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  1. Dude. Your sig. Me rikey, vely much. "It's either you definitely shouldn't play with matches or you definitely...should."

  2. I must speak with you soon, sire.

  3. Hope your Summer was good, mang!

  4. Just letting you know that you are a cool, cool dude. You keep doing what you doing.

  5. Happy birthday, you CAD!

  6. If you saw, yours and halc's is already confirmed on bonus.

  7. you and me, sir, we must talk soon. we must talk about antics for the next OCR fundraising month.

  8. I did. I thanked you a million times already. Well, half a million: half the million was paid in advance, and the other half when you finish the job! But for now, go eat some chicken. You deserve chicken.

  9. Harpy Brothday, Mr. Awesome!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nutalicious...I mean, Nutritious.

  11. So, let's fix things, one song at a time. I CALL FIRST DIBS!

  12. YOU! Where's that render you promised from the other day? I will render YOU in contempt of awesome, soon.

  13. Happy birthday, you salty dog.

  14. You never answered my PM. I have a big laundry bag with a characteristic dollar-sign on it for you...

  15. THEY WERE f-ING AWESOME! Seriously, it's up there in my top 5 ska bands now. Thank you so much for introducing them to me.

  16. Hi there. You are tall and awesome.

  17. Do me a favor.

    Bug me every single day to get work done on the Muffins tracks.

    But only after I get back next Thursday.

  18. I'd like to put in a request for something that should be obvious for the "Stevo photoshop" thread:


    No idea how to pull it off, but it's all there: the smile, the beard, and the thumbs up.

  19. SHAMBRAIN! It's shampoo...for your brain!

  20. My beard is eternally being stroked in your sig, isn't that cu--- OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO DAVID?! That is SERIOUSLY creepy, man. It's like a possessed teddy bear!

  21. Can you play swing-style piano, sir? Something like...The Boogie Bumper?