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  1. :o a super-prize?! for me!? I must tune in now to know what this mystery reveal is!
  2. Voluptuous Cauliflower

  3. You quit stalking ME. BTW, set up that bar rendezvous for your staring contest. Tickets are sold it. It will be on pay-per-view, too.

  4. I see you. Looking at me.

  5. I have no idea who you are but I would just like to say that your username is fantastic. I'm not sure if someone already has it, but if there is a Conan the Librarian here, you two need to get into a heated image-post thread at some point.

  6. I will have lyrics for you, come hell or high water, by Sunday night.

  7. Pidgin is a fantastic freeware multi-client Instant Messaging program. Definitely recommended, get that installed and pick a day/time other than Saturday during the morning or afternoon.

  8. Sorry I had to miss your senior recital. I hope it went spanktacularly. Let us talk soon, yes?

  9. Sup sup sup sup slurpie

  10. "I need you baaaby, something somethign something baby, something something purple pants"

  11. Ehh, I wouldn't think so, simply because I'm merely the organizer, I wouldn't want the credit for that track to all push traffic to my website. I'll see if I can figure out a way to make a quickie site that links to the sites of each member. Will get back to you shortly.

  12. So I got your message on AIM. I will say thank you, but nearly all of your thanks should go to Protodome. However, I meant to harass you anyways: ZELDA MIX. We talk about that. Asap. Seriously.

  13. Happy early birthday man!

  14. Nope, unfortunately the Plaid Muffins don't have an official website! Thanks for checking, though.

  15. I'm on it this weekend, bro.

  16. you already signed the agreement, sorry.

  17. whoa.

    whoa whoa whoa.

    you're THAT protricity?

    Dude, you suck.

  18. 1) I'm halfway done writing lyrics for Metal Harbor

    2) I'm having major mental brickwalls in terms of ideas for And My Name's Booster

    3) I miss yer butt, let's have another AIM chat sometime real real soon so that we can get stuff organized for our next pieces of stuff!

  19. We all are, it's understandable.

  20. Aight, no more buggin' 4 sax. Gonna find someone else, yo.

  21. I might have to encourage you to do Maverick Rising 2 just so you can name it "Maverick Rising 2: Rising Harder". That name...is just....awesome.