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  1. Larry, while harsh, is pretty much on in this call. I think there's a good base in the idea and instruments you are using, but there's almost no development once you establish the sounds. I'd love to hear some harmony and countermelodies, and have instrumentation/structure change throughout to add more variety and interest in the mix. There's a lot of work to be done here, but I think there's some good ideas to start with established. Listen to some of the most recently posted mixes and see how they develop their arrangements to get some inspiration. NO
  2. I feel like overall this has a pretty neat vibe compared to the original. It comes across as a bit understated due to the lack of many dynamic and tempo shifts, and I'd have liked a little bit more of either. Coming across even a little bit minimalist in terms of sounds and structure, I think this one shows some good qualities that people will enjoy. Very chillaxing. YES(borderline)
  3. I liked that they picked a couple songs that aren't super known among the populace, like Gerudo and the Mario end theme. Also the galloping horse formation was super awesome.
  4. I am pretty much in agreement with Andrew here. The treatment of the Wily theme is really stretching it in terms of recognizability, but for a theme that's been mixed so much on so many levels, I don't really think it goes too far. There's enough there that clues you into the theme in general and the listener is on the lookout after that. Turning Cold Man into an 80's feel was pretty creative, and I like the little background 'Oh' vocals. The little details add up. Production is pretty good overall, and the sounds used (even your vocals) really are nostalgic for an 80's rock song. Nice work there. YES
  5. ReMixer name: Pl511 UserID: 48825 Name of game: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Name of arrangement: Lost Radiance Name of song arranged: Hollow Bastion theme Comments: This remix was inspired by an arrangement of the original Hollow Bastion theme by Josh Barron that I would have to describe as one of the best piano arrangements of a non-piano song I've ever heard. This remix itself uses multitracking and panning to emulate the sound of 5 pianos playing simultaneously, capturing several ideas in the original song at the same time. The idea for this fairly unused style actually came from when I was mocking up a basic file of all the parts in the original theme in a basic piano soundfont. When I listened to it to check for mistakes, I realised that even with all the pianos playing together, with a few changes to the original there were no few major clashes and the parts fitted into each other very nicely. The first section of the remix is essentially a slightly more varied 5-piano cover of the original song's first loop with a few changes to the melody and bassline and a few minor differences to rhythms and - most notably - the speed. In 5/8 with a very fast tempo, in this remix I attempted to capture a sense of the urgency of the situation in the game at that time. The section following the first section is in the original tempo, and in this section a lot more personal interpretation is added with a few chord changes using only a single solo piano. The final section is a more varied and dynamically different version of the first section, ending on the motif used throughout the last section. This remix was created using some fairly minor MIDI keyboard recording in MixCraft 5. However, due to latency issues, the entire piece had to be quantised. I have humanised the whole thing fairly carefully to try and create the sound of an actual pianist playing, so I hope I did a good job. I hope you guys enjoy it! -Pl511 ---------- - Josh Barron arranged version
  6. Original decision • Patrick Burns • resub: • old sub for comparison: • source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF43R2BcHDM • game song name: Happy Town • game: Golden Sun • NEW title: "Village Beautification in 5/4" (replacing Chimeras Need Not Apply) There isn't a single big change here -- lots of little articulations, massaging, editing, syncopating, harmonizing, mixing, enoxification, etc. Hopefully the first part sounds more personalized this time around -- overall it feels more interesting faster. The 40 seconds at 1:30 are still the most cover-ish, but they've gotten a little help.
