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  1. Wow, i could imagine something jazzy from it in its final state. But please dont keep the bass that loud
  2. You will find ppl using Kontakt, Reason, Cubase and other things as well, but in my opinion Fruity Loops is one of the best choice for starters. I know its pretty expensive, but you get a live long update and there're alot of Tutorials integrated and on Youtube.
  3. Some Soundfonts I'm using are from I agree, that its hard to find free and nice high quality samples but theres almost everything you need somewhere in the web. And ill point to my first post in this thread for your request to rate your sampels.
  4. I have to agree with Lea. Your Remix sounds very close to the Source ( , but there are some nice build ups you made. The instruments overall are pretty thin, a litte Reverb could help. I love that Flute synth (Shakuhachi?)its fitting perfect to that tune. The Drumroll from 0:46 seems tu full in comparision to the other instruments. Try to make this arrangement into your own style and keep up that work. This track is worth it
  5. Just some simple changes: - inserted Glisten Effect into the Bridge (still sounds not perfect T_T) - inserted Pianoappreggio from the original tune with some L/R pan (some Notes sound wrong, the appregio is incomplete at the end and i still cant find a sample fitting for that part) If i get these perfected, ill try my best with the first part and complete the whole tune. I'm all pumped up.. thanks to you <3
  6. I love the percussion *-* But somehow the Horn gets fairly reptitive and the Orchestral Hit itselfs seems pretty Flat. Adding some warm and gentle strings to support these parts would help a bit.. I would like to listen to this piece in its final state, so keep up that work.
  7. Ok, i've added some changes to the second half now: - Added a slight distortion to the kickbass - changed the panning of the phaser-drums in the Bridge - changed the whole drumline at the transponsed part - slightly changed the drumlines before and at the bridge - changed the ending All thats left for this half is to make some changes in the synthline at the transponsed part and im thinking to get the Legato String from the Background to the front harmonizing with the synth...
  8. I'm tryin my best to get every of your criticism into the mix and i got alot of new inspiration <3 Thank you very much... i hope i can meet your expectations.
  9. do u have MSN as well? Its because i dont use AIM, sorry... if so add me

    I even tried to get more power out of my basskicks in the song via compressor but it sounds way too loud and the other samples seem to in the background

  10. I already tried to submit this remix, but it was rejected. I used FL to Remix this song and various common Plugins. These are the Reasons of Rejection: "Not bad for a beginning effort. Some of the stuttering effects were pretty interesting. The synth design was pretty basic so far and your textures were pretty thin. Use our forums to learn how to get more power out of FL Studio. That said, don't be discouraged; this is actually a lot better than most beginner efforts with FL." "the arrangement is too underdeveloped and/or too repetitive " "the sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording, performance) is poor " I agree with all of these Reasons and i dont want to give up on this Remix. I already did some changes like doing some delicate panning at the Bridge and for some synths. (not in this mp3) But the reason why i posted this here is my biggest Problem... the arrangement itselfs. I want to improve the whole thing and i need your Help with it. Actual Progress: Version 0.75 Version 0.76