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  1. Hi all, long time no post, Just wanted to share this with you all since I thought you might get a kick out of it. In light of the recent Star Wars acquisition by Disney, my friend and composer extraordinaire George Shaw made a Disney/Star Wars mash-up called "Star Wars: The Musical" that is pretty damn well-done and funny. You can check it out at the website: http://www.starwarsmusical.com Hope you likey
  2. How dare you, sir? How dare you joke about Pokémon?
  3. Hey, don't cry for me, Argentinas. Having people abhor it makes me almost as happy as having people love it
  4. I thought it would be appropriate to post these in the review thread, so everyone knows just what they're getting themselves into: [Rough translation: "My Greatest Rival started out epic as hell, and then a singing trout came in and f***d everything up."] [And why would you listen to the intro carefully if it makes you want to hurl?] [Guilty!] I've been compiling these on my blog because I draw strength from their ire ^^ If you see more, let me know.
  5. Standard doublings Flute->Piccolo Oboe->English Horn Clarinet->Bass Clarinet etc. It's not that weird, it's a little brass-heavy but I did that so I can get some work in writing for all the brass instruments. Basic orchestration dictates that you need 2 horns to balance with 1 trumpet or 1 trombone at forte. 2 oboes are very capable of blending with 2 flutes. Typical orchestra a due will have 2 of each type of woodwind. Often 2nd oboe will play an English horn part so maybe that will take care of your balance issues.
  6. It's a 4-hour session and I've meted out 20 minutes of finished material, so 5 minutes/hour or about 12 minutes/minute. I've been assured it is doable so long as the material submitted isn't too difficult, which I noted on the auction page. I chose the instruments to go with my own scores that I'm having performed at the session. It was recommended me as a good set of instruments to at least get your feet wet writing for all the instruments, while keeping costs down not hiring a complete 65-piece orchestra.
  7. Hey guys & gals! I wanted to extend this offer to you all. I booked a session with a 54-piece orchestra and I don't need all of the studio time that I booked, so I'm trying to sell off the extra produced minutes to make it more affordable for everybody. I know there are some aspiring orchestrators around here, and here's your chance to get one of your compositions or remixes recorded live for a very reasonable price. Please check out the eBay listing if you are interested for more details: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230551555128 And direct any questions at me through the auction page. Oh and move quick, because I need the scores and parts by Friday night. Thank you! -J
  8. Yeaahh great theme! If you need some inspiration, go listen to this [/shameless but relevant plug]
  9. Are you guys looking for any help with a game script? I just had a really weird/awesome dream that had some interesting ideas in it...
  10. You wasted your time. Everyone knows bassists can't read music.
  11. This is shit.. it always sucks to lose someone at a such a young age. Perhaps a tribute/collab is in order? I feel like we should do something
  12. Hey guys! I did the soundtrack/score for a silly student zombie film earlier this year, and with Halloween just around the corner, we just put the music up for free streaming online. I thought I'd share the link with you guys just in case anyone wanted to check it out. The stream is available from the movie's myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/zombiebloodchaos It's pretty eclectic, so you can browse around until you find something you like. Hope you guys enjoy it! J EDIT: Oh yeah I should mention there's some adult content so beware; listener discretion is advised
  13. Ah yes, of course you are right. Carry on then
  14. This thread is ILLEGAL ARREST THAT MAN
  15. K Troggles it is Reggie Bashful Helper Smartie 4 img limit Worker There that's all of them
  16. Number muncher! EDIT: Damn and I totally thought I was the first one to think of that. I can do the troggles easily too I just need opinions on which background color to use (the original is black so that's easiest) LT: They're all good. Thanks for Muncher and the Troggles, Jared. Took all of them with the black background.
  17. I can't believe that everyone is still talking about the halftime show. Didn't anyone watch the game? Didn't anyone else notice that before almost every play, the center would bend over and then the quarterback would walk up and stand behind him in a sexually suggestive way? All I know is if I were a parent, I would be really afraid of my kids turning gay from watching that. Football needs to be stopped.
  18. Ok let me clarify my point. I do not get paid for doing VG projects. I do get paid for other projects, therefore they are higher priority and I spend more time on them. So I can eat. When I do a VG project, I'm doing it as a favor, to give back, because I like the community, and I like the music. It's not usually my very best work though because I don't have that much extra time to work on it usually. So it's silly to sit around and bitch about the quality of music on a site where people are donating their time and sweat. Go outside. Support music that you do like. There's a lot of local music that can use your support.
  19. Hi I'm a musician If you want better music, then give us money Thanks
  20. Jaroban

    VG Crossword!

    Aw damn I was gonna say Venom Cannon. I dunno. Murmeli Walan: Obviously it depends on the publisher but you can make anywhere from $50 (daily) to $700 (Sunday NY Times).
  21. Jaroban

    VG Crossword!

    By sheer coincidence, I sold my first ever puzzle to the NY Sun (http://www.nysun.com/) and it's being published on Monday (Jan 29th). It's not VG Themed obviously, but they publish all of their puzzles online so if anyone wants to give it a go let me know what you think afterwards.
  22. Aw man no forums?? Well I'm recruiting people to overdub backup vocals for Rival Battle right now, so if you're interested please PM me and I'll send you the materials.
  23. Hey-- I've done some work on this soundtrack before (see my only ocremix) and I'd like to help in some small capacity. I can play bass and write/arrange/sequence. I don't have a huge amount of time but I could do a small collab or something. Let me know if you have any use for me. J
  24. Paige, Larry no longer has a radio show. You can stop pretending now.
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