  7. Hey Judges! This one has been a long time comin'... so here's my resubmission of "Smooth Operator" that was originally NO'ed (resub) back on 5/18. The original submission and our contact info is in the email below. Here's the original judges thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39283 So a lot of the common critiques from the judges (I got some additional feedback from Wes and Deia afterwards as well) was that the second lead instrument wasn't expressive and/or carrying it's weight enough in the song (the lead at 1:06 and 2:09), so that was the biggest focus for the resub. I first tried re-writing the lead a bit to make a little more interesting, but I couldn't really find an instrument that worked for me. In my frustration I handed it over to Pete (who previously had only done the drums for the song) and asked him to take a stab at it. He took my lead writing, added his own flourishes to it, spiced it up a bit and then topped it off with a silky smooth lead instrument that I think really does wonders for those two specific parts of the song. So this song is now more of a true collab - with Pete still contributing the drums, and now this second lead instrument as well. So yeah mad props to Pete, cause I couldn't have done this without him! We also addressed some of the other judges comments with the bass and drums in particular. Here's a full list of changes: Re-vamped the second lead instrument (at the 1:06 and 2:09 sections) - Pete Cleaned up some of the drum fills, tweaked a few percussion instruments, and varied up a lot of the velocities - Pete Lowered the bass throughout and in parts where it was too up-front Had the intro rhythmic synth not enter until 0:08 to try to create a little more diversity in the intro Edited that same rhythmic synth's patterns and hold-notes in a few spots to try to vary up the soundscape a bit more Adjusted various volume & mixing levels (too many to remember) Source usage & breakdown is the same as the old version, but here it is again for clarity: 0:00 - 0:15: original stuff written around Needle Man's F# minor chords. 0:15 - 0:31: original melodies with Needle Man bass 0:32 - 0:50: Needle Man melody A on lead, Needle Man bass 0:51 - 1:06: combo of Needle Man A and Mr. X Fortress theme A melody on lead, Needle Man bass 1:07 - 1:38: Mr. X Fortress A melody, Needle Man bass, Needle Man intro on electric piano at 1:22-1:38 1:38 - 2:09: Needle Man B&C melody liberal solo, Mr. X Fortress bass and electric piano 2:09 - 2:25: Mr. X Fortress melody B lead 2:26 - 2:41: Mr X. Fortress melody C 2:42 - 2:58: Needle Man melody A on lead, Needle Man bass 2:58 - 3:14: combo of Needle Man A and Mr. X Fortress A melody on lead, Needle Man intro on electric piano, 3:15 - end: Fade out with original melodies built around F# minor. Well, I think that's about it... I hope this enough to push it over the edge this time!! Thanks for listening! -Matt
  8. Original decision: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39992 Resbumitted ReMix: Mega Blocked (v3.0) CONTACT INFO ReMixer name: DaMonz Real name: Emery Monzerol userid: 31308 ReMixer name: Trainbeat Real name: Sébastien Dufour userid: (none) SUBMISSION INFO Name of the games arranged: Mega Man 9 Name of the arrangement: Mega Blocked Name of the individual songs arranged: Concrete Man Link to original: http://youtu.be/czs3xtuJxUQ Comments: Hello again judges! I'm pretty sure I nailed the production this time. I cleared up a lot of stuff and this sounds much better to me. As for Larry's comments on the arrangement, I really had nothing to provide there I tried lots of different things but they all sounded... quite bad, in fact x_x So I guess I'm out of ideas for this one, and this is pretty much the farthest I can take the mix. Personally, I'm satisfied with this and if it's not OCR stuff then so be it. I just hope you enjoy! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!
