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  1. I only got the intro part of the track done lol Highly doubt you want 10 second intro submitted. I will try again some other time, but I won't post anything saying that "I might" do one... So for now, I will wait until this one is released so I can go back to being a listener (= One day I hope to be re-mixer, but this isn't that day.
  2. OCR opened me up to different styles of music. Then anime opened me up to world music. I am not a musician, but I do like Spotify and video game music. At first when I was 8 I only liked rap, then about 15 I liked Rap and Grunge. Now I like every style... Rap, Rock, World, EDM, Country, etc... Video Games and Anime are my life now, and listening to over 200 genres makes that life much much sweeter. (= So Why do I like music? It is because it is creative, and creativity is open to interpretation and exploration of the mind.
  3. As an unknown I missed last year simply to practice composing. I have approximately 2 months now to come up with something because my project I was working on is on its final stages of completion thus leaving me more of a window to submit something for review for the Overclocked Xmas v8. I am super excited to start, still unknown if I can finish it on time. I have an idea already but i'm just hoping this idea hasn't been done. Making an Xmas sample is easy, making it into a track however seems a bit more challenging. I guess it's crunch time =D
  4. Smash would rule even more of OCRemixers were on that list. Wonder if the Wii Us music would be posted too or maybe those tracks are for both and Wii Us version won't have any exclusive from the DS'. But neat on the music though (= Oh yeah one more thing... Falco?
  5. I never really played a horror game except for maybe Doom... I never played Slender or anything of that nature because the ones I tried to play never worked on my PC. Always wanted to try a horror game to see what all the buzz is about, since this game seems to get everybody's attention and it is on Steam, I just have to try it. Video Games don't really affect my dreams, because I have the ability to control and observe what happens in them 97 percent of the time. Overall: Five Nights @ Freddys sounds like a good game, I saw videos of it and its on my wishlist. Hope its as good as everyone says it is. (=
  6. Dat Rayman Teaser though... I am thinking this is Nintendos way of saying "We support you 3rd Parties out there, don't forget about us". xD
  7. Falco or ROB or another pokemon are my guesses. (And hopes) Excited NTL. Can't wait for winter. Also, the character being announced (and future) probably will be DS exclusives up until after the release of the DS version. Wouldnt it be weird if it were more Capcom characters (seeing as Mega Man wasn't a pain for them to obtain afterall lol)
  8. I am not a musician, or a DJ but I do like to experiment with sounds. I never show anything I make to my friends or anybody I know irl. I just throw it online, hold my breath, and hope for the best. As for me about my own music: I don't like to listen to it because it feels a bit boastful. It is an uneasy feeling, and sometimes I even skip it. I throw it online for others to hear, and criticize as they see fit. I then take it down to find a way to improve it. I do get sidetracked sometimes by another idea and make a new sample but I always come back to what I take down. But yeah as for the OT: I do not like to boast or play my own music because it feels weird to me lol.
  9. What happens with me, is I start with an idea. (Example: Like I want to make something commemorating Blues Clues) Then let's say I want to try it as a dubstep sample... Then once I make my genre selection, I listen to other tracks of that same genre. (Example: dubstep = Krewella, Skrillex, Nero)... After that I start experimenting with 2 leads to form the beginning, once I find that good opening I fill in the rest with the bassline and synths. Then I find samples to include in it as well. Once you have this idea of how you want it to sound, then the rest is just finding the right note or loop. But this is just me, and I am not a musician =)
  10. I remember a track about mega man with a track titled "my groin" or something like on back on vgmix /ocremix radio back in the early 2000s. I also remember "2-2 blues", "dirtymix", "2001 elasticnewyear" (or something like that), and "hyrule angel" since then I been hooked on ocremix. (=
  11. Cant wait for this game but I gotta buys a WII U x_x Also cant wait for kingdom hearts 3 but I have to buy a PS4 or XBONE x_x I have to sacrifice one system over the other to get at least one of these gems. I chose Smash Brothers Wii Brawl U because I weighed in pros and cons of each game and system. It took me forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver to make this choice. What I want from Smash Brothers Wii Brawl U are as follows: 1) Bring back Custom Stages 2) Better Single Player Adventure Mode 3) More Pokemon 4) More Assist Trophies 5) R.O.B. and Falco If the minimum of at least 3 of these 5 are met, I will get a Wii U. If only 2 of these are met, then I'm getting a PS4. This was my final conclusion (=
  12. I'm not a composer but as for posting unused stuff on soundcloud, I say keep it private or add various portions of it to a WIP playlist. Get feedback on it then post the full complete version in public form. I have to go back to my previous samples on soundcloud to alter them then re-upload them. If you want, keep unused stuff private if you don't want feedback on it. If you worried about someone stealing it then have a "listening feedback party" where you choose who listens to that unused portion and have them give you feedback. Do this via cloud and give them the link. Hope I understand the original topic and this helped.
  13. I remember playing Shaq Fu it was so bad I to this day don't know what possessed me to buy it might have been age (I was under 9 at the time). The 1st one was so unbearable I played on total 1 hour of it in my lifetime. It's collecting dust now, and nobody would buy it from me lol Since they are making a second one STOP ME IF YOU SEE ME BUYING THE GAME!
