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  1. if all goes well, myself and a friend will go as the L-block and the weighted companion cube.
  2. People give a rat's ass about tekken now?
  4. They said they were gonna have a beginner mode, even easier than easy mode. That said, they probably will ramp UP the difficulty for the other modes a bot because of this.
  5. This coming from the company that funded Guitar Hero in the first place? The big innovator and financier behind the GH series WAS Activision. Harmonix didn't really innovate past GH, they just took an existing concept and raised it to the next level. Most big companies are the only ones that CAN innovate, and when companies like Activision are willing to take a risk and team up with smaller companies like Harmonix. Most small companies end up making titles like Carnival Games or other knockoffs. Here, activision is taking Rock Band a step beyond Harmonix's ideas with the updated guitar and drum controllers, not to mention the music creator. As a consumer who doesn't own rock band, I feel as though if this game were released at a time such that it would compete with rock band, it would sell more copies because it adds functionality and innovation to the core experience. For me, it's a no brainer. The question is whether it's worth it for the people who own Rock Band already.
  6. Problem with that argument is that ionno, I feel like Harmonix was trying to beat Activision at their own game with Rock Band. With the music creator and all the added functionality Activision is adding, I think they're making the game different enough from Rock Band to create a different market. Plus, I don't know about you, but I HATE the Rock Band guitars.
  7. not really. I'd rather not have vocals on the created tracks, copyright issues notwithstanding. Plus, DLC isn't going to be the main selling point of this title. It'll be the tracks included in the game proper, the gameplay mechanics, and online play. On these fronts, Activision has succeeded in every iteration of the game.
  8. wat oh btw i don't like how you added the other songs you're trying to do too much the piano needs more soul stick to the wind scene
  10. atma, is it really that hard for you to EVER capitalize a word?
  11. Tbh, I have no idea. I just like the song, and saw someone who claimed ownership. I think maybe flood his inbox too, just so he knows people are onto him and spreading the word.
  12. All his comments need to be approved, go figure. Harass him :3
  13. It pisses me off- This guy ripped off one of my favorite semi-original songs. Let him know it's not cool. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Y3KiVpdwLWY Oh, and for reference, the original is here: "The Device Has Been Modified" by Victims of Science
  14. I read the title of this thread as "Lolita Video Games and Stuff for Sale". I was dissappointed.
  15. Nobody but C. Falcon is manly enough to wield the Falcon Punch. You'd hurt yourself. Possibly paralyze the top half of your body.
  16. You guys are all pussies. What the hell is a pansy little blue energy blast to the HARDEST PUNCH IN EXISTENCE. Plus, think about it. Hadokens, along with being so girly they make me shit faries, are slow as shit. In three dimensions, what the fuck is it gonna do for you? On the other hand, you can punch through anything and everything with the shoryuken. Ryu runs about as fast as his hadokens as well- you might as well catch up to the guy. You'll be much more likely to hit him. Jesus, all you have to do is step to one side. How the hell do you get away from a leaping uppercut to your face? I can't believe you people.
  17. Preordered a while back. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
  18. i am probably the only one who loves the 3D sonic soundtracks.
  19. MAYBE. I have to hang lights for a show.
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