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  1. Did you change your forum/remixer name AGAIN? Settle on one name and keep it, damnit, otherwise I'll tell OA to viciously spoon you next MAG. And by vicious, I mean spooning enough to draw blood.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. "So (in my Opinion) make it more Heavier

    Fix the main theme

    and this remix need something else i dont know what"

    THOSE were the exact words.

    Also, h8 you. ::wink::

  3. Well, I have Sampletank 2.5 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik, and Sonic Synth 2 (couldn't resist the buy one get two free deal). I have some general interface questions as well as any tips you could provide on how to effectively use something like Sonic Synth. This is my first time having a real sampler engine like this and I'm a bit lost for functionality. I'm going to read the manual for sure but next time we have a jam session do you think you can give me some tutilige?

  4. So I just got some IK Multimedia stuff. I have heard you use IK Multimedia stuff. Is there truth to this statement, or has the evidence been falsified?


    Hope your day is awesome.

  6. You should tell me how that "party" went on Saturday night. Your message left me at a cliffhanger!

  7. I just have to say this: i saw your bossmonth sig just as I was listening to BGM4 from SimCity 2000, and for some reason the timing of the song sync'd perfectly with the sig animation. WEIRD.

  8. Heya, Hitori. Catch me the next time you're online. We got some stuff to talk about!

  9. It's fine, dude. Honestly, the update you gave was absolutely worth it.

  10. That would be Jof, a good friend of mine and an AWESOME NiGHTSy dude. He also did a lot of the artwork for the Winter Dreamers EP last Winter. Definitely expect more from him.

  11. I've just been busy with other important things. I haven't forgotten, it's just not the biggest focus I have right now with everything else going. Your patience is appreciated, though. Go watch Sunshine a few more times while you wait :P

  12. I found this while getting your song for OCAD and figured that if you didn't have it already, you'd want it.

    Novastorm PC RIP: 320 kbps MP3


    click Télécharger ce fichier

  13. I hopes you saw mah post in our privat frums. I promiz we get bak on trak around June. I SWARE!

  14. I never reveal my secrets. Actually, I don't have any secrets in the area you are referring. It comes from a) being friendly B) being talkative and c)[sUPER SECRET HERE HA HA]

  15. Agreed. We MUST do it again. Soon. Very soon.

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're still incredi-awesome for doing the OCAD sigs. Hope your birthday brings you a giant oreo cake.

  17. Hi, Shaun. It's been....too long since I left some audio-love-stains on your wall. Consider your profile officially loved.

  18. Is it your birthday? I GUESS IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

    Harpy Brothday!

  19. I hope your crazy hectic weeks are going well, dude! The muffins eagerly await your return to freedom.

  20. I just got your voicemail from over the weekend. It was long, drawnout, and unoriginal. You followed the exact parameters let out for you, and didn't break out of the box at all. Your performance was pretty amateur. Blatant MIDIRIP.