  9. ReMixer name: pokemoneinstein Userid: 44139 Name of Game Arranged: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Name of Arrangement: “Land of the Beans” Link to ReMix: Original Description: Names of Individual Songs Arranged: “Welcome to the Beanbean Kingdom” (Main Source) “Hoohoo Village / Beanbean Castle Town” (1:04) “Beanbean Castle” (1:28) “Chucklehuck Woods” (1:52) “Bros. Victory” (2:47) “Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure” from Super Mario RPG (Inspired a few bass changes. More of an influence than a real source) Additional Information System: GameBoy Advance Composer: Yoko Shimomura Published: 2003, by Nintendo Developed by: AlphaDream When I first discovered OCRemix, I was so happy to see so much of my favorite music redone in such magnificent ways. Donkey Kong Country, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy, Zelda, but wait! No Paper Mario? Where’s Pikmin? Most unfortunate of all, there was nothing from any of the Mario and Luigi games. I was shocked. How could I let that go unnoticed? Composed by none other than Yoko Shimomura, the first game of this series has one of my favorite OSTs of all. So I’m here to try and get this game’s score some of the credit it deserves. Having never attempted what OCR defines as a true “ReMix,” and going into it with little knowledge of production values, I think my first try went pretty well. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful OCR community, and a huge thanks to TheGuitahHeroe, who helped me perfect it all, and stayed patient through my insistent badgering, and a big thanks to the judges and workshop moderators, who provided excellent feedback the first time through. With a bright, happy, adventurous vibe reflecting the cheerful and quirky residents of the Beanbean Kingdom, this song takes you on a journey to several locations across the charming land. With “Land of the Beans,” I hope to introduce new players to the wonderful game and to bring joy to the faces of longtime fans. Sources: - Beanbean Kingdom - Hoohoo Village - Beanbean Castle - Chucklehuck Woods - Bros. Victory
  10. Resub Original Decision ------------------------------------------LT Edit (8/14): In May, I received an updated version (tweaks, no dramatic changes) along with a new set of comments. I've organized them a bit, corrected some song names, but this replaces the original sub comments: W!SE the all.E - stands like a statue, becomes part of the machine (Kid Chameleon, Sega Genesis, Nu Romantic Productions, Mark Miller) Sources: - "Devil's Marsh I" (main) - "Fantasy" (bridge/dance section) - "Devil's Marsh II" (spaz section) - "Cave Area" (cameo in background) - "Ice Area/Main Theme" (outro) Source Breakdown: 0:00-0:33 = original noodling 0:34-1:05 = "Devil's Marsh" chopped up + original noodling 1:06-1:39 = "Devil's Marsh" embellished and expanded 1:40-2:12 = "Devil's Marsh" 2:13-2:46 = "Fantasy" chord progression embellished 2:47-3:52 = "Fantasy" 3:53-4:10 = original noodling 4:11-4:27 = "Devil's Marsh II" siren = "Cave," subtly in the background played on whistle synth 4:28-4:35 = "Devil's Marsh" elaborated 4:36-5:34 = "Devil's Marsh" foreground, "Ice Area/Main Theme" background 5:35-5:40 = "Ice Area" 5:40-6:00 = noodling Sample List (in order of appearance): 1. Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" 2. Kid Chameleon in-game SFX 3. Julien Neel (Trudbol A Cappella) - "In My Life" (The Beatles) 4. Tommy (1975) trailer 5. T-Pain ft. Chris Brown - "Freeze" 6. Hoyt Curtin - "Meet the Flintstones" 7. Harry Connick Jr. - "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" 8. Duke Ellington - "I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)" 9. Michael Bublé - "Feeling Good" 10. Charlie Parker - "Summertime" 11. Richard Wagner - "Ride of the Valkyries" 12. Soul II Soul - "Back to Life" 13. Duke Ellington - "Rhapsody in Blue" 14. Flying Lotus - "Do the Astral Plane" 15. Daft Punk - "Face to Face" 16. The Fresh Beat Band - "Great Day" 17. King Kuula - "Crystal Caves" 18. Shuki Levy - "Inspector Gadget Theme" 19. Daft Punk - "Crescendolls" 20. Hoagy Carmichael - "Yabba-Dabba-Dabba-Dabba-Doo" 21. Julius Fucik - "Entry of the Gladiators" 22. Living Colour - "What's Your Favorite Color?" 23. An Endless Sporadic - "Impulse" 24. An Endless Sporadic - "The Adventures of Jabubu" Inspiration: I started working on this arrangement way back in 2008 when I intended to make an album of remixes from my favorite video games, but since then that specific project has unfortunately been undergoing the Dr. Dre Detox treatment. Throughout the years, this mix has had several iterations, and after a while I just tossed it aside altogether (every now and then I'd resub it to the judges and a few weeks later resubmit a different version, because I just kept on getting dissatisfied with the results). After hearing Benjamin Briggs' "Trash FM" and receiving an email from DrumJ8, I finally had enough motivation to focus on making a "Mord-Fustang-meets-Daft-Punk-meets-Ratatat" type arrangement that I could be pleased with. Long story short, this is the precise song (both OCR-wise and personal music-wise) that left a benchmark in my musical pursuits by making me realize the grave news that I suffer from the terrible, terrible disease known as perfectionism. T_T Here's to hoping it paid off! Peace, Jordan
