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  1. Just to Mention.. This is the Work in Progress Forum for Remixes. Anyway.. This Tune sounds even if its pretty low on Quality not bad for the first Time. But you should start working more with own instruments and higher quality samples.. and dont use drumloops, they make a mix repetetive very easily. The Mastering and Paning is very weak as well as the Volume control of the instruments. You get better as long as you keep working.. try to produce your own presets, drumlines and transitions and advance with more experience. Good Luck
  2. This mix sounds pretty well balanced and produces a warm and chilling feeling. <3
  3. The E-Guitar sounds absolutely solid and dynamic, as well as the percussive part. like mentioned some times before.. the piano sounds wrong. Not as instrument.. some Notes are too short and the apreggios could sound cleaner.. maybe a bright or chorused piano with a fair reverb instead of a grand piano.
  4. I've decided that the Remix has finished at a previous point. here is the Result: I have to thank everyone at this Forum for their productive Help and suggestions. The Reason why i've stopped working on this Remix is because with every change in the project the shape of this Track gets a change in the presence. The Presence at the point in the Youtube Link is the best i'm able to imagine. I've learnd alot of new Stuff in remixing and thats far more then i wanted. Thanks everybody!
  5. Ahh.. Byalan.. at first i didnt recognize it. to your Remix.. the Percussion alongside the Brassy bass and the syntharps sound pretty interesting. But the first instrument and the Synth-pad doesnt fit to the quality of the other instuments. the Ending at this point sound way to aprubt, but maybe you are still working at it. This Mix has alot of potential, but still needs alot of work.
  6. Thank you very much! I Still consider making a vocal Track out of it. Even so i didnt hoped to get much response to the Song. Maybe its because i dont follow the Mainstream... I often reach just a small amount of people with my Songs, but it feels okay. After alot of Reviews to this Song i had the idea to make it more soft and warm but i'm afraid that this would lead to overall orchestration. Therefore i dont have enough experience. But maybe ill give it a try.
  7. After a long time i've made a new instrumental Song. I used Fruity Loops 7 along with some Soundfonts and 2 instances of Sytrus. It was about 60 hours of work and at first it was planned to be a vocal-song, but the langfort violin soundfont sounded so strong and fitted perfectly to the tune that i didn't want to change it. I know the mastering is not as perfect as it could be and the whole Track could be louder. But its pretty hard for me to work with Mastering and EQ with my Bass Headphones. But still, maybe you have some Hints for me to improve it. Have fun
  8. Wow, that sounds much nicer then i imagined before downloading. Good work!
  9. Thanks to you Rozo, your post before helped alot. I was just messing with the knobs of oddity, but forgot the EQ and other Plugins before XD
  10. Pretty darn close with some pitch, reverb, EQ and distortion
  11. Oddity got me the closest to the sound but its still way too unclean and the tremolo is way to slow. Thats the closest i got right now:
  12. There is this brassy offbeat noise (for example 0:02-0:03 or 0:08-0:09) and i would really like to use it in my new song, but i need some help on how to create it. I've tried to distore some synths (sytrus, oddity, Ni-Pro), but it sounds way too unclean. Is there any way to recreate this noise?
  13. Interesting Remix. The alternation between chiptune and regular synths is amazing.
  14. Indeed.. that confuses me a little more. In fact the whole EQing of the Song confuses me a bit because even if i boost or lower some instruments only slightly in its frequency some other instruments suffer in their presence. Btw... Short Update: Version 0.76
  15. Amazing! To be honest the costa de Sol Theme was the only Track from FF7 i really hated. And there are not much Songs and Styles i hate (but i won't ever love german eurobeat!!!11). The Vocals put the Song into a whole new light. I love it <3<3<3
  16. Maybe this will help out to conquer the mids short Equalizer tutorial Its most likely the layering thats missing the Bass, Drums and String are your lows and the Hi-hat covers a bit of the high spectrum. The part from 1:20 has the most coverage of the whole spectrum.
  17. Just some simple changes on Version 0.75 Man, this remix gets my Hardware to its Limit T_T I've changed the electric Lead to a Saw Synth (Man, it has some really nice Modulation Levels... i'm still trying out) now and messed a bit with the EQ and Compression. I still need some appreciation for some samples like the Background String etc. It would be nice if someone could recommend any sample. Anyway, the bassline is still being polished. Right now its functional, but in the final state i will try to make it more dynamic and melodic.
  18. Not bad for the first try on Fl It somehow reminds me of some Phantasy Star 3 Music. The Song definetively needs alot improvement. The Drumline is extremely repetitive and needs more and better transitions (not the swisses). When the heavy Bass along with the string starts, there are missing alot of mids in the Soundscape. When the part on 0:44 starts the Mix somehow gets pretty empty, something like a warm pad or a string for the Background is missing. 1:20.. from there on the mix sounds pretty damn good <3 Keep it up! btw, what sample is the string at the beginning?
  19. except of the fact, that this piece is a treasure
  20. Sorry Jew.. its getting out of my League now T_T Btw i love the High frequency Swiss <3
  21. The intro is pretty good. And the Bassline fits perfectly. The Lead is way to dominant like Hewhoisiam wrote. And something is missing in my ear. Something like a Synthstring for Background chords to make the whole piece more melodic.
  22. Its so rare to listen to a Suikoden Mix T_T And not bad for the beginning! The up and down going dominant synth gets very repetitive just like the drumline. And you should use a better sample/soundfont/plugin for the synth and try to get it more to background. Just like i said, its too dominant. The Leadinstrumen(s), shakuhachi+horn(?), maybe need more dynamics and should get some harmonys. And as well there should be a better transition when the drumline kicks in. This Mix is in its very early stage and i'm really exited to listen to the progress... keep it up! =)
  23. I love the tune until 2:42 when the synthline starts im getting a bit overstrained from the mix. I somehow imagine another Lead-synth from this point on. From 3:40 its gettin back to a good feeling. The first 3/4 part is flawless in my opinion, but the rest needs to be polished. GoGoGo Jewbei <3
  24. No new Version right now.. i'm currently working on another Project besides the Remix. I somehow had an inspiration and wasnt able to withstand makin something out of it. Never Give up Thats the working title right now and in the end it will be a Vocal Song just like You're not alone. I know its in the very early stage, but it gives me new energy for everything. pS: Man i'd never imagined that Basslines could be so complicated... im still at it for the remix XD