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  1. Anyone else going to the MARIO KART TOUR THING? I am. Probably the 2nd or 4th in Chicago.
  2. I'm in the minority here, but I liked Sonic and the Secret Rings, the first sonic riders, Sonic Heroes, the advance games I played, both rushes, pretty much every sonic game I played. That includes Shadow the hedgehog. I dunno why, but I can still get into them. That's why I'm not personally worried about Sonic Unleashed. I'll like it even if it's crap.
  3. I bet the werewolf'll work like a combo between knuckles in SA 1 and 2 and the hulk in that one game. I didn't mind either. I bet I'll end up enjoying it, even if it is kind of retarded to make sonic a werewolf in the first place.
  4. so okay, 2 things. One, they're gonna keep the roster to just sonic, knuckles, tails, and the guys from SA and stuff. Two, did you see the trailer? The 2D action looks awesome. Don't assume yet. Third, http://kotaku.com/photogallery/sonicunleashed/1001001125?viewSize=thumb1280x1280
  5. Yeah, but this is the baltimore meetup thread. You could organize a philly one, it's not really that hard.
  6. Well, I won't be able to make it until at least june 15. I know that's late, so you'll prolly schedule one without me. If you do, you better have enough fun for me too.
  7. Dammit, I'm in school then! I'll see you all at octagon, though! ...i miss u all
  8. I take offense. The vocals are amazing. I hired a barbershop quartet for my song.
  9. Need A Dispenser Here Need A Dispenser Here Need A Dispenser Here Need A Dispenser Here Need A Dispenser Here Need A Dispenser Here Put Dispenser Here Ze Dispenser Goes Here Need A Dispenser Riiiiight Here
  10. Guys, it's been too long. I'm sorry for that. A story has been written, however, and we're really ready for people to jump on songs and start recording. For those who don't know, this it the Unofficial OC ReMix Rock Opera. It died, and now we're bringing it back. Forums are here: www.ocrop.escariot.net/forums - introduce yourself and get to work! This project will have 7 songs, each of which will tell a part of a larger story. It's all on the forums. Let's do this, fellas.
  11. My wii can't connect through Northwestern's dang interbutt. Sad day.
  12. I just freaking wanna play, man. Winning is secondary.
  13. I am going to be playing on a tournament at my local Gamestop. Hopefully my skull will not be crushed.
  14. Damn, man. You're right. I'm imagining ol' Bogard saying that as he throws his hat off now. Thanks for that.
  15. See Ionno about that- that makes the game more fun for me. In a tourney, of course that's not cool, but the OH SHIT element of the opposing player getting invincibility is fun for me. That's what it boils down to, I guess...
  16. No. You're simply wrong here. When was the last time you had an s-shaped sausage, or pancake for that matter? Came and Watch is obviously cooking bacon.
  17. I rocked out so hard in Rock band that the mic spontaneously combusted and everyone's heads exploded.
  18. I'm there as AceStarr. I'm mad that there's no male camwhore category.
  19. um hey just FYI, the lucario drawing doesn't have the copyright image chopped off. http://bluebomber.imeem.com/photo/FzVrGTl8y-/ I think he posted it not as his own work but as a picture of how he sees his fursona or whatever. That said, fucker stole from OCR. Take off every 'ZIG'.
  20. oh my fucking god they have thuper thonic rathing
  21. http://www.zophar.net/download.php?file=/zsnes/spc/btoad-bm.rar The file is title.spc Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. Title theme. So fucking metal. [EDIT] The midis for this theme are all very inaccurate, as far as I know. None of them have the intro, which I think is essential to the song, and the guitar riffs and bass notes are mostly, if not all, off. So get yourself some chipamp and lissen good. I'll post a midi for the people who might need it, but mark my words. I better hear that intro in your mix. http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/mercury/728/SNES/bt-theme.mid
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