  11. Original Decision ReMixer Name: Fallen Seraph Real Name: Wina A. Kamlongera Userid: 10661 Personally, the "Still Alive/Shine" motif is a melody that feels so fragile and human. Placed within the context of the world of 'Mirror's Edge', it stands as something so contradictory to the synthetic glass cage that surrounds the player...in essence, an element of freedom and humanity. I did not have a proper plan when approaching the arrangement, I sort of started with the Shine melody and the piece evolved from there - concepts forming as I worked from the intro to the final seconds. Early on during the arranging process, the idea formed of taking the melody and using it as an anchor for the player/listener whilst taking them through a glass/mechanical world took form. The Shine motif consists of two parts - the first half, the straight-played melody; and the second, a line of descending notes. Whilst the first half remains largely consistent throughout the track, the appergio is modified slightly each time it is played to offer the listener a sense of movement (or, moments when they are, in essence, freerunning and enjoying the peace of it - the choice of piano made to push the fragility of the idea). Surrounding these "anchors" are intervals where the mechanical elements take hold of the piece. I feel that there is a certain purpose to each part of the song: for example, the drums act as a heart beat of sort, dropping out whenever Faith's, or the player/listener's, heart would stop (either at moments of making large leaps or of simply taking in the cityscape whilst running). I would break it down for you like I did last time...but I think I change a lot of stuff around. Eh... The title's nothing spectacular, I admit...it was pushed for after having largely failed at coming up with anything clever. The final part of the arrangement follows the concept that the player has made a leap, holding his/her breath whilst hoping they make it to the other side. As corny as it sounds, such jumps (whether within a game or in their average day-to-day real-life equivalents) are made largely with faith. Interesting trivia? Last time I subbed it, it was draft #14...this is...let's see...#54 Have I gone on for too long? Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy! -----------
  12. Broken record here. Love the super happy feel you've got to the track, and the theme usage is nice. The instruments just aren't holding up though, and need to be upgraded. Hope you clean this up! NO (resubmit)
  13. Really not much to add to what Andrew has said. The arrangement is excellent with a lot of personal touches, and I found the drumwork to be really well done as well. The instrumentation works very well as a whole, though if I were to nitpick, I wasn't as sold on the guitar sample. Great work, hope to hear more from you soon! YES
  14. Kickstarter Sale!!! Use the code KICKSTARTER for 15% off all items this weekend only! Sale ends Monday! The kickstarter is going so well I want to celebrate with a sale on my Etsy shop. All items will be discounted by 15% when you enter the coupon code KICKSTARTER. The sale will be running from tonight and will end Monday, so jump on it while you can! Check out some of my new items, too! Carry 'em all! For the Horde! (Alliance coming soon) Full Metal Alchemist
  15. ReMixer: Hylian Lemon Game: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Name of arrangement: Cryomentus Song arranged: Gnarled Root Dungeon This is the first track I started for Lime of the Season, a project that aims to represent the cycle of a year through the music of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Cryomentus is an attempt to turn Gnarled Root Dungeon into an icy cave for the winter section of the album. ---------------
  16. Your ReMixer name: Richard J Durand Your real name: Richard John S Your email address: Your website: www.thedramaticwar.com Name of game(s) arranged: Final Fantasy VI Name of arrangement: Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme (Goddess of Restoration) Name of individual song(s) arranged: Terra’s Theme ------------
  17. Forrest Fire Forrest Shamlian http://soundcloud.com/fofire User ID - 49563 Submission Information Super Mario World for SNES My submission: Forrest of Illusion (with 2 "R"s like my name) Remixed from song: Forest of illusion (with 1 "R".. like the place with the trees) Original Music: Original music by Koji Kondo Forrest of Illusion was a track I made for J1 Studios' Mario Dubstep album, "Green Mushrooms and Super Stars". As I youngster, my family would spend a week in the summer at my uncles beach house in NJ. aside from playing on the beach and getting ice cream, the activity I would look forward to most was spending the week trying to beat every single level in SMW (including special world ;] ) on their super nintendo set up in the corner of the dark little basement on a tiny Zenith TV. It felt so awesome and retro. I remember being up late and particularly creeped out when I got mario to the Forest of Illusion. Note to Judges: If this track is not in the 16bit 192kbps format, please let me know and ill try to find a method to convert it. I use all to Mp3 on my Mac but it doesn't provide those tweaking options.
