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  1. There. Now give me some pie.

  2. make that tomorrow, oy.

  3. HEY! You know what? The Muffins are missing your Trombone for Splash Hop! :D

  4. I will get on doing another edit hopefully tomorrow. After that, I'll leave it to you all to clean it up any further :D

  5. Aaaand bam. Now hush! (thanks for letting me write it!)

  6. My bad, I fell behind with some other stuff. I'm aiming to crank it out before noon today!

  7. Yo. I gotta have my thing, man. GOTTA push this out. SEND SEND SEND.

  8. Will do, also may need you on another track if you come through quickly on the other one.

  9. I can see you right now.

  10. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiishy. where are yoooooooooou.

  11. Errrrm well, as it stands now, Cyril hasn't covered it yet. The opportunity is still yours atm.

  12. Can you still do it?

  13. ...23 seconds? That's, like, not even good foreplay time.

  14. I see you online, sir. Get on IRC if you're able!

  15. I BELIEVE NiGHTS is one of them, I recall seeing it once or twice. Just...wow, my memory sucks today.

  16. Don't make me bring your shed into this.

  17. You do realize I am an old man and go to bed quite early, sir. I has received your messages, let me know when you want to chat or just send me a pm. ENJOY YER SNOWBOARDING.

  18. OH YOU, Laddergoat, YOU SO RANDOM!

  19. Look, consider this a trial run. This is one of our EASIEST songs, so we'll talk other stuff after. XD

  20. YOU, SIR! Can you get online one of these days? I has things I need to talks to you about. Many, many things. PM me so I can know if and when to meet you online...by the streetlight....in a trenchcoat....

  21. Were there any other WIPs you wanted me to listen to?

  22. http://www.fathomevents.com/comedy/event/rifftraxlive_hohh.aspx?utm_source=RiffTrax_HOHH&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=HOHH_FathomPage

    Rifftrax live next week. I told Brushfire and djp about it as well. Hopefully, we can find a theatre in between Baltimore and VA that works for all of us. You up for it?