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  1. Excellently put. I liked DP for the story because I really do see it as much deeper than previous gens. I mean, RBY you thwarted the cloning, yeah, that's kind of cool, but DP, it was like, okay, this guy kidnaps these Pokémon, tortures them into giving him what he wants, the means to summon a Pokémon of time and space so he can erase this existence and create his own universal utopia. I mean, that's pretty solid story there, there's basically an ultimate ambition to stop the guy. But where are you going to go from THERE, storywise?
  2. That's not an exact cover of the source, but it doesn't matter much, all the core elements are there. Here's the source.
  3. Diamond and Pearl had a much darker storyline than any of the other games, and that's why it's my favorite of any of the Pokémon games.
  4. Theory holds! God, I wish I had more Pokémon in my Pokédex to whore out Feebas for.
  5. <3 I dug my N64 out last night and started playing Stadium again. It's amazing how much the game's changed in ten years!
  6. Okay, the GTS is awesome if you're playing by your terms. I can offer up a Feebas and request pretty much anything and get it the next day. (Note: I've tested this theory on Chinchou, Turtwig, and Chansey, and currently have one up for a Starmie. We'll see if this still holds true...)
  7. Strati

    Remix NIN!

    I totally agree. I wasn't a huge fan of Year Zero, but The Fragile was awesome.
  8. Got a L1 Japanese Houndour for my L1 American Houndour. It seems as though there's a lot of legit offers on the GTS for sole purposes of filling in foreign language entries.
  9. Do me a favor and stop being a jerk about it. ANYWAY. I haven't totally lost all faith in GTS yet, I got a Chinchou for my Feebas and a French Stunky for my Chimchar!
  10. Oh, you would have definitely won if you'd been in the right shape. Absol didn't need Razor Claw; she barely got out before fainting! There are a bunch of fucking morons on the GTS. Who the hell's going to trade a level 100 Entei for a Granbull? I swear. And just when I'm all "oh, hey, Misdreavus, sweet", I check the offers and it's Entei, Palkia, Deoxys, and a Bibarel under level 9. YOU CAN'T GET A FUCKING BIBAREL UNDER LEVEL NINE.
  11. Well, cobalt and I had a pretty solid battle over it. It's obviously got some flaws, but all the main stuff is covered pretty well on Shoddy. I saved the battle log, I'll paste it here if anyone's interested.
  12. AND DOOM DRAGON BATTLE. Seriously, Doom Dragon is one of the greatest final boss themes ever.
  13. Yeah, totally. How's seven PM tonight looking for you?
  14. Anyone up for a new tournament? I've been tossing the idea around for a while, because there still obviously seems to be an interest in the field. Obviously, there won't be any Legendaries allowed, and I'll have to be a little more strict this time to make sure that we actually end up with a winner. But, still, anyone interested?
  15. God, catching legendaries is a pain in the ass. So I went to catch Regigigas because that's the only stationary legendary I hadn't caught yet, right? (I still need to find/catch Cresselia.) Well, first of all, Regigigas is a pain in the ass because you can't go in with your a-team, you have to transfer the Regis from Ruby or Sapphire and have them in your team, so you're three down. Anyway, the first time I get to him, I'm like "fuck, the Regis are in my Legendary box. D:!" So an Escape Rope and fifteen minutes later, I'm back. Anyway, save and battle. I get it down to minimal HP and paralyzed, and I just start hurling Ultra Balls. I've still got my Master, I just got in a habit of never using it once there was more than one major Legendary per game. Fifty-two Ultra Balls later, Regigigas uses Struggle, Regigigas took recoil damage, Regigigas fainted! D: Reset. I go back in. I lead out with Roserade instead of Absol so I can go ahead and paralyze it faster. Roserade uses Stun Spore FOUR TIMES, misses each time. Regigigas by this time has landed a Stomp, and now uses Superpower, Roserade faints. So I send Absol out, land one Night Slash before Regigigas uses Superpower once again, and the super-effective move it is, Absol goes down. Go, Milotic! Milotic uses Surf a few times, and Regigigas is where I want it HP-wise, so I Recover and start hurling Ultra Balls. Well, four turns later, Regigigas crits on Superpower, takes out Milotic. Go, Regirock! Regirock stalls me a few turns while I Revive Roserade and Milotic. While Regirock is out, I learn that I have one Dusk Ball in my inventory, and since I'm in a cave, it'll be 4x effective compared to Ultra's 2x. Throw it: no dice. Regirock finally succumbs to constant Stomping. So I send out Roserade again, this time Stun Spore lands first time I use it, but Regigigas manages to hit me once again with a critical Superpower. It's not very effective, but it's effective enough. So I send out Milotic again, throw several Ultra Balls to no avail, and by this time I'm getting restless with the battle, so I throw a regular Poké Ball just for the hell of it. AND IT CATCHES REGIGIGAS. I swear, what the hell.
  16. That's what I think is so great about SSE. Instead of Melee's one-player mode where you chose one character and played through and unless you got REALLY bored or wanted to unlock that trophy for clearing Adventure with all characters (I never did), you stuck with your one or two characters you KNEW you were good with. SSE, though, actually forces you to use characters you might not be good with or have even used before.
  17. You're not going to find a good amp for $100. You'll find okay amps, probably a hell of a lot better than you're using, but you're not going to find a ZOMG AWESOME amp for that price. You're looking at $200-300 for a decent amp. http://www.google.com/products?q=Rocktron+V50C&btnG=Search+Products&show=dd
  18. Yeah, that'll do it. Did you change your nick and then try to reconnect? If you're still banned, you'll have to get in touch with ETG.
  19. I've never seen that happen before. Is it ETG kicking you? You can ask for assistance. http://www.enterthegame.com/menuitem.asp?ID=48
  20. You know, we should make this the "Pokémon in general" topic. Just saying. (: I raised a Garchomp for a Dragon team over at Remod, but it hasn't seen much light. Or you could train legitimately and harass Graveler on Iron Island for two hours like the rest of us.
  21. I like that title. It's way better than the Japanese title. As for the movies, I make an effort to keep up with them since they often don't suck as much as the anime now does, but I haven't seen a movie since Pokémon Heroes.
  22. I had a Jumpluff back in Gold, I remember it being pretty useful. Also, I've seen a LOT of Blazikens in Doubles matches. They're no sweeper, but they've got heavy attack stats, have the ability to learn some harsh moves, and they're not so slow either. I've seen them paired with Ghost-types a lot, usually Mismagius or Dusclops, and the Ghost typically maims while the Blaziken kills.
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