  18. Original Decision Your ReMixer name: Cyril the Wolf Your real name: Connor Pelkey Your websit: http://youtube.com/user/cyrilrufus Your userid: 14729 Name of game(s) arranged: Megaman Zero 2 Name of arrangement: Never Stop Name of individual song(s) arranged: Gravity (Power Room) Link to the original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lz2W-ctE2k Years Later... No I'm kidding, but ugh guys. I literally have taken 6-7 months to improve my vocal control and... well I got melodyne too. But still, I took some time and tried to see if I could better myself. Additionally I re-recorded the rhythm guitars to a more natural tone in my opinion. Mastered more loudly than the previous one with the vocals more present, though I didn't try to win any loudness wars here. This was the product of me getting rejected and wanting to show you I could come back and make something 100% better. if you remember the old version, this should rustle your jimmies in the best of ways.
  19. I am sadly going to have to say I'm on the other side of the fence here in terms of whether this medley is one that I feel fits the standards. I think the medley is great to listen to, and as it is is totally fine, but doesn't fit the arrangement standards we hold. The transitions range from good to very noticable (not bad, just noticeable ), and the level of interpretation of each piece isn't where it needs to be. All that being said, I agree with Andrew that you have some very good sequencing skills and I very much look forward to hopefully hearing some more submissions from you. The piece was a pleasure to listen to, just not for OCR. NO
  20. I think I'm mostly on the same level as Andrew here, but I felt like there are some issues. I found there to be some timing issues that weren't a big deal overall, but are noticeable. I also felt that some of the writing was a bit cluttered. I'd say, as an overall, though, there are a lot of positives to this mix. The arrangement overall is strong both in how it interprets the original and how it presents itself alone. A lot of the parts are well done, and there is some clever writing. My nitpicks are something to look at overall, but definitely not such an issue as to bring it to a NO. Nice work. YES
  21. Really very little to add to what the gentlemen above have said. The arrangement is very nice, and the originals are super nice too! This is just being pushed pretty hard, and some adjustment will get it on the right track! NO (resubmit)
  22. This is pretty sweet, and a ton of fun to listen to overall. The arrangement has a ton of energy, and I the connections are very obvious to pick out. Really loved some of the soloing you had going on; the parts really played with with the original elements you had going on. If I had a critique I would note that the some of the sequencing in the soloing isn't quite as smooth as it could be and there are some slight timing issues in the guitar. That slide up around 1:23 has a weird cutoff, as well. None of the issues really hold back the track, in my opinion. Nice work overall! YES
  23. Remixer Name: DusK Real Name: Dustin Branscum Email: (New email for remixin' and stuff) Website: http://www.itstartsatdusk.com User ID: 24328 Game: Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Arrangement Name: Shienkyaku Upskirt Song Arranged: Fei Long's Theme, Sakura's Theme Platform: Various Composer: Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki (SSFII), Setsuo Yamamoto, Shun Nishigaki, Tatsuro Suzuki (SFA2) Release Year: 1993 (SSFII), 1996 (SFA2) Source: Fei Long's Theme: , Sakura's Theme: Comments: This remix was my second submission for the World Warrior Remix Royale 2012. A lot of people seem to like it. Or at least I hope so, or a lot of people are gonna be complaining about it being on that remix CD on that collector's set.
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