losing battle over time and it finally kicked it, so I had to go out and get another one. Well, first, I'd like to say how surprised I am at the quality-to-price ratio of the Lexicon LambdA. It actually is making my guitars sound better right out of the box. Second, here's the list of things I will be doing to this before the next WIP (which I dunno when it will be, so many mixes on my list!!!): Re-record the guitars using new setup: Direct guitar pickup + MXL991 phantom-power mic recording simultaneously (hopefully will get that live acoustic warmth and reverb while retaining the brightness and clarity of the pickup, which always sounded hollow before). Smoothe out the transition from slow to fast Try different ways to getting the sound to be less muddy and over-crowded at certain points. Better mastering and possible additions of instruments (biggest one would be stuff for rhythm, either guitar "slapping" percussion or small hand-held percussion, possibly another instrument for a lead bit) Thanks to all the feedback again, I really appreciate it guys.
  19. I would have to say it really is a personal preference here. If what he was looking for is high-quality sound engineering, mixing and mastering, so be it, not all the songs may have been his cup of tea. I'm of your opinion, Wiesty, that production may not end up as the be-all-end-all deciding factor of a good mix, but in many cases, it plays significant part. Coming from a perspective where sound theory and mastering is still pretty new to me, many things I've found to sound good in my own mixes were done by mistake at first. Many of these arguments boil down to the personal opinion of the listener, as music is anything but objective. And now, I'm giving everyone a big hug.
  20. Oh crap, that means I can't post my mix here either!
  21. *jawdrops* What? Wow. This is almost too awesome for words. I'll be at a bonfire at the time but will bring my laptop to get on the chat and make my friends listen in by force if I have to. Feels like FF4 listening-party-v2. Thanks for the support! Edit: This Friday is July 31st, and Saturday is August 1st...so, hmmm.
  22. a) zircon just vomited cause you said that, I hope you're happy. You made zircon vomit on his honeymoon. are you "the prophet of mephisto" or just "prophet", I am confused. I am error. Random idea: If this will be two dics, I was thinking maybe there could be a "NiGHTs - Dreamers" disc, which all the orchestral, light techno, easy vocal mixes etc., and a "Reala - Nightmares" disc with all the kickass rock and heavier stuff. Depends on what is turned in, but it would probably be nice to have mood-suited music divisions. Just a thought.
  23. Don't be hating on the man for making a post to post info about a post he's updated. Oh, and pleasure hurry up with this musics. I want to have enough OCR stuff to fill up my ipod with remixes-only. (that's 40 gigs, brah). Actually, I am really excited to see what everyone's turned out for this.
  24. Yeah, but I'm still waiting for him to PM me/get in contact again (he said his internet's off til next week). Your name is on it, next to his, so talk with him if you want or just go ahead on your own. Wow, might end up with three NiGHTs/Reala mixes...intense. Hopefully that isn't overkill! Personal note: it feels extremely weird to be at the gym listening to a song like Paternal Horn while working out, but it beats the shit out of the jock-jams-esque music they have on the speakers.
  25. Just so you know, I kind of hate you right now: I haven't been able to get that song you sent me last night out my head, I've literally had that minute-sample on repeat many times today. KEEP IT UP!