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  1. Nothing to complain about the arrangement.. its just perfect! But in Overall the Track seems pretty flat and the panning seems to mild as well. The Lead-Guitar and the support instruments like Brass, Bass and Organ are good, but the Background E-Guitar has not enough power as well as the drums. Keep it up <3
  2. Hmm.. sounds realy interesting *-* I Agree with solaphar that the Track has no atonal parts at all. But its also a matter of habituation of the ear. Just like when you first hear a sus-chord going over to a majorminor chord. But i would like to recommend you changing from tambourine to a variety of Hi-Hats. And The snare rim sounds like it has to much reverb.
  3. I Just looked into the Plugins from Blue Noise...The Drumkits are easy to use and sound quality isnt too bad.. but they use up alot of ressources.. maybe since they're beta. There's also a Plugin called "Seven" on their HP which is pretty useful but in potential terms not even with the 3xOsc from fruity loops.
  4. A-B-A-B as explained.. they are parts of the song. Your Song takes a good direction now.. all you need to add is more overall-quality. For Drums i would recommend the Nskit (Natural Studio drumkit), but i cant find the link.. its one of the best free drumsamplepack/Soundfonts. Your Track has so much potential.. keep it up and make it as great as possible ;D
  5. Dynamics.. Your Song at the moment sounds like A-B-A-B.. adding more dynamics would let it sound like this A-B-A-C-A-D-A(E) A for the main Theme B for the Chorus C for the Bridge and D for the alternate Chorus leading into the ending. I have to agree that an appregiated harpsichord (in your terms 2 pianos) could make it to fast paced, but only if the Leadinstrument does the same as well as the percussion. Maybe this could help you a bit: The Harpsichord in this Track runs at the normal trackspeed while the Lead-E-Guitar changes alot from half to normal speed. Its Like playing in 8/4 for a bit and it takes the pace up and down making the track more dynamic. Sorry, its pretty hard to describe if you only know it in practice. Also for Sample Quality.. there are alot of free Samples/Soundfonts and VSTs out there in the web. Feel free to ask! You can find some decent here: For Piano you could use CV-Piano.. it is a free VST and has a decent quality.
  6. It sounds like the Track is in an early status. The overall-quality sounds close to a midi track and theres missing alot of dynamics. At the first listen it reminds me of the overworld Track of Phantasy Star 2. I Could help you more if i know the direction you want to take. Will there be percussions and a bassline or do you want to keep it minimalistic? Try to get more depth into the Hapsichord.. as it is now it just repeats the Strings on a different scale. Maybe a typical classical appregiation of the Harpsichord would sound nice along with some major-quality Pad or warm string. I realy like the aero-lead *-*
  7. The Bridge from 1:32.. the transition to it doesnt sound to good. It disturbs the whole feeling that you grab at again later. Although this is an atmospherical- cold menchaolic piece with a decent arrangement i would like to recommend you to give it a tiny bit more depth... This piece would fit well into flashback Movie scenes or wastelands in Games.
  8. A Piano Remix from the second ending theme of Legend of the Legendary Heroes. I wanted to make it as minimalistic as possible. It was pretty hard to figure out by ear due to alot of of keychanges within the Original Song. Have Fun Listening
  9. Ahh... thank you very much for the link! I love your Sparkman remix!!!!

  10. ..what happened to the Sparkman Remix? I would like to listen to it once more T_T

  11. This Song is a Tribute to People around. Like my Friends, Family and everyone who never gave me up. I've used Fruity Loops and Various Free Soundfonts/VST's to arrange this Track. It took me aprox. 120 hours. Like you can hear, my biggest Problem was the Bassline... since the Lufia Battle Theme Remix i tried to improve on writing Basslines, but still can't get a perfect hang to it. I Hope you still have fun listening to this piece.. So far, A.D.
  12. Your Remix still seems to be pretty raw, but i like the direction it takes. You should consider makin some Elements more complex.. just like the Choir. It just repeats the chords along with the beat. Try to vary within the chords. An A-Chord isnt just A-C-E-A at one Time. Blend in Some of the Notes.. like going A-E-A and letting the C Note come in after the half beat. And dont be afraid to play with knobs or Plugins... you can save before or redo any change you've made. Gogogo!
  13. It somehow gives me back the feeling of jamming as a garage band <3 The Track itself has alot of nice Dynamics.. the Bridge is awesome and the Ending has alot of power. Maybe you can even raise this power with getting the Lead-Guitar an Octave higher for a short time with a good amount of Reverb/Delay.
  14. This is the second Song i made together with janny. Due to a huge delay of 2 years because of time issues and short Equipment it is finaly finished. - Instrumental made with Fruity Loops 9 - Recorded in FL with a T-Bone SC440 Have fun listening ^^
  15. There are alot of good possibilitys out there... Nexus - a pretty high Quality Synth Plugin, the negative part is the hardcore stereo room it uses Melodyne - one of the Best Plugins to edit Vocal records Ozone Izotope - pretty amazing Mastering tool Eldirol - mid to high-quality Plugin for Orchestration Garritan Virtual Instruments - like the Cello or Stradivari ...but you pocket will suffer from all of them massively T_T Btw.. there was an official free Version of EWQL Silver with amazing Quality (Strings, Brass...)
  16. Really nice melancholic atmosphere.. i wouldn't disturb this feeling with distortion. And even if the distorted part has something good, it needs more built up.
  17. Wow, thats solid work! I like the minimalistic and clean structure of this Remix as well as the Guitar-line. Somehow it sounds a bit repetetive and could have a little bit more dynamic.
  18. Thank you very much Gario and Hew... The clippy Piano was a Problem after Mastering the Track.. we couldn't get rid of it without loss of Quality throughout the whole Mix. We reviewed it alot of Times and decided to let it be.. we both lacked in Time and the Reviewing via Internet took most of it. This colab was like Building a Bridge without a plan starting from both sides at the beginning and endet with great Teamwork. Most of the Problems were caused by the Transitions.. we both had less experience in it and tried out alot of variations to let it flow as naturaly as possible. Some where pretty easy and some took whole days of work. But alover we were satisfied with the Result and i hope i'm able to do another colab someday....
  19. In co-op with DJ the S i worked on this Medley for about 2 weeks. It was pretty hard because of our Distance and it took alot of Time to Review every Single Change in the Mix but although it was funand a new experience for both of us. Have fun listening to our Result!
  20. This Remix came up with an amazing solo arrangement, but if you point the view on quality theres this ambivalent Piano. It has alot of warm and emotional parts in the higher regions but fails with the reverb and sustain in the lower range. In some parts i didnt like the slow blending of the chords, but at some it gave me goosebumbs...
  21. Somehow the Samples doesnt seem to Harmonize very well and the Drumlines sound way to Looplike. If you improve alot in the Point of Dynamics and vary the Leadinstruments, ergo removing the chiplike lead, it could fit for a Remix.
  22. To be honest.. this sounds like a converted midi. I'm sorry this absolutely lacks in Quality ><
  23. Wow.. this one really got me! I really enjoyed it and wouldlike to hear the final product... Halc already mentioned alot of things where i'm not able to add anymore. Gogogo and make the best out of it.. it has pure potential!
  24. Look here This Forum is full with everything you need and there are alot of good-high quality free(!) Soundfonts and Plugins out in the web. And even FL has major quality Plugins like Fl Slayer for E-Guitar (yeah, its not the best but fits well for the beginning) or Sytrus for Synths...