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  1. With a bit of luck, maybe this will come full circle, and someone will submit a remix of the track, only to be told "Sorry, song doesn't exist, we just made it up to fuck with people."
  2. What would be cool to see, would be a port+extras or remake of Secret of Mana, with wifi for multiplayer, bottom screen used to allow on-the-fly menu navigation so that the gameplay isnt broken up, and bug fixes for the various glitches in the game. What I'd love to see, though I don't know if the data is even still around, is for some of the cut content to be reinserted in the game. For those unaware, SoM was originally to be a SNES CD game, and when they put it on cart instead they had to cut content. Some sources have said up to 40% of the game's content was removed or edited in some way. At the very least, it'd be cool if they made the Lunar Palace a full dungeon (and maybe put in a chest and a boss that could drop the missing Glove and Axe Orbs).
  3. If only we knew which person had been served. As far as I can tell, Dhsu is calling atma dumb because Dhsu could see the sarcasm and Hyperion couldn't. This chain of events baffles me.
  4. Hyperion: Well, I'm confused now. Are you playing along with the joke, or are you genuine? For the record, I was being sarcastic in my post, as Chrono Trigger is one of the most highly rated (or over-rated, depending onwho you talk to) games of all time, and it holds the number 1 spot here at OCR for number of remixes. One in twenty mixes hosted here is a Chrono Trigger remix - it even beats out FF7, despite it recently having been given a 4-disc remix album treatment (with 3 and a half of those discs becoming OCR tracks).
  5. This is good news. Hopefully this port will bring this niche title to a new audience, which with luck will translate into remixes for the site. It's about time we got a few tunes for this underappreciated game that is disappointingly under-represented at OCR.
  6. I don't know if I'd call paying a monthly fee to be called a nigger over a laggy peer to peer connection "amazing online treatment", but hey. Horses for courses.
  7. There's been mention of the choice of either remixed or original tracks as an option in the game - any idea if there will be an option to select which stages have remixed tracks play, and which have original tracks playing? As for the lyrical debate... one must remember that the people posting on this forum are but a subset of videogame music remix fans, who themselves are a subset of music fans and videogame fans. To call a song remixed by anyone here "crap" is silly, of course, but by the same token to think less of someone who would prefer to hear non-hip-hop, or non-techno, or non-whatever-other-genres-one-cares-to-name is equally foolish. Many of the songs on this site could quite easily replace their original versions in the games they're from, and most would agree that the replacement was superior - but part of the purpose of some of the other tracks here is to take that song out of the game and change it in ways so that it would quite simply no longer be suitable. Look to JJT's F-Zero piano pieces. They're (IMO) brilliant works, and to me they're infinitely superior to the original tracks. However, when I play F-Zero, I want to hear the originals, or perhaps I'd want to hear the guitar arrange versions instead. Of course, there are some who'd disagree, and would prefer the piano in the game. Similarly, much of BotA's soundtrack is urban in its design, and that's not everyone's favourite genre. Much like classical, it seems to divide people more than many other genres. Some of it won't fit in a 2D fighter like SF, KoF, GG, or the like. Some may think it an insult to tell a composer or musician that their music doesn't belong somewhere - but I believe it's equally insulting to tell them that their work is safe and inoffensive and nicely fall into the background of anything, anywhere. Jose should not feel offended that some believe his music, especially his lyrics, don't fit in SSF2THD, because I don't think he set out to make "Spitting is Narcissism" a mere subsitute for a CPS2/QSound bgm file.
  8. Re: The Damned You're on the right track, but you've unfortunately thought things through one level too low. Everything you said is true, however it was actually Gamespot that masterminded this all along. Gamespot knew that if they canned the reviewer, that all you wrote would play out, and that although some would see through it all and know he was canned, most would be tricked by the double-bluff and think it was all Gertsman's scheme.
  9. True. In this case, consolidating his weaknesses allows for a Scarfvile to take down 5 of his team members.
  10. Your sig pic is of your team? Uh, mate, you've got a bit of an ice weakness there.
  11. Hehe. A japanese friend of mine said that in KoF circles in Japan, each KoF is considered to have two versions of the boss: the normal boss or the generous boss. If you've beaten the game, it's because you fought the generous boss.
  12. Ok, a lot's already been said... but hey, if 5 people name the same game, it's gotta be good, right? Anyways... River City Ransom is a must if you have a friend. This game is awesome. Metroid and Zelda are typical suggestions, but I say forget the first Zelda since its SNES sequel is infinity times awesomer. Instead, play Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. Rescue: The Embassy Mission(s) is incredibly awesome, as long as you can manage to abseil down the building without dying too much. Music is tops, also. One of the few NES games I'd really like to own, that I don't own. Joy Mech Fight is a great 2D fighter that puts many SNES StreetFighter clones to shame. It's a Japan only release, but I do believe translation patches are out there. Can't think of too much else at the moment, but I was trying to name some games that either aren't well known, or are overlooked for others in the series.
  13. Modding a machine is done largely (almost solely, these days) for the purpose of piracy or cheating - and if you mod your machine then you are agreeing to the risks. It's not like MS has surprised or tricked you with their online service, either. They make it clear in the ToS that only unmodified machines are authorised to go on the Xbox Live service.
  14. Ah, but by that definition, it couldn't be Ms. Pac-Man, for the only things indicating her to be female were 1) the Ms., and 2) the bow on her head.
  15. While I can't provide the shooping skills, what about Shna Bubbles? Pour on the milk and hold them up to your ear to hear them go Cut, Sample and Loop!
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