  14. Recently Downloaded the album, thanks for this! Excellent job on it everyone (=
  15. Insanity is what I do, why be normal and average, they are way over-done xD And since when does doing a humor-side track about a guy in a red suit breaking into peoples homes to drop off "gifts", a track about religion anyway lol EDIT: I finished my composition, part of it is on my soundcloud, but it is far from done don't think I will submit anything this year I started too late x_x
  16. I heard about this yesterday but mostly from fans of the site, I checked out the site to see if it is true, and I didn't see anything abut this on the site. Where is this info? Or is the info about it shutting down on it now? Perhaps I will check again. Winamp was my 1st media player since I got my Windows XP machine many moons ago. If it is true that it is shutting down, then I will be one sad panda, but hopefully it will still function like normal. Idk if it's supporting features like AOL Music and shout-cast will be around, but I doubt it. I discovered OCR from Winamp Radio. x_x
  17. Oh good, and hey that sounds like fun i'ma do that after this track is done xD Jingle bells with flutes, train whistles and farts, hmm I'ma take this and "Easter Egg" it into my track thanks for this =D But yeah, I posted on this thread before and I would send a sample out but I keep going back and changing it up lol. I don't want to hurry on this seeing as there is always next year but I am excited to see this track to the end.
  18. try beat twist, its free but complex. its very expansive (lots to do on it), and perfect for an original rhythm.
  19. I like making loops, it isn't cheating if you create multiple loops and mix them together. Creating one long loop can be (I do that a lot) but I also add synths and ambient loops to create a feel of the track. Use drum loops but back it with synths and it won't be cheating. Just makes the track more "Chill".
  20. Hi! I actually tried some composing (Something I am really bad at), turned out surprisingly good now I just got to work it in with my holiday sample, mix it, render it, twerk I mean tweak it, then when its all done... Send it for approval. I'm normally a sampler so i'm excited to see this project finished, and hopefully approved (=
  21. First I heard of OCR was from winamp. I went into browse radio, typed in "video game radio" from that list was OCR. I queued it into my winamp, pressed play, and saved the link to the radio, and a year later found the site, and was hooked ever since. I think this was in 2003 or 2004. Too bad the station no longer exists but i still have the mp3s and downloads from this site so its all good
  22. WARNING a wild WOT appeared. I am a newbie to music, my music that i do are mainly samples. I want to get good at remixing and in a few dozen years (like 12) if I keep at it, I hope to submit to ocremix expect my 1st submission to ocremix in 2026 I keep experimenting with new sounds, new blends, new styles, and release at least one track per month on soundcloud. i am hoping that at least one of them will be an eye-popping "Whoa, sick track!", unlikely now that it would happen but soon it will xD Back to the OT... What makes a good music composer / remixer: 1) Experimentation, 2) Love for music, 3) Practice, and of course 4) Patience. 1) You need to constantly experiment to see what you can muster up, and think heavily outside of the box. You don't want people to say "This track sounds like 500 other tracks I heard before". Trust me, you will get this a lot so you will need to constantly be on your toes and experiment with new ways to make people say "Damn, This track is sick!". 2) You need to love music, if you don't constantly work with music then you will loose motivation to continue with your music projects, then you will have to "force" yourself to commit to music leaving you to say "meh" and move on to something else. If you don't like making music, or even listening to music then remixing and producing and composing will become a "job" or a "chore" rather then a "hobby" or an "interest". 3) Practice. If you make 500 bad tracks, somewhere in that 500 there is bound to be 1 good one. Find it, and make that good one better. This goes with dedication and inspiration. 4) Patience is key when dealing with music production and composition. If you see yourself "flying off the handle" alot when trying to edit or compose, then you just need to take a step back, and find the fun in it again then start over. Those are my tip and what helps me. I wuv music, i am a fan of every genre (maybe not every artist or every track) but all genres are of my liking. from traditional rock and roll to japanese-western-celtic-pop. Since I wuv music of a wide variety then helps with the inspiration for me to continue making a bunch of projects hoping that at least one of them one day will be good enough for an evaluation on ocr.
  23. I need one too lol I have a Yamaha Psr 260, it works like a dream but extremely difficult to near impossible to find support for it. It was an expensive model but I think the model itself became extinct. I had a midi input plug that went with it but I lost it x_x But If I were to pick one, I would pick a yamaha. They can be expensive, but very easy to learn and creating samples from it is very easy. Models now most likely will have the standard keyboard, more synths, more samples, touch-pads, recorders, FX, and midi input support. Look on newegg, or amazon to help you on your quest for the best keyboard. I wouldn't spend more then $250 on it, seeing as you can find sources online to help aid your mixes. EDIT: But yeah as stated before from the person above me, go cheap for composition look for Midi import (usb or ps/2) plug-in that would be a must. Standard keyboards that are like 50 or 30 dollars usually just come with a piano and no / little input functionality. Maybe someone else can help you out as well. (=
  24. I need to work on my samples to get better at it. But I am sure I can muster up something, I don't know if you will accept from me (an unknown) but i'm willing to give it a try. I have several ideas already, and since I am going to work on a Halloween track throughout the month, I feel it's only fitting to do an Xmas one. How many tracks will be on this? I downloaded several overclocked Xmas albums and they were all quite good. I can't wait for this years album (=
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